His long nails are neatly manicured and his rounded upper wrist wears a Casio mens watch to match with the camel coat he is wearing

The author Laoxi copywriter first met Xu Mobei Qiao Zhiqi entered the police station the second time met Xu Mobei Qiao Zhiqi entered the police station the third time met Xu Mobei Qiao Zhiqi provoked Xu Mobei’s chin One day, a former singer, at a dinner party, a friend heard that you fell in love with Xu Mobei at first sight, Qiao Zhiqi, who said it was a friend Xu Mobei, Qiao Zhiqi, what did he say, a friend? He said that the first time you saw him, let him kiss your mouth the second time When I saw him, I forced him to kiss him.
The third time I saw him, I asked him out. Have you seen Qiao Zhiqi’s stern flirt? Xu Mobei is leaning on one side with his fists in his arms, his eyes are slightly squinted, his brows are slightly upright, is he upright? Call out, the deep voice makes Qiao Zhiqi’s legs go limp Mobei’s supporting role, others, other urban love, a prelude to a match made in heaven, the sky is full of darkness, the sky is low, the sound of footsteps around is quiet, from far to near, and from near to far, the light of the flashlight sweeps across the air from time to time, filled with an indescribable sense of oppression Xu Mobei was suppressed by the people behind him lying in the messy grass, his mouth was tightly covered, his face was dirty, his eyes were blood red, and he stared at the man who was tied up and dragged on the ground not far away. The camouflage uniform on the man’s body has been soaked in blood so that he can’t tell the color He clenched his teeth and his nails dug into the flesh, but he didn’t feel the pain.
His mouth was covered and he couldn’t make a sound. He looked like a trapped animal, Mobei, Mobei, don’t be impulsive. The movements of Bei’s resistance are deep and firm but trembling slightly You can’t save him, you’ll just die if you go If they don’t disappear, shoot me. I don’t believe they can just watch their companions being killed.
The sound of bullets being loaded, bang bang bang Xu Mobei suddenly sat up from the bed, his chest heaved violently, his eyes were scarlet, and the corners of his eyes were wet. The fear in Yiyi’s eyes has not completely faded away. The scenes in the dream are still circling in his mind.
He will never forget that the gray curtains are densely covering the windows. Some gold stains indicate that it’s getting late Xu Mobei hunched his body slightly and covered his face with his hands, as if he was calming down for a long time. He randomly scratched his hair, lifted the quilt, got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. After a while, the sound of slippery water sounded, and then stopped. Xu Mobei wiped his hair, walked to the mirror and stood still.
He put down the towel and raised his hand to wipe the water mist on the mirror. The man in the mirror has a pair of fine skin eyes.
The eyes are dark and the cold water drips down The black hair slid down, skimmed over the protruding Adam’s apple, crossed the collarbone, and slowly slid towards the abdominal muscles. There was a circular scar there. Xu Mobei raised his hand to touch the scar. He looked at the mirror with his expression for a long while, and finally retracted the corners of his mouth.
He smiled so ugly.
He picked up a black brocade box in front of the mirror.
Inside was a black earring.
Xu Mobei put it on his left ear.
Now he is The drummer of Mo Bei’s resident band, Mo Bei City’s bright lights, the neon lights in the streets and alleys are lit up, shining brightly, like the stars in the sky, and finally waited until the end of the event. Qiao Zhiqi said goodbye to her manager Ai Wen, and hurried to the dormitory.
Call it a dormitory, but it’s actually not.
It shouldn’t be, right? Qiao Zhiqi’s girl group has officially disbanded since today.
There are still hot words about disbandment on Weibo hot search list. It’s rare.
The last time the group was hot searched was a year ago.
Captain Han Yingxue and the second child The contract between Wu Qing and Yueming Media has expired, and the two have no plans to renew their contract. Long Anni is the youngest member of the group. She said that Han Yingxue has already established a line with Heartbeat Legend.
As soon as the contract here expires, I will go over there to sign the contract Qiao Zhiqi shrugged her shoulders Everyone has their own aspirations Well, there is nothing wrong with people wanting to pursue better things After all, the star journey is really gloomy now Qiao Zhiqi’s luggage was actually packed a few days ago Well, I moved to my own small apartment. Today I just came here to get some things. Today is You Niansen’s father, You Zhen’s birthday. Several close friends gathered in the hotel and said they wanted to celebrate a little. Tell her not to be late for the elder’s birthday. Of course, you have to prepare a gift. Father You is a person who likes to drink. Qiao Zhiqi had already asked someone to buy the wine from abroad, packaged it, and put it in the back seat of the car. Suddenly remembered that I hid a bottle in the basement of the dorm Why is it here now Han Yingxue is a bit embarrassed to see her come in because the reason for the group’s disbandment is mostly because of her Wu Qing didn’t care at first because she insisted on not renewing the contract, which led to such a result.
I don’t know what’s in the kraft paper bag.
Qiao Zhiqi nodded, and there was an air of embarrassment.
Although Han Yingxue on the silver screen is a gentle big sister, she is actually a very cold and arrogant person.
There are not many topics, let alone now. I heard that you have signed a contract with Heartbeat Legend, yes.