Here it is for you Xing Dou smiled heartily we don’t lack equipment look the lowest thing on your body is the black iron weapon

Black and brown messy long hair with the vigor and shyness of a young boy.
The black and brown bangs on the forehead have a faint stroke of dark brown. Although it is a stroke, it is charming enough. The perfect hairstyle carefully made with gel is playful. There is an extra stroke on the back of the head, as if he just woke up from sleep, his hair is disheveled, his crystal-like pure black eyes are oozing out of mud and untainted temperament, so clearly docked in that clear and deep image, purifying all the noise and impetuosity The lazy breath reaches the soul, but the eyes suddenly move, and the coquettish temperament can’t help being revealed from the eyes. The thin lips, the slightly raised nose tip, the melon-seeded face with a feminine and feminine atmosphere, the perfect face matching and the black eyes all reflect extremely high Talent and Wisdom Light green base with dark green gradient simple letters White flower-reflecting stand-up collar short-sleeved pink purple flowers embellished with flower-like seasons Flower-like teenagers gradually change from light green to dark green with a strong youthful and vigorous atmosphere Trousers are slightly rolled Pairing it with blue home casual shoes seems to be more straightforward and energetic.
Ha Xinnan yawned yesterday. He attended Tiannan University’s graduation ceremony.
He said it was a ceremony.
In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to call it the students’ autonomy.
Tiannan The university is the number one institution in the south of the Yangtze River. Being able to study in Tiannan is the glory of almost all the students in the south of the Yangtze River. Except for those who are high-ranking and powerful, only those who have special talents in certain aspects can be accepted by the tutors of Tiannan University. Xin Nan is one of the geniuses or lucky ones.
He was spotted by the instructor of the Department of Virtual Electronics. Let’s not talk about these.
Anyway, Xin Nan was exhausted last night.
As for what he did in the Internet, I don’t need it for the time being.
Let’s get to the bottom of it. The doorbell rang. Did today’s newspaper arrive or did Master Shentong send someone to consecrate it? Xinnan thought wildly and raised his hand to look at the wristband on his wrist. This is the communication that replaces mobile phones in the 21st century. Of course, I have time, and it is the early morning of July 1, 249. Good guys, this group of people muttered something early, and ran down the stairs to open the door.
His villa has five floors, and he lives on the fourth floor. But it didn’t take long to run to the first floor at his speed. After looking at Maoyan Xinnan, he didn’t find anyone.
He skillfully opened the triple lock. Is there something strange? I looked back and looked at the room, and no one took the opportunity to rush in. Xinnan seemed to see his mailbox being opened in his confused eyes.
Xinnan put on his glasses and walked to the mailbox to see a fax. Why didn’t the fax machine at home show a fax, but instead it appeared in this place. This morning, Xinnan couldn’t help but wake up from a half-asleep state of mind. Probably the little four. When the son of the dragon reappears in the Gods and Demons Continent, the vampire family blood demon will be resurrected in the cross coffin.
The female mage who mastered alchemy and the female knight who guarded the sky are still guarding the big Lu’s righteous marksman and druid Xian Yu and poetry dancer Burst Boxer and Holy Spirit Priest Berserker Assassin Musketeer Land Ranger The splendor of the Gods and Demons continent thousands of years ago will also reappear in the current world of Gods and Demons to celebrities Candidate Zhou Xinnan lightly read out the few words on the fax, but Xinnan was stunned. The Hall of Fame is the dream of every Chinese professional game player.
To enter that place represents your reputation in the Chinese game industry.
The high position is almost everyone’s dream position.
The full name means Huaxia Game Alliance, which is an organization of the same nature as the abbreviated League of Heroes and the abbreviated Stone Heart Rose. Both belong to the virtual electronics industry that is approved by the state and strongly supports its development. That is to say, the Hall of Fame of the Department of Virtual Electronics that Xinnan studied refers to players within the ranking, but Xinnan was selected as a candidate from among the billions of Chinese players. What did it matter? If I didn’t guess wrong, then other students from the Department of Virtual Electronics who graduated from Tiannan University with excellent grades must also be candidates.
It’s a pity that Xinnan didn’t memorize the rules of death of virtual electronics in college. The operation skills are almost close to the rookie level, yes, it is lower than the rookie, but every time the micro-manipulation exam is without exception, Xinnan barely gets a pass and fails to fail. Fortunately, Xinnan did not work hard in every game. It’s not difficult to explain why Xinnan’s game micro-management is so messy.
In addition, Xinnan also found a wristband with exquisite workmanship in the mailbox.
It was put in the mailbox together with the fax.
The crystal-clear wristband has two strong and powerful characters at the very conspicuous junction of the wristband. The color of the two characters is wrapped by dark red and golden yellow flames as the outer circle, revealing a touch of classical European magic. In comparison, this is game equipment. In the middle of the 21st century, the virtual electronics industry reached a peak.
Virtual reality online games also appeared.
Although the temptation of games is very strong, the price of game equipment has also become more and more expensive.
Of course, the poor also have them. Although the level of fidelity of a professional game helmet is not very high, it is better than Wushenmo. It is the most realistic game company today.
The introduction of the company mastermind and so on is omitted.
All in all, the game equipment of this game is worth thousands of dollars, let alone the game helmet.
The exquisite wristband in Xinnan’s hand can be seen by any fool. It is priceless. Xinnan immediately copied all his original address book and the like to this new wristband, and at the same time plucked an eyebrow and put it in the binding groove.
In an instant, Xinnan’s binding was completed, and there was an instruction booklet on the back of the fax