His voice couldnt help choking he really couldnt bear to see their Shen family go bankrupt Shen Yuning quickly comforted her in a low voice

Shen Shao, who was accidentally reborn in a parallel world, became an undercover military agent and was ordered to track down the leader of an international criminal organization. During his latent period, he became the organization’s number two figure. However, in the final capture operation, a bomb exploded accidentally, and several shrapnel embedded in his body. Physically, Shen Shao was seriously injured and had no choice but to leave the army and go home.
When Shen Shao came to the airport to prepare for the security check, suddenly the alarm sounded loudly, and he was immediately detained. When the security check staff took off his coat, everyone present was stunned. There are horrible scars on his body Chapter Who dares to watch me Yanjing City Century Building in Eastern China This building is a landmark building in Yanjing City, a super high-rise building located in the center of Yanjing City standing on the top floor You can overlook the entire city of Yanjing.
At this time, on the rooftop of the building, a well-dressed young man is leaning against the fence, holding a cigarette between his fingers, and the scarlet flame looms. Looking at the distance, Yingjun’s face showed no expression. Shen Shao, the behind-the-scenes financial owner of the Huaxia Century Group, stood at the foot of the Century Building, an industry owned by him. At the same time, he also had another identity, the number two figure in an international terrorist organization. The door leading to the roof of the building was pushed open from the inside. A middle-aged man in casual clothes walked up slowly.
The other party was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties.
This person is Fan Tianlei, the chief of staff of the Langya Special Battle Brigade of the Southeast Military Region.
Today he came here specially to meet someone.
Fan Tianlei patrolled the rooftop and finally his eyes fell on the figure leaning on the edge of the rooftop. Fan Tianlei Walk up to that person slowly, stretch out your hand to hold the railing, and speak in a deep voice, Shen Shao, you are brave enough to directly set the meeting place here without fear of being discovered by others.
Hearing his words, Shen Shao glanced slightly sideways. He took a quick puff of the cigarette, took a long puff of the smoke ring, and said in a casual tone, whoever found out that I have now become the No. 2 figure in the organization, who dares to spy on me, but when is the military region going to close the net and go undercover again? In a few days, I’m almost the boss.
Fan Tianlei sighed softly when he heard the words, and said, “It’s almost time, you can come back after you catch the head of the organization.
Don’t worry.
You’ve been waiting for six years. It’s the last time, Shen Shao.
” Squeezed out the cigarette in his hand, spit out the last puff of smoke ring, looked into the distance blankly, yes, after six years of waiting, there is nothing to worry about in the next few days, Shen Shao, a reborn person Pig teaches in this life. In his previous life, he was a ten-year veteran.
In this life, he became a soldier again without accident. It’s not that he chose it himself. The main reason is that he was already in the ranks of recruits when he opened his eyes. Relying on his previous life Shen Shao quickly stood out among a group of recruits and became the best among the recruits.
It’s a pity that people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong. It’s because he didn’t care about this, so he was remembered by others. Shen Shaobiao Xian Zhuo was preparing to be a conscript honestly and was waiting to be promoted, but suddenly one day his superiors found him and gave him a special task to enter the organization. Being an undercover undercover is not an easy task. It is not an easy task to successfully infiltrate the enemy. If you want to gain their trust, you have to pay the price in blood.
During the undercover period, you have to face the risk of being discovered from time to time. After a period of professional training, he successfully sneaked into the organization and became an undercover agent.
This lurking is six years and six years. With his excellent strength and desperate spirit, he has been sitting in the position of the second in command from a small guy.
Adversity and bitterness cannot be summed up in one or two sentences. Every day, you have to risk being exposed alone. Zhou Xuanyu and other terrorist organizations have to deal with the complicated interpersonal relationships. One wrong step is enough.
He may be facing the risk of exposure and death. In order to obtain more and more confidential information, Shen Shao has to climb up desperately.
For this reason, he has brushed shoulders with death countless times. For the whole six years, he has hardly slept with one. I feel like now he just wants the military to close the net quickly so that he can return to a normal life.
After recovering from the past memories, Shen Shao took out a black USB flash drive and threw it to Fan Tianlei. Three days later, the leader of the organization, the black cat. It will appear at the border of Yun Province. At that time, a group of high-level organizations will also be there. This is the best time to arrest. Don’t mess it up.
After saying that, Shen Shao left the rooftop.
Fan Tianlei stood there and stared blankly at his former comrade-in-arms. From the back, I can’t help but sigh in my heart that this kid has really suffered for him for so many years. Chapter Chapter Three days after the target person appeared, a black car was driving on a winding mountain road at the junction of the southwestern part of Huaxia Yun Province and Myanmar, and finally stopped in the middle of the mountain. In front of an inconspicuous abandoned factory, Brother Shen, we arrived in the car. A woman with a very beautiful face whispered to the people beside her, she was closing her eyes and resting.
The rest of the people have already arrived. Shen Shao nodded and glanced at the woman beside him. The woman was wearing a simple white shirt, but it was still hard to hide her exquisite figure, fair and flawless skin, and a small face the size of a palm.
Bright eyes, white teeth, red lips, Qiong When she raised her nose and looked at Shen Shao, her long eyelashes trembled slightly with an indescribably glamorous temperament.
This woman’s name was Chen Wan, codenamed Humming Bird, and she was Shen Shao’s personal secretary and also his confidant.
Chen Wan looked at Shen Shao again and again. I told you Brother Shao, Langtou and Hailao are also here.
They usually don’t like you.