His name floated up he knew how important he was this ranking became popular for no reason maybe because this ranking gave countless women room

Which one will Lin Xiaofan keep in the primary school student chat group? He is staring at the screen of his mobile phone.
He is watching a live broadcast of a card game. Now is the critical moment to decide the outcome. Suddenly, the screen of the mobile phone in his hand goes black and freezes again.
What a broken phone, no matter how he presses the buttons, the phone doesn’t respond.
This phone is a domestic phone that Lin Xiaofan bought three years ago for less than 1,000 yuan.
The phone crashed and changed to a mobile phone. The idea just popped into Lin Xiaofan’s mind, but he dismissed it for one reason.
As a sophomore student, Lin Xiaofan not only has to work part-time to earn his own living expenses and tuition fees, but also Saving money to help the family pay off the debts is very stressful. Seeing that the phone didn’t respond for a long time, Lin Xiaofan could only press and restart it.
After a few minutes, the old phone’s screen lighted up.
Didi Didi followed the phone’s startup, and there was a burst of Didi receiving the news. The phone prompts that I received a message from the chat group Calabash Brothers Calabash Brothers What is this? Lin Xiaofan is surprised that he rarely uses WeChat to chat and will not add unfamiliar chat groups. There are only class WeChat groups and they only dive and don’t talk.
When will I join this chat group? Lin Xiaofan on the Internet clicked on the message while wondering, and saw a few words appeared on the screen of the phone. The second baby and the fifth brother grandpa called you to go to the field to water and pick your nose. You go to light the fire, Siwa, second brother, can’t you tell grandpa to let him burn wood? Helpless expression, Erwa, grandpa said that it is more convenient for you to breathe fire, you go quickly, we are all waiting for dinner, Siwa, okay, I will go to sad face, Lin Xiaofan sees In addition to him, there are seven people in the group, one child, two children, and seven children.
I added a primary school student to the group.
Look at the group name and group business card. This is clearly a group of primary school students who like to watch gourd dolls. Isn’t it common for children nowadays to watch radiance or bears? It’s still popular to watch gourd baby Lin Xiaofan thought about quitting this chat group, but he wasn’t interested in chatting with a group of primary school students. Just when Lin Xiaofan was about to quit the group, he realized something was wrong with this chat The software is not Wechat, this is not Wechat group.
He took a closer look and found that it is a new software called Plane Chat Group. He has never seen this software quietly in the corner of the phone page. I don’t know when it appeared. What? I downloaded this software at the time, could it be a virus in my phone? Lin Xiaofan clicked on the plane chat group to find out what software it is. I like the function of red envelopes, but it’s a joke to search thousands of planes.
How can there be such a powerful software? Suddenly Lin Xiaofan was startled. He realized that this software is probably real because there is now a chat group called Calabash Brothers in it. Facing a group of gourd babies, are they the real gourd babies Lin Xiaofan Quickly click on the Gourd Brothers group and found that his appearance has already caused a storm in the group Erba Hey, why is there an extra person in the group members with a surprised expression? Wuba who is Lin Xiaofan? What’s the matter with me? A stranger appeared in the second baby brother group.
What’s the matter? Big baby, I’ll wipe it. What’s the matter? Come on, I’m a coward, big brother, don’t scare me, trembling face, don’t be afraid of him, I’ll take him with a gourd, big baby, forget it, I’ll kick him out, Lin Xiaofan Seeing that he’s about to be kicked out of the group, come out and talk, Lin Xiaofan gourd Hi guys, I’m not a bad guy, don’t kick me, second kid, you’re not a bad guy, then why did you add the sixth kid, either a bad guy or a monster, Lin Xiaofan, I’m really not a bad guy, or a monster, I know you, you’re all gourd babies, there are seven brothers, each with its magic So you are still watching secretly, we are definitely not a good person, big brother, kick him out quickly Lin Xiaofan found out that the gourd brother group disappeared in the plane chat group before he had time to explain again I thought I met the legendary gourd baby who has great powers.
I didn’t expect to be kicked out of the group. Thinking about it, it’s normal for a stranger to appear in the group of seven brothers. He would be kicked right.
Since I can enter the group of gourd brothers, I don’t know if there is any other This group is a magical software that can search thousands of planes. Thinking of this, Lin Xiaofan became excited again. He checked various functions in the plane chat group, and soon he found the search function. Click on the search function, and a radar pattern appeared on the phone screen and began to circle around. The system prompts whether to join the searched chat group, cultivating immortals and proving the Dao. Lin Xiaofan did not hesitate to choose to join the chat group.
He did not speak, but carefully observed the group leader called Jiumeng Venerable. Among the members, there is a person named Bodhi and monk Xiaoyu. Socra Sanxian and others seem to be cultivators. There are more than a hundred members in this group, so Lin Xiaofan who suddenly appeared was not conspicuous and did not attract anyone’s attention.
Kicked out of the group, this is the legendary cultivation. It would be great if I could learn the method of cultivation in the group.
Lin Xiaofan thought this way, but he obviously thought too much.
Everyone in the group was chatting and no one mentioned cultivation.
At this moment, Wei Kun, who was playing games on the computer in the dormitory, said something to Lin Xiaofan, Xiaofan, it’s almost time for you to leave, Lin Xiaofan glanced at the time, and then remembered that it was time for him to deliver food mobile phone rushed out of the dormitory