His old friend Rouer Chu Yuns eyes flashed he activated the second bloodline in his body to seal the bloodline and at this moment the

Source 80 e-book uploaded honesty and travel all over the world time word count barbaric mainland thousands of races stood strong and respected Chu Yun awakened humble from now on stepping on the sky singing and bathing in the blood of thousands of races to forge the supreme road and achieve the ancient god emperor Chapter 1 Forced to kiss the first chapter Chapter 1 Forced a kiss from the Chu tribe in Tianhuang City Hissing Chu Yun let out a pained growl He opened his eyes and looked at the ancient room in front of him, showing a bit of bewilderment Young master, you finally woke up A voice mixed with surprise came out with a hint of trepidation Crying, I, I’m going to tell the patriarch Chu Yun looked at the beautiful figure who was leaving in a hurry, and once again became puzzled. Where is this and why does it make him feel strange and familiar? Am I not dead yet? Chu Yun murmured in his heart.
It took him a long time to slow down and said in an unbelievable tone, I, I have traveled through. After repeated observations and scrutiny, he was sure that he had really passed through Chu Yun in his previous life. With the support of public welfare, he was admitted to an ordinary university.
After he was admitted to university, he has been working hard to learn knowledge through work-study.
After graduation, he worked in a company. He originally thought that he could use his own strength to create a world and an era that belonged to him. But the reality But it was cruel.
When he watched the idle rich second generation become the top executives of the company without pressure, he gradually understood that hard work does not mean success in this era of looking at looks and fighting for fathers.
After a while, he actually got the rich second generation.
Favoring him, he thought his hard work finally paid off, and he worked harder to manage the company’s affairs. With the help of the rich second generation, he made a deal, but the deal didn’t last long.
The deal went bankrupt, so he took on all the debts to pay off.
Huge debts He works several part-time jobs every day He does odd jobs in a hotel, but he accidentally sees the rich second generation feasting there The moment he spends money, he knows what he has been cheated by The rich second generation’s favor It’s just a scam He’s just a Just a scapegoat.
When the rich second generation was full of wine and food and was about to drive away, a flame of hatred was ignited in his heart. He snatched a car and rushed towards the car of the rich second generation.
He looked at the rich second generation. Zhang’s terrified face, the ugliness in the mundane world, but there was such a trace of relief in his heart. Just when he thought he was dead, he accidentally passed through to this waste who could not awaken the power of blood and had the same name as him.
This was named Chu just like him. Yun’s good-for-nothing and his maid met Ye Liantian, the young master of the Ye clan, when they were hunting ferocious beasts in the wilderness Anxiety actually snatched the daughters of the people in public Chu Yun and Su Rou have been good since they were young. Although he is timid and fearful, although he is a waste of talent, how can he back down and fight without any suspense? After being picked up by Chu Yun, he transmigrated to him and digested the memory of this body.
After Chu Yun’s eyes were as bright as torches, he clenched his fist and pointed at the body inside the body. Wipe away the remnants of not wanting to die and said that from now on, you will be me and I will be your revenge, I will help you avenge this life, I will not let the tragedy happen again, it seems that I have got Chu Yun’s promise, the remnants of not wanting to die dissipated Chu Yun suddenly felt The mind is clear for a while, the soul is more and more compatible with the memory of this body, and Chu Yun knows what kind of world this is. And the fist is the only truth.
Just when Chu Yun was in a daze, a loud and majestic voice came, Xiaoyun, have you finally woken up? It was Chu Yun’s father, the head of the Chumu Chu clan, father Chu Yun said without hesitation. After absorbing the memory of this body, he seems to have accepted the emotion of this body. How could you be hurt so badly? I don’t know what happened behind the scenes. There was a strange color in Chu Yun’s eyes, and a ripple of emotion appeared in his heart.
In his previous life, he had no father or mother. No one cared about him so much.
Chu Yun knew the difficulties of the Ye clan. Mu brought trouble, he breathed a sigh of relief and said that it was because the child was weak in cultivation and was no match for the ferocious beast, that’s why he suffered such a serious injury. Chu Mu’s eyes were slightly surprised.
In the past, Chu Yun was going to make a fuss for a long time.
Today, he tolerated this so much today. He was a little surprised to hear these words from Su Rou, who was silent beside him, sobbing. Young Master, it’s all because of Rou’er. Chu Yun looked at Su Rou with a hint of surprise in her eyes. Su Rou is indeed so beautiful.
Delicate little face, snow-white skin that can be broken by blows, long hair casually draped behind the shoulders, although she is only fifteen or sixteen years old, she looks like a beauty, I can’t blame you for this, don’t cry, my Rou’er will cry It’s not beautiful. Chu Yun smiled, eyes were very clean. Hearing this sentence, Su Rou pursed her lips and smiled, her pretty face flushed slightly.
She stared blankly at Chu Yun in a daze.
The ground vibrated slightly with the sound, and a chilling aura permeated the patriarch Ye’s tribe, the warrior rushed into the mansion, and a servant said anxiously outside the door of the Ye’s tribe, Chu Mu’s voice was cold, the young man of the Ye’s tribe The master’s talent is excellent, and a rare ancient bloodline has been awakened.
There are even rumors that some middle-level tribal families intend to recruit one person to become a chicken and dog. With the power of Ye Liantian’s genius, Ye’s tribe has been acting aggressively and domineering recently.
Banging the ancient wooden door instantly Turned into powder, there are war horses roaring at the door, more than a dozen armored warriors holding long halberds, each exuding a killing intent full of battle-tested, a burly man with his hands behind his back