Hey Brother Baishun what are you talking about Aunt Fen pointed to the old lady who had her eyes closed her mind was weak her

Boy, why do you think you can’t think about it at a young age? Open your eyes and see an old man in his sixties standing in front of him, trying to get up, but he can’t use the strength.
Although he doesn’t know what happened, the old man in front of him obviously has something for him. Instinctively saving my life, I said in an angry voice, I have caused you trouble, you child, why are you being so polite, why can’t we help him? The only thing that can move He Ping’s whole body is his eyes. There is a hall box next to the wall.
There is a portrait of Taizu on the wall. On the right side of the kang there is an Eight Immortals table with two stools.
It should be a dining table for eating. This house is old. The hall box has not been seen for many years. When I came to the farm for sightseeing, I got off the car and saw such an old house. Is there such a poor family in the village? An old woman came into the house with a bowl and came to drink a bowl of ginger soup to drive away the cold.
He Ping lived in the old man’s house.
With help, he drank the ginger soup and warmed his stomach. He Ping couldn’t help squinting his eyes, young man, which brigade are you an educated youth? People saw He Ping lay down next to the captain’s ear with a dull face and whispered that the young man in charge is not a fool, right? I have never seen such a spirited idiot, young man, do you still remember where you came from as an educated youth? This is definitely not Hantun. Hantun has developed rural tourism ten years ago.
The living conditions and economic income of the residents have reached the per capita level of the city.
How could there be people wearing old cotton jackets and living in such a dilapidated old bungalow? My wife went to Hantun for a trip and accidentally fell into the water while on a cruise in the reservoir. Seeing the surrounding environment, it didn’t look like a year. Talk less and find out the situation first, and then the old man will not speak when he sees He Ping, he just thinks that he has been hit too hard and should come over to send him to the commune when there is no time What a great labor, how can I give it to the commune for nothing? He said to his wife, I will go to work first.
You can watch him at home today. You don’t need to go to work. It was cold in the morning when the kang was heated for cooking and laying down was very comfortable. Seeing that He Ping was fine, my wife went to work in the yard. After a while, some middle-aged and middle-aged children who watched the excitement ran into the yard and woke up. Looking into the room at the door, grinning and biting his ears, a bold boy asked Uncle He Ping, are you an educated youth? After a while, He Ping began to ask questions in a hurry, but he couldn’t answer the words, but it was good. He Ping understood the situation in a few words.
As expected, he was in a middle-aged At this time, Han Tun is still called Han Tun Production Brigade and He Ping is talking to an old man called Han Yugang, the team leader and branch secretary of Han Tun. The people who rescued him are two brothers, one is Han Zhaojun and the other is Han Zhaoshe. Sigh what the hell is going on? I haven’t been born in 2010. Why did I cross over when I fell into the water? This time travel was 40 years ago. You should know that the spring breeze of reform in 2010 hasn’t blown to Liao Province yet. At this time, Liao Province The countryside is not as comfortable as the life of the later generations.
He Ping’s hometown is the countryside. He knows the countryside too well, let alone the countryside.
Even the city has no rich materials in the year. He Ping wanted to die in a remote rural village, thinking of his 20-year mortgage, thinking of his virtuous wife, thinking of that cute four-cornered gold swallowing beast, why is he still a little happy? He Ping gave himself a hard mouth you It’s really not a thing, but now everything is gone. He Ping looked at the earthen walls covered with newspapers and fell into despair. Before dinner, the old captain came back. The place is full of sadness and despair, and the old captain sighed.
He just regarded it as another educated youth who was desperate for life and family affection. He has heard and seen too many such examples over the years. The room in the northeast is called the outer room, which is also the entrance. In the middle, the old couple and the granddaughter live together. The east one is the room where the youngest son and daughter-in-law live.
There is a door between the two rooms.
The old captain arranged for He Ping and the old couple.
Sleeping in one room, my granddaughter and parents slept in one room. In the early spring, it was dark before five o’clock. Before dinner, the captain’s wife turned the light on.
When He Ping was very young, this kind of light was lit at home, called an incandescent lamp, but it emitted light. The light is dim.
In this era, there are no entertainment activities. After dinner, except for the couple who made villains, they just played tricks.
After a while, the old captain made a fuss and turned off the lights.
In this era, it is a luxury to turn on the lights. After all, many places are not connected to electricity.
Han Tun The conditions are already relatively good.
Lying on the kang, the house is pitch black inside and out.
He Ping’s heart is full of fear and uneasiness about the unknown and unfamiliar. The family life in the countryside is not easy, but he is now a black family, this age is not like the future generations