His weird face asks you why you run away every time you see me I cannibalize you Lan Shao shook his head you don’t eat

Chapter 1 Birth on Ghost Festival Two days before Mid-Autumn Festival, Bai Xiaoou was hospitalized early at the strong request of her mother-in-law.
Normally, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law went to the hospital after dinner that morning, because Bai Xiaoou’s actions were still normal, so she told her husband, who is a police officer, to ask for leave and come over when the shift is over in the afternoon.
It was already 11:00 noon when she was lying on the hospital bed.
The nurse gave Bai Xiaoou an injection to induce birth. The doctor standing beside told her that she would have labor pains for about a minute or two.
It was the opening of the cervix, which is normal. An hour later, a midwife would come to push her into the delivery room for an examination. After speaking, the doctor left.
At this time, Bai Xiaoou became nervous and stared at the white liquid that entered his body drop by drop, and his face turned pale. He said that a woman giving birth is like a child. Is it really so painful to die once? It’s okay, which woman doesn’t hurt to have a baby? Don’t be afraid that Mom will be here with you.
Grandma saw Bai Xiaoou’s expression changed, and she understood that she was afraid. She hurriedly leaned over and patted her empty left hand. Squeeze out a smile, don’t be afraid, how can you not be afraid to hear my father say that my mother died of dystocia when giving birth to me, will I also have a dystocia? Thinking of this, Bai Xiaoou is even more nervous, even breathing is not smooth, Mom, I want to call my dad It’s better to call your father and tell your father to give birth early and let him pick a time to come over. After the mother-in-law finished talking, she walked out tactfully. If the father and daughter want to talk intimately, it’s better not to be here.
Bai Xiaoou’s ward is booked in advance by her husband Qin Peng.
The single room is in the innermost part, so as soon as her mother-in-law left the whole room, she immediately became quiet Didn’t you get hospitalized early? How do you know Dad is here? Don’t worry, Dad bought a train ticket and will rush over tomorrow.
Hearing this sentence, Bai Xiaoou’s tears flowed out instantly, and he was choked with sobs and couldn’t speak for a while. Father seems to understand what his daughter is thinking, Xiaoou, don’t be afraid, you have to believe that your mother will bless you, and remember that your amulet must be worn at any time, and you can’t take it off at any time, yes, I’m wearing it, hang up the phone, Bai Xiao Ou’s heart is very stable, so I have to believe that my mother will bless me from childhood to adulthood, so I will be fine. He let out a long breath. Bai Xiaoou looked down at the amulet hanging around his neck.
It was a small, exquisite and crystal clear white jade pendant. When I looked at the light, there was a faint traditional white character in the middle. Dad said that this jade pendant had been incensed in the temple for a hundred years. Wearing it for many years is not only good for health, but also resists evil spirits.
It has become a habit. If I take it off one day, I really feel like something is missing.
Just thinking about my mother-in-law pushing the door and coming in, is Xiaoou starting to go into labor? Bai Xiaoou shook his head It’s been nearly half an hour since the birth-inducing injection was given to my head. I don’t feel strange at all.
Didn’t the doctor just say that it will cause labor pains after a while? Could it be that the medicine was taken wrong? Maybe it will hurt later, no, I’ll ask the doctor, my mother-in-law is worried, she turns around and leaves the ward again ten minutes later, the nurse and the doctor who just gave the injection rushed over, they both looked at the bottle and checked Bai Xiaoou’s stomach, everything was normal Although I feel a little strange, I don’t see any abnormalities. Auntie, your wife is normal. Wait a minute. Some women are a bit slow to induce birth. It doesn’t matter. When will they be able to give birth? This bottle has scored three points One at most half of the time will definitely start.
We will come back in a while.
After half an hour, Bai Xiaoou still has no response. The little guy in his stomach is also unusually quiet.
After an hour, all the birth needles and bottles are finished, Bai Xiaoou has calmly fell asleep.
At 3:30 in the afternoon, Bai Xiaoou woke up from sleep, and the doctor put on the birth-inducing needle again. Before he left, his eyes were full of doubts. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the second bottle was finished. Bai Xiaoou took the dinner brought by her husband and ate it satisfactorily. The next morning at 8:00 That is, on the 14th day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the doctor had no choice but to artificially break the amniotic fluid for Bai Xiaoou, and at the same time gave him a birth-inducing injection.
Hello Xiaoou on the phone, dad has already boarded the train, but it will arrive tomorrow at the soonest, you are all normal, everything is fine, dad has not responded yet, please slow down on the way, then it will be fine, then it will be fine, Bai Xiaoou’s mother-in-law Niu Yulan in the doctor’s office is anxious I thought about having a section. Everything about your daughter-in-law is normal.
There is no need to have a section. You are here.
You should understand that children born naturally are healthier.
Cocoa tomorrow is Ghost Day. Do you still believe that this Qin Peng smiled awkwardly at the doctor and pulled his mother out forcibly? Mom, can you not be afraid of people’s jokes on the ghost festival? It’s so late. Go home tonight. Here, Qin Peng couldn’t help but force his mother to the elevator entrance after he finished speaking. Niu Yulan sighed helplessly, what can I do? I was hospitalized on the third day of the seventh lunar month at nine o’clock in the morning, and the doctor checked Bai Xiaoou. The baby is still normal and there is still no sign of the cervix opening. At 10 o’clock in the evening, Bai Xiaoou began to go into labor and rushed to the delivery room. Qin Peng, Niu Yulan, Qin Peng’s father, Qin Shaoguang, and Bai Xiaoou’s father, Bai Fan, who arrived in the afternoon, were all anxiously waiting at the door at South Nine The weather at the beginning of the month was already sultry at the end of summer, but since Bai Xiaoou started to feel pain