Hey dont go Help me to undo the bodyholding technique Zhao Yan hurriedly said Xu Xiaoyao is in no hurry Shouldn’t you be going to

Brother A, are you sure this is the lover of your dreams Xu Xiaoyao stared at the beauty in front of her who was struggling to dance gracefully.
As thick as a telegraph pole, it has nothing to do with the fact that the beauty in Xu Xiaoyao’s impression is really half a cent. If you really have to find some advantages in her body, it can only be said that her breasts must be at least a cup, but the skinny standing next to her is standing Trembling in the wind, the strange man who has to worry about whether he will be blown away by the wind stubbornly believes that this is the dream lover he has been looking for for thousands of years, little brother, look how well she dances What a graceful posture, she is the most beautiful clan flower among the pig monsters, Lao Jia is obviously a little excited, his pale face is almost swollen from holding back, while talking, the beauty fell because of a spinning top and fell to the ground, Xu Xiaoyao silently I chose to be silent, but Lao Jia on the side clapped his hands excitedly and said, look, even the wrestling is so fresh and refined, I have decided that in this life, she will not marry, little brother, please help me, if I can tie the knot with her I must offer you a big gift to thank you for your kindness and great virtue Xu Xiaoyao silently wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, thinking that anyway, the world outlook and outlook on life have already collapsed three days ago. Well, maybe it will work, well, let me give it a try, as for whether it will work or not, it depends on God’s arrangement Before the company fired him, Xu Xiaoyao was the youngest and most promising host of a variety show in Haidu City. Lao Jia nodded and said, I know it’s just a matter of human effort. Just waiting for the good news from the little brother, Lao Jia smiled and cupped his hands, then turned around full of anticipation, and disappeared in front of Xu Xiaoyao’s eyes in a puff of smoke. That coquettish and elegant way of leaving made Xu Xiaoyao envious of Lao Jia for a while.
After leaving, Xu Xiaoyao squatted on the cliff and looked at Zhu Sanniang who was still dancing in the valley like a crazy dance, and suddenly fell into distress.
It’s a long story, Xu Xiaoyao was at the peak of his life Accompanied by a beautiful woman is a host of a variety show that has always ranked among the top ratings, so in Haidu City, he is considered a celebrity.
I dare not say that I will be rushed by fans when I go out, but it is commonplace to be asked for an autograph and a group photo.
When Xu Xiaoyao came back from a business trip, he ran into his girlfriend and the young master of the TV station having sex at home. Xu Xiaoyao was so angry that his soul was about to come out of his sheath, so he blocked that scum in the room without saying a word and beat him up. If the neighbor next door didn’t find out in time, this scumbag would at least end up with a third-level disability Three or five strong men are not his The opponent’s beating was quite relieved, but trouble soon came to the door. It is reasonable to say that Xu Xiaoyao is the victim in this matter. It is so sad to wear a green hat for nothing, but the bloody reality tells Xu Xiaoyao that no matter how tall and mighty you are, how versatile you are.
How handsome and unrestrained, how sunny and motivated you are after all, you are not the opponent of those rich second-generation officials who were born with a golden key in your mouth The TV station accused him of misappropriating the public funds of the column without permission.
He has a problem with his personal style.
He has contacts with many women and has a split personality. There is such a mountain of evidence that Xu Xiaoyao unexpectedly did not choose to defend himself. He just sat quietly and listened to Lin Yan slandering him with deliberately fabricated lies. Fortunately, his appearance is not outstanding enough, or he is not serious enough to be responsible for his feelings. Xu Xiaoyao left the TV station with deep disappointment and a devastated heart.
Three days later, he received a message. With a light smile, at this moment, he finally understood what kind of vows and sweet words can’t match the temptation of power and money. This is the true portrayal of this society. The people with few good things came to surround Xu Xiaoyao like a mouse crossing the street, being chased and blocked, so he was so embarrassed that he took his bag and fled into the deep mountains more than 100 kilometers away from Haidu City for a quiet tour. The donkey friends who are playing in the mountains relax and think about the future way out by the way. Xu Xiaoyao drove into a place called the Valley of Lost Souls by the donkey friends. Once you enter this place, you will lose your way.
Even the most advanced electronic equipment Everything will fail in this place, so I don’t know how many people have been missing for decades. Over time, it has become a taboo place, people can talk about it, Xu Xiaoyao has nothing to worry about, anyway, he already has nothing. The valley found that the scenery of this place is actually very good.
There are beautiful mountains, clear waters, singing birds and fragrant flowers. There is also a stream trickling through. The water inside is crystal clear. I took a mouthful of it with my hands and put it in my mouth. Suddenly, a sweetness rushed to my throat, which made me feel refreshed. Xu Xiaoyao found a grass to sit.
After getting down, take out the wine, meat, vegetables and fruits prepared in advance, and prepare to get drunk.
The outrageous thing happened after Xu Xiaoyao got drunk.
He only remembered that a little old man came out of nowhere and insisted on getting close to him.