His brows are twisted into Sichuan characters Gao Le is really like a dog skin plaster and he speaks unscrupulously Li Xiaoyao glanced at Lin

Since 2000, when technology became popular on the Internet and at the beginning of the year, major game companies around the world formed an alliance called Yueheng Headquarters in Beijing, China, and at the end of 2011, a virtual game called Moondust, which shocked the world, was launched. Since then, a trend of virtual online games has swept the world and set off a wave of people all over the world.
Taking advantage of the boom in online games, Yueheng Company launched an online game with a high virtual degree after three years, Tianyi.
This game, which claims to have a virtual degree, set off a storm of buying game helmets all over the world. All the major guilds in the empty moondust have posted posts and moved to Tiangou, waiting for the day when Tiangou will start testing.
In a tall office building in the urban area, this is the office building of a small advertising company. In an office, there is a comb. A middle-aged man with a greasy hair and a suit and leather shoes is sitting on the boss chair, with his hands on his big belly, with a horse face, and a pair of sinister eyes with a seemingly invisible anger. This is yours this month. Salary Ma Changqi took out a bulging envelope from the drawer and threw it on the table. The young man opposite him smiled and said, Manager Ma, what do you mean? Li Xiaoyao didn’t go to get the envelope, he needed a reason Ma Changqi His face was impatient and his tone was bad, what did he mean? He meant to fire you.
Li Xiaoyao’s eyes suddenly burst into anger.
He roared in a low voice, why why? Li Xiaoyao suddenly felt angry and felt a little ridiculous. He didn’t expect that he would be fired because of his carelessness.
Thinking of the arrogant and domineering look of that young lady, Li Xiaoyao would beat her up in anger. If there was a chance, Li Xiaoyao would really like to beat her up. That self-satisfying face made Li Xiaoyao’s teeth itch with hatred.
In the end, Li Xiaoyao couldn’t help but turn around quickly and walked out, closing the door with a bang. Ma Changqi sat down expressionlessly, and the next moment the door opened again.
Sorry, I forgot to take the money. Ma Changqi, with a twitching face, watched Li Xiaoyao go out again.
Li Xiaoyao went out. Colleagues around looked at the envelopes in Li Xiaoyao’s hands and surrounded them one by one.
Xiaoyao received the bonus again. You really make us envious.
Wow, it’s Xiaoyao again, what should I do? I’m about to be conquered by him.
Only I can be worthy of such a talented, capable and handsome man like him.
I want to be his girlfriend. He winked and asked in a charming voice, there was a black line on Li Xiaoyao’s face, at this moment, a young man pushed away the crowd and walked in. The young man in a suit and leather shoes with an evil face came up with a smile and put his arm around Li Xiaoyao’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Xiaoyao again.
” I’m going to treat you tonight if you don’t get drunk and don’t return Lin Wei, it seems that you and I haven’t gotten to know each other well yet, right? Li Xiaoyao’s face darkened and he shook his arms. The second time you know me well? At this time, a voice came from behind, a young man with golden eyes and a thin face snorted coldly and said with the corners of his mouth, Li Xiaoyao, you are fired.
Why don’t you get out of the company? I asked the security to invite you out.
He bit the word please very hard. After he said that, those people around Li Xiaoyao suddenly changed their expressions. A look of disdain, arrogance, and contempt appeared on his face.
The rapid changes made people jaw-dropping.
Seeing that young man, Li Xiaoyao suddenly realized, a surge of anger rushed into his heart.
I also looked at Li Xiaoyao with great interest.
If you can get under my crotch, I can plead with Rou’er to let you stay. Sure enough, it is you.
Li Xiaoyao knew that Liu Hanqing and Xu Rou were on good terms when he heard the name Rou’er.
Did you think about it? Liu Hanqing didn’t answer, he was only thinking about how to humiliate Li Xiaoyao, thinking about your mother, Li Xiaoyao shouted and pushed everyone away, punched Liu Hanqing’s triumphant face with a bang, Liu Hanqing let out a cry like killing a pig, covered his face and fell down Rolling left and right in the aisle, the gold-rimmed glasses fell and shattered a piece of the lens. Scarlet blood flowed out from between his fingers, which startled everyone. Liu Hanqing punched Li Xiaoyao, his anger dissipated a lot, and he stepped over Liu Hanqing’s body.
In everyone’s eyes, it turned out that Liu Hanqing slipped under Li Xiaoyao’s crotch.
Everyone was dumbfounded, obviously they didn’t expect Li Xiaoyao to do such a terrific thing.
Now the conflict between Liu Hanqing and him is not so simple. At this moment, Liu Hanqing only has one thought in his mind, that Li Xiaoyao must die. Li Xiaoyao stood downstairs in the company and looked up at the building. One day, I will be framed by villains. Before, I didn’t pay attention to Liu Hanqing. I didn’t expect it to be ruined by him now. Now losing my job and eating is a problem, and the rent should also be paid.
Li Xiaoyao weighed the envelope in his hand.
Some helpless roads are full of promotional posters of Heaven’s Grief. An unbelievably handsome young man and a beautiful girl take up more than half of the posters.
He is wearing a feather robe, star crown, white robe and wide sleeves, and in his hand is an exquisite staff. He is like a Dharma god. This person, Li Xiaoyao, knows the number one Dharma god Feng in Yuechen, and the one with bright eyes, white teeth, and smooth skin. The heroic girl with her pair of eyes smiling into a crescent moon is none other than Yuechen’s famous beautiful swordsman, Luoyan.
Both of them are household names.
Fitting together to promote Yueheng’s new game Tianbei, apparently the two of them have decided to switch to Tiangou