Hes so hateful Kacha Guo Yangxiang squeezed the bones in his hands and rattled him He stared angrily at Guo Haiyang Guo Haiyang shook his

Chapter 1 Guo Haiyang, who woke up with the wind, opened his eyes and saw that he was in a very spacious and gorgeous room. Guo Haiyang only remembered that he went to play and found a hidden cave, so he went in. Guo Haiyang saw that a computer-like computer was embedded in the mountain wall.
He couldn’t help but press it with his hands. After hearing the sound of the host’s binding, he was sucked in by a powerful vortex. A resentment that didn’t want to die attracted Guo Haiyang.
He never expected to see a corpse. A corpse looks exactly the same as Guo Haiyang. After scanning the corpse through the system, it turns out that the name of the deceased is also Guo Haiyang.
With the help of the system, Guo Haiyang has completely inherited the memory of Guo Haiyang from this different world and has all the skills, but then Guo Haiyang passed out. I don’t remember anything. It was the voice of the system that brought Guo Haiyang back from his memories.
Today, the host is specially rewarded with a Shunfeng ear, which can only be used ten times.
Guo Haiyang was stunned. It’s time for him to figure out what kind of environment he is in, how to use Shunfeng Ear, just think about where it is, then you can listen to it, it’s very easy to use, first of all, you need to know who the owner of this house is After listening to Guo Haiyang with Shunfeng ears, he found out that this is the palace of the Hanzhong king. The Hanzhong king is Guo Haiyang’s father. The pride in my heart, wow, it seems that I have traveled well this time, and now I have become a prince. From now on, I will live a happy life surrounded by beauties without shame. Guo Haiyang is looking forward to the beautiful days in the future. Happiness will soon be broken, he heard. It is the words of Xun Yong, the counselor of the King of Hanzhong. The prince’s subordinates think that more people should be sent to protect the son.
The emperor has always refused to make the little prince his son. I am afraid that there will be killers trying to kill the little prince. Guo Haiyang will be expelled.
Hearing what kind of king’s son, he will be assassinated one after another by killers. Doesn’t this mean that the court is nothing? Next, Guo Haiyang will know the reason when he hears the words of the King of Hanzhong.
Originally, the throne was my father’s.
Being robbed by shameless people is persecuting me again and again. My three princes are all at the hands of a faint king.
He just wants to kill me.
I must protect Yang’er. He is the last of this king. When Guo Haiyang heard this, he trembled all over.
My God, this prince can’t be regarded as a thorn in the eyes of the current emperor! One word of the emperor can make people live, and one word can make people die, even if you are a prince, there is no exception Guo Haiyang Youxi The baby is bitter, the prince is a hot potato, whoever wants it, whoever wants it, Guo Haiyang got up, so he turned the direction that Shunfenger wanted to listen to to the northeast, but he heard bursts of crying, my grapes, but the price is the same Gold I’ve painstakingly cultivated almost Lost all my family property, it seems like it’s all fruit, but it’s still going to fail in the end? How can I, Li Fengshun, be so unhappy? What did I do wrong? Every now and then a maid came in, she yelled for joy, that’s great, the son woke up, and the sound pierced everything, at the same time, the sound of the system, the Shunfeng ear was used up, and there were still nine uses left. It’s really not the time for the maid to appear.
The use is gone, and I want to listen to get more information about Li Fengshun.
Unfortunately, the most annoying thing is that the maid is still yelling.
Doesn’t this attract everyone? There will be a killer coming to patronize the sad urging the prince to hurry up, the king of Hanzhong heard his son wake up, he quickly came in, he rushed to Guo Haiyang’s side and said, Wang’er, it’s great that you woke up, scaring the father to death, Guo Haiyang didn’t even bother to take aim He doesn’t want to talk to him, you are cheap, my father doesn’t want it, it’s life-threatening, I hope you will never be born in the emperor’s house, because the emperor’s family can kill each other at any time, so Guo Haiyang feels that being a prince’s son is like a shadow. If you do it Fortunately, Guo Lianli sighed and said, my lord, my father knows that you blame me for not fulfilling my father’s responsibilities, but my father also has difficulties. Guo Haiyang felt a little sad in his heart, so he knew it.
Guo Haiyang’s memory or other skills are all attached to him, but Guo Haiyang’s consciousness can still have a little influence on Guo Haiyang. Guo Haiyang asked if grapes are expensive.
Ordinarily, he didn’t need Hanzhong King to answer, but Guo Lianli was too distressed. The son replied that yes, that’s right.
It’s very expensive because it’s from the side of the Protectorate’s Mansion. Not only is the journey far away, but it’s also very dangerous, so it’s very expensive. It can be described as the same price as gold. Even rich people dare not buy a bunch The purchase of bunches can only be bought one by one, poor people can’t eat it Thinking about grapes in my heart, the price is the same as gold, so Shunfeng’s ear heard about Li Fengshun is true Then money is the most dangerous if you are born in the emperor’s family. I don’t know when your life will be gone. If you don’t want to be the prince’s son or even the prince, you have to prepare a way out.
It’s better to be a rich merchant and rich man. Although merchants were the most looked down upon in ancient times But it’s better to live a miserable life as a commoner! Guo Haiyang smiled sadly.