Hey don’t miss it because of some curse then how can your father explain it Lin Zhi didn’t ask her she knew that if Chen

The copywriter Wan Sui has an unruly intention towards Qiao Yu, and tries every means to get close to him just to wait for an opportunity to get revenge on another woman. The road to darkness The daily life of the two after marriage Qiao Yu When did you fall in love with my Wan Sui The day was sunny You wore a shirt Qiao Yu and I wore a shirt you like Wan Sui You wore a shirt I like The Armani shirt, Wan Sui, what about you? When did you fall in love with me, Qiao Yu? The day was sunny. You wore a pair of Wan Sui, and I wore a dress that you liked. Welcome to bookmark this article, also known as we love each other, love each other to the depths of natural black content label broken mirror reunion special liking industry elite city love protagonist Li Yanqi Linzhi supporting role Gui Fei Chen Jingfeng other Feng Shui suspense dog blood Chapter 1 Years and Months Lin Zhi, an architecture teacher in the Office of the Faculty of Architecture at Rida University, is browsing Li Yanqi’s encyclopedia information.
Since he left without saying goodbye five years ago, browsing his encyclopedia information every day has become an unbreakable routine.
Li Yanqi is a well-known Chinese architect and top Fengshui master One of them learned from Fengshui master Taishan Zhang Shiqing since he was a child.
He is proficient in Zhouyi, Plum Blossom, Yishu, Huangdi’s House Classic and other books on Yixue. Fengshui designers of commercial buildings in many big cities in China and metaphysics consultants for film and television scripts guest-starred as Fengshui Mr. and fortune teller in several films.
With his tall and handsome appearance and fairy-like temperament, he quickly won the favor of fans and won the title of Li Banxian. According to people familiar with the matter It was revealed that a top Fengshui master like Li Yanqi has an annual income of over 10 million because he does not have a complicated family background, no top-notch wealthy mother-in-law, and there is no danger of bankruptcy. The profession of Fengshui master is very popular among female friends.
Yan Qi never had menopause. In February this year, the autobiography written by Li Yanqi was sold out in less than three days. He avoided talking about personal relationship issues, but what is interesting is that in the epilogue he gave everyone a word about Zhi Lansheng Yu Shenlin does not think that there is no one but is not fragrant.
A gentleman cultivates himself and does not betray poverty. Li’s love life is low-key and mysterious.
People with good things guess that this ancient sentence implies that his rumored junior sister’s name is Lin Zhi, but Li denied it and said that he is not.
Knowing that Lin Zhi doesn’t have a sweetheart at the moment, the mouse paused on this column for a long time, and finally clicked on the column of the editor’s encyclopedia. Lin Zhi added a TV program he participated in yesterday into it.
Turn off the computer, Lin Zhi presses the power button on the phone, and the screen displays It was a photo taken with him five years ago. The beautiful and childish face looked at the camera and smiled foolishly. Li Yanqi closed his eyes and kissed her cheek, leaving a round and handsome profile. The photo was in a daze, the office was quiet all the time The ringing of the mobile phone interrupted a call from a female student.
Mr. Lin, the lecture you are giving is almost up.
Are you leaving now? I’m already on my way and I’ll be there in five minutes. I don’t know how long I’ll be staring at my phone in a daze. Lin Zhi puts on her makeup in front of the mirror.
The office is about ten minutes away from the Auditorium for Thousands of People. Lin Zhi was not surprised by this, because what she was talking about today was Chinese tomb feng shui culture. With the rise and popularity of tomb robbery novels and its surroundings, most students were very interested in tomb feng shui. However, she What I don’t know is that part of the reason is that she has a pretty face, is funny, gives lectures, is friendly, and is very popular among students.
In the Department of Architecture, there are more men than women, and many men in the Department of Architecture brought their friend Lin Zhi to open the tray and project the previous work on the projector. On the instrument, she smiled and looked around at the students present. Suddenly, her smile froze on her face. The man sitting in the middle of the crowd was Li Yanqi. All the hustle and bustle around him seemed to have stopped. Looking at her, Lin Zhi and him stared at each other for three seconds, unable to read any emotions from it.
After hiding for five years, they still couldn’t hide. It becomes more pleasant through the microphone. When it comes to Fengshui, we must first understand two concepts. One is the Yang house and the other is the Yin house. The Yang house is the place where people produce and live.
To sum it up, the Yangzhai is the place where people used to live. The Yinzhai is opposite to the Yangzhai. The students listened carefully, and some even took out their cellphones to take pictures. In order to continue to enjoy the power and status in life after death, the emperors and generals overhauled the mausoleum.
For example, Qin Shihuang built the mausoleum when he was 37 years old. Now we see that the terracotta warriors and horses are part of Qin Shihuang’s funeral objects. Lin Zhi glanced at it subconsciously after speaking. Li Yanqi squinted his eyes slightly and frowned slightly, his eyes met Lin Zhi’s, and he hurriedly avoided. We often say mausoleums, mausoleums, but mausoleums and tombs are two different concepts.
The mausoleum is the place where people worship the owner of the tomb, while the tomb is the place where the dead are buried underground.