His crazy approach really made him walk a completely different path from his predecessors Heaven and Earth Method is for the internal world the power

Author Mingyue Yesha Content brief introduction This is a different world. He is a ruthless killer.
He is full of unwillingness and full of secret magic weapons and skills.
He came to this world. There is no soaring and no belief here. It is the same existence.
Let the protagonist Tan Tian take you into an unknown world to appreciate the charm of the wind attack.
God looked at the dots of stars in the sky.
Tan Tian never dreamed that as the number one killer on the world’s gold list, his life would not end in a mission, but in the hands of his favorite person for a full ten years, 3,650. Ten days later, she added colorless and tasteless fairy drunkenness to her favorite egg fried rice.
Tan Tian recalled the past bit by bit. At the age of six, he was sent to the most cruel killer training in the world.
In the camp, I started to be exposed to death from the age of six until I came out at the age of sixteen. I don’t remember how many friends and brothers I have killed there. Everything is illusory. Only survival is the most important thing. In order to survive, Tan Tian once killed himself.
Having a big brother who saved his life twice is not because Tan Tian is ruthless or unintentional, but because he needs to live and only if he survives can he get out of that devil’s land. He wants to see the sun.
He is only sixteen years old. Tan Tian remembers very clearly that he was in the end. In the training camp, he succeeded in killing 29 instructors who were ranked among the top 100 in the world.
After he came out, Tan Tian became an indifferent killer who only knew how to use the simplest method to kill the target. In the past two years, Tan Tian has grown from an unknown little killer to a top ten killer on the gold list, nicknamed Sharp Blade.
At the age of nineteen, Tan Tian successfully killed the former top ten killer on the gold list. When Yi’s killer was on the supreme list, he met her, a silly girl who was so stupid that she couldn’t even find her way home. Tan Tian still doesn’t understand why he, who has always been cold-blooded, would accompany a silly girl that evening I have been looking for a home for six hours.
During these six hours, Tan Tian formed a destined marriage with this silly girl named Mu Xue. Tan Tian also slowly began to transform from a cold-blooded devil with blood on his hands who only knows how to kill.
Becoming a killer with emotions The killer’s rules clearly say that killers should never touch emotions Emotion, but Tan Tian doesn’t agree with this point. In Tan Tian’s eyes, neither emotion nor indomitableness is the key. The most important thing is strength.
It doesn’t matter. It’s just such a woman who makes Tan Tian, ​​a cold-blooded devil, unable to help himself. She has accompanied Tan Tian for ten years. Tan Tian promised that Mu Xue would quit the killer world when he was thirty years old, and no one could change her.
The discovered identity is married to Mu Xue, but now it seems Tan Tian never had another chance, lightly stroked the barb-shaped short knife with a length of about forty centimeters, and the back of the knife was covered with strange barbs. The barb lightly scratched Mu Xue’s snow-white neck, and at the moment when Mu Xue was killed, Tan Tian seemed to have returned to the cold-blooded demon in the past, but Tan Tian knew that he killed not only Mu Xue but also his own heart. An old friend, only you can accompany me forever.
Maybe I can believe only you. Tan Tian’s voice is already a little hoarse, and the power of immortal intoxication is beyond what ordinary people can imagine. He is already a cold corpse, but even if his body is so strong, he can’t resist the power of the Lord Immortal Drunk. Death is slowly approaching Tan Tian.
Now Tan Tian is at the end of his battle. Looking at the weapon in his hand, he has already accompanied him. Tan Tian, ​​who has been with the short knife for twelve years, has an indescribable feeling in his heart that this Tiansha is an antique he saw when he was shopping at a street stall in Beijing after finishing his mission for the first time. Tiansha, who is invincible in gold and jade, has a big difference.
Although the Tiansha at that time looks not much different from the current Tiansha, in fact, the Tiansha at that time, let alone cut gold and jade, even cut a piece of pork. It’s a bit reluctant.
Tan Tian didn’t buy this Tiansha at first because of its sharpness, but because of the structure of this weapon. There is no doubt that with Tan Tian’s most professional experience in killing, this is a backhand dagger with three blood lines on the front. The slot makes this weapon have the strongest cutting ability when cutting downward What’s more, these barbs also have the function of locking the target weapon. This is Tan Tian’s earliest understanding of Tiansha The weapon is the imitation Tiansha.
Tan Tian has been invincible for a long time, but accidents will always happen.
Even Tan Tian, ​​the supreme killer, is careless. At one time, Tan Tian was tasked with assassinating an ancient martial arts master. Accidentally mishandled Tiansha as the invincible imitation and wore it on his body to carry out the assassination. It was this accident that made Tan Tian finally know what a terrible magic weapon Tiansha is.
Tiansha has one, even Tan Tian What I don’t understand is that when I see blood, I will absorb that mission. The real Tiansha in my hand actually sucked that ancient martial master into a human being.
Since then, Tiansha seems to have a soul.
The originally blunt blade has become extremely sharp