His prestige in the security team is only a little worse than that of Awei Jiu what do you mean by blatantly disobeying the captains

Chapter 2 Grandpa’s Legacy, Mr.
Lu, I have already helped you complete the matter you entrusted to me. In a small house in Gang Tau Village, Yuen Long District, Hong Kong Island, a middle-aged male lawyer bowed deeply to the wooden bed in front of him.
Mr. Lu, let me go first.
After bowing, the middle-aged male lawyer greeted Lu Feng in the room. Thank you, Lawyer Zhang, please go slowly. Lu Feng nodded. You are welcome.
This is what I should do. Lawyer Zhang responded to Lu Feng Then I walked out of the small house. Is this the inheritance my second grandfather left me? Looking at the simple furnishings in the house, Lu Feng was a little bit moved to see Wang Duoyu’s second grandfather Duo Niucha left tens of billions of inheritance for Wang Duoyu. This guy has become the richest man in Xihong City, and his second grandfather only left himself a small house, a Beetle car, a mobile phone the size of a brick, and everything else is pots and pans.
Thinking of the small house, Lu Feng is even more speechless. Hong Kong Island stipulates that a small house can be built with a square meter and can be built with a maximum of three floors, but his second grandfather only built a small house with a size of 50 square meters and only one floor. So big? Of course, if this second grandpa is a relative, Lu Feng has nothing to say, even if he only leaves him two kettles, he won’t complain about anything. The key is that his second grandfather is not a relative, but arranged by the system, and Lu Feng The target is not the so-called second grandfather, but the system. It is this broken system that caused him to abandon the promising pig farming industry and let him come from Guangdong in 1990 to Hong Kong Island in 2011.
Inheriting these insignificant inheritances is simply a crime.
Lu, Mr. Lu, he is a good man. Over the years, he has donated hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars to charities. Please treat his relics well. Just when Lu Feng was frowning, the lawyer Zhang who had just walked to the door suddenly stopped in his tracks. Turning around, he admired Lu Feng’s second grandfather very much.
He had clearly felt Lu Feng’s dissatisfaction with the inheritance just now, but as an outsider, he couldn’t say much, but he thought of Lu Feng’s second grandfather as he walked out of the house. Grandpa’s various acts of kindness could not bear the old man’s relics being thrown away and destroyed, and he even bowed to Lu Feng while speaking, but he obviously thought too much.
Lu Feng would not destroy the old man even if he was dissatisfied with the system.
Things like relics, the system is the system, the old man is the old man, Lu Feng clearly distinguishes one yard by one yard by one yard. Lu Feng donated hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars. Looking at Lawyer Zhang who bowed to him, Lu Feng was surprised.
Although he inherited his grandfather’s pig farming business in But the total net worth is only five or six million, but his second grandfather has a net worth of hundreds of millions and he donated all of it, which makes him feel awe of his second grandfather.
Please rest assured that I will definitely take care of the second uncle’s belongings. The reserved Lu Feng didn’t have the slightest doubt about Lawyer Zhang’s words. There was no need to lie to him. Although Lu Feng is not a good person, it didn’t stop him from admiring those high-minded people. Thank you, Lawyer Zhang was relieved after getting Lu Feng’s guarantee. He left and thanked Lu Feng, which shows how much he respects Lu Feng’s second grandfather. Congratulations to the host for completing the novice task, inheriting the inheritance, obtaining a storage space, a reward for newbies, unlocking the spear skill and upgrading to a level, rewarding a black star pistol, and firing a bullet, opening the personal panel, opening the shuttle system, name, Lu Feng, age, age, traveling through the heavens every two days Sub-main quests can travel through the heavens once completed Sub-martial skills Twelve roads Tan legs Dacheng skills Spear skills Skills can hit every shot within a meter Can use skill points to upgrade to the highest level Powers No storage space Is it rich? As soon as Lawyer Zhang Fang left, a system voice sounded in Lu Feng’s mind. At the same time, an attribute panel appeared in his mind.
Originally, Lu Feng thought that the legacy of the second grandfather was a reward arranged for him by the system. Who would have thought that? Inheritance and rewards are not the same thing at all, which makes Lu Feng very happy. For Lu Feng, the storage space and spear skills rewarded by the system make him very satisfied.
As for the Black Star pistol, he also likes it very much, but he is very satisfied with it. To him, it’s a bit cheap. It’s not too difficult to get a Black Star pistol in Hong Kong Island this year, but the system rewarded him with it as a prize.
If the system can exchange the Black Star pistol for skill points He would be happier if I gave him some kind of reward. How did I take out my Black Star pistol? After carefully checking the attribute panel, Lu Feng calmed down and closed the door to ask the system.
Immediately gave the answer, Black Star Pistol Lu Feng muttered in his heart. In an instant, a black pistol appeared in his hand.
It is made of large parts such as the barrel, slide, recuperator, slide seat, firing machine, magazine, etc. The Black Star pistol has only one part, the pressure bullet, and the bullet uses millimeter velocity.
The effective range of the bullet is very strong within meters and hundreds of meters.
It has great power, strong penetrating power, and is cheap.
It is loved by gangsters overseas because of the logo on the shield. The gun is called a black star by the gangsters on Hong Kong Island.
After I got it, Lu Feng He couldn’t help but uttered a dirty word, and he found that the black star in his hand seemed to be integrated with him, becoming an extension of his body. He had a strong feeling that as long as he randomly pulled the trigger on anything within ten meters, even a mosquito.
He can hit 100% of the hits. He has played in the shooting club a few times before, and he has never experienced such an arm-like feeling.
The system is indeed the system within ten meters. I am a god.
Lu Feng smiled excitedly. Laughing, he has followed his grandfather to practice twelve-way kicking since he was a child.
Five or six big guys can’t get close to him. Now he has spear skills again.