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I don’t want this system Ye Tian seems to have been hit to death by Saravota, no Ye Tian was not hit to death, he was just knocked out. On the football field, a man with his nose covering his entire face stood there and explained loudly to others. I just added a little bit of confrontation.
Isn’t he training every day? I really didn’t know that he was so weak against it. Well, it’s an accident.
Assistant coach Lorenzo spoke on the sidelines and lifted him off for individual confrontation to continue. Hearing this, Saravota touched his big nose and said goodbye to Ye Tian who was being carried down on a stretcher. The Chinese boy wishes you a speedy recovery. He did it on purpose. Ransisk said softly because Ye Tian might threaten him if he joins the team, how could it be possible that he is the captain of our second-tier team and he scored a goal last season and assisted a young player like Francisk who looked shocked. You said you would be threatened by Ye Tian? It’s just a trial player.
Alfonso elbowed Francisco and said, but he is old. A newcomer to the second-tier team of the league team Taranto receives a weekly salary of Euros.
In fact, he has been expecting old people like Saravota to give up their main position in the second-tier team.
Of course, the most important thing is to give them a weekly salary. Being young is an advantage, and being young is an opportunity.
Thinking of the opportunity, he looked at Ye Tian who was receiving treatment on a stretcher beside him. Ye Tian, ​​who was the same age as Ye Tian, ​​entered the trial training in Taranto with him.
The difference was that he signed the contract within a week. Ye Tian arrived at the last day of the trial today. The team still hasn’t talked to him. Now that he’s injured, that means his chance is gone. The ball hit his feet, but he was distracted and stopped the ball.
Sisk, is that football, isn’t it a bomb? Lorenzo’s roar immediately rang out on the sidelines. Ye Tian didn’t know that he had successfully caused his teammate to make a mistake just now, and now he is lying on a stretcher, looking at the void panel host in front of him.
Ye Tian’s age, physical condition, strength, speed, agility, and current martial arts skills have no current points. Suggestions for long-term over-exercise cause many injuries to the body.
Excessive fatigue.
Practicing Tai Chi can effectively improve the head’s concussion attack. Practicing Iron Head Kungfu can effectively prevent the installation. Successfully get a free lucky draw once.
Just now when he was fighting with Saravota, Ye Tian hit his head on Saravota’s elbow, and at the same time he heard a ding, and at the same time he heard a ding.
He knew the legendary cheat Maybe when it arrived, the team doctor who helped him stop the bleeding looked at his dull eyes and thought that the child was frightened, and sighed in his heart.
The current Taranto is really no better than before.
A child who worked so hard was just like this, Ye Tian was sure. After others could not see this panel, a mechanical sound sounded abruptly. The Da Chuanwu system has been installed and activated. I will serve you wholeheartedly. Ye Tian left to see if anyone has any other reactions. It seems that there is no one except him. People can’t hear this voice, you are the system spirit, Ye Tian asked in his heart, yes, as long as you read the system silently in your heart, the legendary plug-in will appear, it has really arrived, entered the five major leagues, reached the pinnacle of life, and marrying Bai Fumei is no longer enough It’s far away, don’t talk about it in your heart. After thinking about it for a while, Ye Tian found himself a little excited and jumping for joy, but after the excitement, it was boring. What the hell is the martial arts system? My hard training and playing football should be on. What’s wrong with passing martial arts? Could it be that when you play football, you let yourself do Tai Chi push hands and blow down all eleven opponents with your breath? Are you going to bite the wrong person? From a certain point of view, it already fits Chuanwu’s spirit of repeated defeats and repeated defeats.
There is no doubt that it is you. The current system is so casual. Is the spirit you mentioned already achieved just by being alive in the world? How can you be sure? You didn’t make a mistake, and I don’t want to practice martial arts, I just want to play football. After a short silence, the voice of the system wizard sounded again, and the electronic mechanical sound actually heard fatigue. The system has been fine-tuned according to your current environment. You can Try the lottery first, if you feel dissatisfied, you can uninstall it, which is not bad Li Feidao’s Huanxi Buddha sitting meditation skill, the yin and yang double discs began to rotate, and finally stopped slowly.
When the pointer was lowered, it pointed to the twelve legs.
Tan’s leg disc turned into a golden light and rushed into Ye Tian’s chest.
For a moment, Ye Tian felt that every cell in himself was jumping with joy, and there were various kicking movements in his mind, and he Feeling that his muscles have all kinds of memories, he is very sure that as long as he wants to, he can use the twelve-way Tan legs immediately, and then look at his panel.
The host Ye Tian’s physical condition, strength, speed, agility, skills, current martial arts twelve-way The current score of the first level of Tan legs is recommended to practice health and Tai Chi. The system has been successfully bound to the host to get a free draw once. The successful binding of the system wizard means that it cannot be uninstalled, right? The system has been successfully bound and cannot be uninstalled. Famous all over the world to achieve the achievements known to all to uninstall the system system elves mechanical sound back to the state of no emotion I am very busy and do not have time to complete your tasks If your busy means playing football, you will soon be free busy talking so straight