His eyes were red and dry and at the moment when he was about to lose patience he suddenly looked Shan suddenly snorted coldly his

I believe everyone is familiar with his name. Fanatic fans all over the world call him Tatterman. What a hot and shining new star! All evil and dark forces will tremble because of him. Every time he appears, he will attract the attention of people all over the world.
He will be The savior of this new era Time magazine looks at the damn hero name on the colorful cover Zou Hao spreads his hands silently Chapter 1: Good luck finally recycles old color TVs and old computers Zou Hao drives a modified electric tricycle Maybe it’s his sitting posture that makes his back view He looked very tall and was driving slowly on every street. The electric horn on the car was constantly beeping.
He lowered his head with a blank expression on his face.
His calves on the pedals were shaking slightly. Oh, Xiaohao, the refrigerator in my store is broken. I’m so unhappy that I’ll just sell you how much it’s worth! I saw an aunt with a full beard around her mouth raised her thick arms and shouted, so it’s the flower master, your refrigerator Didn’t you say you were paralyzed half a year ago? Why haven’t you changed it yet? Zou Hao’s mouth curled up slightly, and he got out of the car and took off the straw hat on his head, revealing a refreshing short black hair. The shop is going to be hot as hell, wipe off the sweat on his face, Zou Hao said with emotion, it’s two o’clock in the afternoon, which is the hottest time in summer, the whole city is like a popsicle that is about to melt, the temperature is very hot, everyone walking on the street People with sweat on their faces and slightly opened their mouths silently endured the torment brought by this time of day.
The night is approaching. The sweltering air that had accumulated above the city was finally blown away by the cool evening wind.
Zou Hao parked his tricycle beside a dimly lit forest road.
Leaning his head back on the refrigerator he had just taken back, he looked at the sky blankly, at this time, the black and white night sky not only had a bright moon as flat as a boat, but also a large number of faintly bright stars blinking and blinking all over the place. His eyes were empty, then red, and then sparkling tears appeared, what should I do in the future, parents? He slightly opened his dry and chapped lips, and his voice sounded very low. Half a month ago, his father passed away.
He said he was afraid that his wife would be lonely and went to accompany her. Zou Hao was not good at studying, but he was very talented in repairing electrical appliances. He liked to stand behind his father and quietly watch him repair various appliances since he was a child. He was very talented.
Like Edison, he always asks why he always digs to the bottom to know what those densely packed wire boards represent and what is the use. When he was six years old, he could fix the rice cooker.
When he was twelve years old, he could repair all the problems of any brand of air conditioner in China. Even though he was a sophomore in high school, he had already mastered all his father’s skills.
I have mastered it, so as long as I work hard every day, I will not starve to death.
After another half an hour, he returned to the maintenance shop with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters and a very deserted atmosphere. Electrical appliances make walking more inconvenient and Over the years, the walls of the house have been stained with black oil stains, and the air is filled with a strong smell of motor oil, but Zou Hao has long been accustomed to this. As soon as he stepped into the door, he heard a cheerful and sweet cry, brother, you are back. Seeing a ten-year-old girl with big eyes running towards Zou Hao very fast, oh my brother is covered in sweat, please stop messing around. Come, his eyes are full of love, he stretched out his finger and ticked the smooth bridge of the other’s nose, Hehe, he said, did Qian’er read the book seriously today, and you will be in the fourth grade soon, be happy, I don’t want to study, I don’t want to study, I want to be with my brother Together every day Zou Qian shook her head unhappily when she heard it, her little hands pulled the straw hat strap around Zou Hao’s neck and kept yelling nonsense, our family will depend on you from now on, you are so smart Zou Hao, who must be able to read the doctorate, sighed in a low voice, patted his younger sister’s head, and walked away after speaking.
Out of a sixth-grade Chinese language book, he read it aloud. Zou Hao ignored all this. He took off his sweat-soaked shirt and threw it on the solid yellow wooden chair.
He took it from the rice cooker under the blackened corner I took out the leftover meals at noon, and the old godmother ate it in front of the small round table covered with slippery oil.
This small shop is full of many old home appliances and various parts covered with black oil.
In addition to the cheerful sound of the little girl reading, the rest is only the slight sound of bowls and chopsticks clashing. Behind the maintenance shop is a recycling waste station with an area of ​​nearly 300 square meters, which is smaller than a basketball court.
In a third-tier city This vacant lot is not very valuable, but Zou Hao’s father always blushes after drinking every day and threatens that the original words are probably because of his mother’s urgency.
I even sold the land. Like a father, like a son, Zou Hao He is also a little alcoholic.
After dinner, Zou Hao holds a bottle of Erguotou bought for 10 yuan in his hand and sits in the waste station behind his shop, drinking while repairing the refrigerator that was recovered from the florist’s milk shop today. In a repair step, he habitually poured a large mouthful of spicy wine into his mouth, and his eyes narrowed and lit up at that moment when his throat was scalding hot. After finally repairing the entire refrigerator, he reinstalled the iron cover and screws.
After returning, his consciousness has fallen into a half-drunk and half-awake state, and he seems to be in a daze.
There seems to be an electronic sound in his ears. Didi found a new host.
The system is actively contacting the binding.
The binding is over.
Scanning the host’s personal master skills.
Didi completed.
Scan host is good at repairing home appliances