Here came Cui Jinxiu’s angry shout Cui Zhenshi couldn’t help crying for a moment what are you doing you’re out of your mind Jiang Chu

The doomsday crisis and biochemistry came. When Jiang Chu saw Uncle Walking the Bird using military knuckles to confront zombies, the square dancing lady skillfully used it. He found that the world was far from simple. So Jiang Chu picked up the familiar sniper rifle. Chapter 1 The World of All People Are Soldiers Who am I? Are they filming a disaster movie? Jiang Chu couldn’t help asking his soul three times because the scene in front of him didn’t refresh his three views, but completely blew his three views.
He sat on a bench in the park with his feet The green grass is like a field of flowers, the fresh blood is dripping, the veins are exposed, the blood-red human beings are staring at a pair of big eyes, and they are crazily biting others. Those who were bitten by them fell to the ground and twitched desperately.
I saw a row of long red stripes appearing on the foreheads of these people. The red stripes were shortening at an alarming speed.
When the red stripes disappeared, the people who were bitten seemed to be dead, but after a while, all the blood vessels in their bodies protruded.
When it came out, it turned blood red, and the whole body immediately turned red. The man let out a strange cry, and he opened his eyes suddenly, like the person who bit him just now. Generally, he rushed to the uncle who was walking the bird with a bird cage. Be careful, this thing is a zombie. Jiang Chu yelled. He thought it was a dream.
Jiang Chu is a professional gunfight game anchor.
I have, but I have never dreamed of zombies in my dreams.
Jiang Chu reminded the bird walker to put the bird cage on the ground when he saw the zombies.
Just when Jiang Chu thought that the uncle wanted to oil the soles of his feet, he found that the tiger’s body was shocked and drank. With a sound, he rushed towards the zombie while the breeze was blowing.
The pimple on the uncle’s chest was buckled open, revealing his strong pectoralis major.
Are you the younger brother of Guixianren? Jiang Chu only felt that his three views were shattered.
Is it a dream? This dream is too funny. This uncle is good at his skills.
I saw that the uncle is very skillful. The moment he got close to the zombie, there was a cold light in his hands. A pair of knuckles were exposed, and the sharp points suddenly pierced through it. With the blood splashing through the zombie’s head, the blood strips on the top of the zombie’s head disappeared in an instant, and the whole body was limp on the ground. Uncle Jiang Chu couldn’t laugh or cry. He was already looking for the photography team. The props team is also good. The martial arts team has better skills. Look at this The picture is so realistic, Kobe is much better than the domestically made Wumao special effects, it’s just that the plot is such a good prop group, the martial arts group is delayed by the brain-dead screenwriter and the bad director, but what’s even more outrageous is still behind. Jiang Chu saw a big tree across the road An aunt under the tree quickly ran to the side of a radio on the ground and quickly pressed the pause button. The joyful and festive music stopped abruptly.
The aunt instantly turned into a tough charter woman, picked it up from her waist, and directed towards the oncoming zombies.
Accurate shooting to the death of the old lady, the zombies were beaten to the ground, and died on the spot, it depends on whether you dare to be more realistic Suddenly, a zombie ran behind him before he could react, and bit him hard on the shoulder! Although Jiang Chu is a pure man who bleeds and does not shed tears, this bite really hurts him. Couldn’t help crying out, isn’t this a dream? Jiang Chu was in unbearable pain and tried to use his consciousness to wake himself up, but he couldn’t do it at all. The system reminded you that you were attacked by a red corpse and lost some blood every two seconds until you died. Please immediately Using the anti-venom serum, Jiang Chu was in a state of confusion.
He recklessly rewarded the other party with an iron elbow and ran away. My son is the daughter of a daughter.
I just got bitten by a zombie when I was reborn. Maybe the protagonist of that book is about to hang up.
It’s not so sad, okay? Even his body is numb.
What’s more terrible is that there seems to be an illusion in front of his eyes.
Something similar to a character panel pops up.
Name Jiang Chu Camp Qianlong Military position No rank No physique Wisdom Comprehensive combat power Awesome rebirth or a tie The traditional rebirth is a pity that I have no luck to endure it. Goodbye to the world. Until this moment, the unlucky male protagonist still doesn’t believe that he was reborn, but it’s just a dream. It’s all right. Wake up, take a shower, take a day off tomorrow, no live broadcast, and then listen to the old man If mom wants to go on a blind date