His eyes were red from crying he was cute like a bunny Han Zhiheng felt that his thinking direction was becoming more and more weird

Even if I rescue you, you are the number one suspect who murdered me.
He coughed twice and vomited blood. It’s so cruel.
It’s nothing. It’s a scourge. You won’t be able to pay back. I’m the one who murdered me. Hiring ducklings to kiss you and being accused by the media of being gay, robbing your fiancée, throwing red wine at you at a reception, I’m not guilty of death. Ask with your last breath, if Han Zhiheng wants him to die, then he admits it, if it’s not for him, you don’t want to die, what are you talking about, don’t you hear me? When the ambulance arrives, hold on for a few more minutes, and I’ll let them operate on you right here.
It will be fine, it’s not that if it’s really Han Zhiheng, he must be smiling slyly now, watching him die, why would he still say such nonsense, Li Mian is disappointed, wouldn’t it be that after he dies, he doesn’t know who will die? Han Zhiheng is unwilling to see Li Mian’s dark pupils The darker I feel, the more sad this person has dug so many traps for me.
Although I hate him so much that I almost gritted my teeth. Two years ago, the two of them broke up completely. It can be seen that he is really going to die.
Those grievances will fade away.
After all, he never thought that Li Mian would die like this since he was a kid. Li Mian’s eyes turned red when he saw Han Zhiheng, who had always been dragging 250,000 to 80,000, and his hands trembled to test his breathing.
He felt sorry for himself and walked with him through the last few minutes of his life, regardless of the past For a long time, I really wanted to say sorry to him, but I have no strength.
Li Mian felt that his face and stomach hurt so much. This is not right.
His stomach hurts. He can understand that maybe the knife wound has extended, but his face also hurts, and it seems to be hot and swollen.
When I touched it, it was not swollen.
It was slippery and hard.
It was swollen like a steamed bun. There was a band-aid on it.
I opened my eyes and saw clearly. He was crying, Mom, I thought I would never see you again.
Li Mian hugged her mother Zhang. Qin burst into tears, he actually saved his life and came back Han Zhiheng didn’t lie to him, he really did harm to the millennium Zhang Qin patted her son, sighed and said in a persuasive tone, Xiao Mian, it’s because you didn’t tell you so many women, you don’t want to go grab Han The third child in the family went to demonstrate with others after the incident.
He also saw that the relationship between our two families was not heavy handed.
Let’s forget it this time.
Don’t confront him and be obedient.
Li Mian was stunned and pushed her mother away.
Where did I think I heard it? By the way, it was two years ago that Han Zhiheng had a complete break with him.
That time he took his stolen girlfriend to show off his power.
Han Zhiheng chased him for two streets with a gun, and then he was hit by the butt of the gun and even Han Zhiheng Punched him in the stomach that time and almost disfigured Mom Han Zhiheng He was locked up by Boss Han, so why don’t you make a fuss with him? Listen to Mom, okay? took a piece Other places are good, where is my knife wound? Where is the knife wound? I didn’t use the knife to hurt you. Don’t make trouble. Originally, the relationship between Han and Li is very good.
I don’t know when my son started looking for it. Han Zhiheng’s troubles made it embarrassing to meet now.
What’s going on? I wanted to call and ask, but I was stunned when I picked up the phone. This is a phone I used a long time ago.
Why did it come back to me? Li Mian was stunned. In a flash of inspiration, he suddenly turned on the mobile phone and looked at the call records and date notes on it.
What’s the matter, mother, mother, mother, what’s the matter? I understood and accepted that he was reborn, Li Hansan came back again, but the fact that the joy of his rebirth was instantly diluted was that he and Han Zhiheng had already had the last irreconcilable conflict, that is to say, there would be no chance for them to reconcile if he didn’t I remember the two years before my death, that is, the two years after I snatched Han Zhiheng’s fiancée. Anyway, I’m reborn, why don’t you just let me be born and throw me into my mother’s stomach? What’s the point of this now? Han Zhiheng, can you forgive me? Han Zhiheng, I won’t let you go. The housekeeper downstairs is used to you The ghost screamed calmly and ordered the servants to prepare dinner to pay tribute to the poor third young master of the Han family. The young master was probably going to be unlucky again, and was kidnapped and torn up.
This happened two years later.
The person who didn’t worry about it and looked it up slowly, who might harm him now He didn’t plan to make a move, but he wanted to see who was so bold to hit him.
He found out that he had to cut up chickens and eggs, boil them into meat soup in front of everyone, and feed them to dogs. The most urgent task is to repair the broken relationship with Han Zhiheng. Friendship, anyway, he can’t get involved in the company’s affairs. Sleeping less during meetings is all his father asks of him. He can concentrate on repairing it.
Li Mian silently lit a piece of wax for himself.
He thinks this matter is more important than finding the murderer. The difficulty is related to the fact that I broke it up, and then I go to repair Master Li. But when I think of Han Zhiheng’s heartbroken look before my death, I feel so touched, I want to be with him, and I want to continue playing with him in the future. At first it was Han Zhiheng who snatched the woman he liked. In fact, he and the woman hadn’t written a word yet.
The woman hadn’t fallen in love with him yet.
When he caught the two of them in bed, Han Zhiheng said that the woman climbed on his bed by herself, but she was very anxious at the time. How could Li Mian believe that he was put on such a big green hat? If he didn’t take revenge and go back, how could he have the face to be named Li? So he used connections to use tricks