Hey Fenghuaxue what’s the matter with you Wanting to save others but not knowing that I am the mushroom who needs to be saved the

Wan’s bill is at 10:00 am on Tiannan University’s southern country in the midsummer morning, and the sun is shining quietly, releasing terrifying heat.
Liu Yun is basking in the sun in front of the school’s computer center building, holding a piece of bread and muttering softly, “Damn Xiao.” C, how dare you not let me enter the control room? It’s really disrespectful. I have the status of a teaching assistant. Compared with your intern, there is a boy wearing a snow-white lab coat, glasses, and a cropped cut behind the glass door of the building.
Liu Yun, this is Xiao Bing, Liu Yun’s assistant and senior brother. Brother Liu, even if you are a teaching assistant, you must abide by the rules and regulations of the laboratory. After all, you are also a student of Tiannan University.
As a pure layman, he became a teaching assistant at the Computer Center of Tiannan University, and was in charge of supercomputer Nebula equipment management. A supercomputer worth nearly one billion came to Tiannan University, which was heavily hyped by the media and became famous in the business and education circles.
Although his behavior was quite controversial, he was an enthusiastic entrepreneur at Tiannan University.
Unlike his father, Liu Yun was not interested in computers.
He didn’t even have much experience with online games. Regarding the matter of working in the computer center, he once raised objections to Mr. Liu, but was dismissed very seriously, so Young Master Liu spent all day in the computer center, playing minesweeping, reading novels and getting by this morning. As usual, Liu Yun carried his breakfast and went to the door to go back to work in the control room. His assistant stopped him and forced him to eat breakfast at the door before letting him in. Hiss, it seems that Xiao Bing is very free after the final exam, Liu Yun. Finally ate it dry and wiped it off, then threw the paper bag containing the bread into the trash can and walked into the computer center, jingle jingle jingle jingle A harsh ringing sound came from Liu Yun’s trouser pocket Liu Yun glanced at his greasy hands still hard With a scalp, he reached into his trouser pocket and took out the old-fashioned brick phone, glanced at the phone number displayed on the phone screen, and pressed the answer button.
Hey dad, son, are you in the laboratory now? A rich baritone voice came from the phone.
The old man of the Liu family is learning to operate the control system of the Nebula.
Liu Yun is smiling sinisterly. The old man has always wanted him to learn how to operate the Nebula and use the part of the Nebula that belongs to the Liu family as the basis for commercial operation to generate benefits. Hey, indeed.
It’s time to learn from you, you kid, who is sitting on a golden mountain, won’t take advantage of the phone that will make people laugh out loud Yun feebly argues that there is no way that as a new generation of rich second generation, he does not bully others, he does not bully the market, he does not bully old women, he does not drive the seventy-yard express, Liu Yun is considered an honest man, his father never asked him to do what level Liu Yun has done all these years. It’s been a smooth ride.
After all, it’s not easy to get a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Tiannan University. Oil, this afternoon Uncle Chang will take a few documents and go to the laboratory to find you. When the time comes, you can sign it for me. Remember to sign your name.
Dad seems to know what Liu Yun wants to ask.
I won’t go there in the afternoon.
Your mother is arguing to go to Tianfang We are going to travel to the island for summer vacation. We are going to leave in the afternoon. If there is anything else, I will call again.
I don’t want to disturb you.
Why did I suddenly have to travel? Dad’s words seem to have explained something that seems to be very important but not very important.
Liu Yun didn’t understand it at all. Listen. What’s wrong with the busy tone on the phone? Liu Yun hung up the phone.
Under Xiao Bing’s watchful eyes on class enemies, he tore half a tissue from the tissue tube on the wall, wiped his hands, and strutted into the control room of the Nebula.
Chang He is an elementary school classmate of Liu Changjin, an associate professor in charge of the computer center at Tiannan University. He has been with him for decades. Liu Yun called him Uncle Chang.
At two o’clock in the afternoon, the laboratory officially opened. The staff of the laboratory at the door greeted him and invited him in. He was sitting in the reception room. The Nebula laboratory is divided into several areas. They are the computer room, the power distribution room, the special laboratory for the school, the Nebula control room, and the reception room is separated by transparent glass. Uncle Liu Yun could see Chang He’s arrival at a glance, he didn’t dare to procrastinate, he turned off the minesweeper with reluctance, rubbed his astringent eyes, walked out of the control room and walked to the reception room, Uncle Chang Liu Yun greeted Chang He Chang He is a very nice person Traditional intellectuals have old-fashioned characters and insistence. Xiao Liu, this time uncle came to you to talk to you about the right to use the Xingyun number in our school. A large stack of data supercomputer nebula ownership transfer agreement supercomputer nebula partial unit use right authorization agreement supercomputer nebula maintenance cost account Liu Yun is baffled, er, what use right Liu Yun hasn’t realized yet, it’s a conspiracy, look Liu Yun finally figured it out after seeing those documents.
He remembered what his dad was doing on the phone at noon. Signed a few documents. Signed the Xingyun account ownership transfer document. This is a supercomputer worth nearly one billion. Do you think it is Chinese cabbage? In a word, sign a few copies The documents are finished, uh, if the ownership of the Nebula is transferred, our school will definitely have to re-sign the agreement to exchange the site for the right to use part of the unit. Xiao Liu, uncle watched you grow up, and now the owner of the Nebula is you, don’t you think so? Sign this agreement, Chang He didn’t know about Liu Yun’s situation, and thought that Liu Yun was not going to continue to fulfill the authorization agreement.
This is a big deal.
The supercomputer located in Tiannan University not only brings irreplaceable help to the school’s scientific research work, but also What matters is the eyeball effect caused by private supercomputers