Her long golden hair makes her full of youthful provocative large size The earrings give her a wild look and she looks straight at Luo

A quarter of the earth’s surface is land and three quarters are oceans, so there are countless beautiful sandy beaches on the edge of the land. At this time, the sandy beach where you can lie comfortably is adjacent to the northern coast of Crete, the southern tip of Greece.
The famous historic city of Heraklion, the blue water he faces is the water of the Aegean Sea.
The Aegean Sea is the birthplace of ancient European culture.
Luo Kai likes the beach.
He chooses the beach on the Aegean Sea, thinking that it is more culturally rich than the beach in Hawaii. Of course, anyone can say that the beach is different from the beach, but since Luo Kai feels different, he has his reasons, maybe it’s part of his stubborn character, when the little crab crawled to his knees, suddenly I slipped and fell, and then hurriedly crawled away on the fine sand. There were some laughing voices nearby. The sound of the sea tide was heard. I raised my eyelids slightly, and I could see seabirds with white feathers on the turquoise sea water at ease. Gliding, everything is so peaceful and leisurely, all the disputes in the world seem to be insulated from this place, but disputes are always inevitable The greek is clearly a man and a girl The girl is shouting I was the first to find the boy, but I ran faster than you, the girl I picked up first should go to the first to find it Boy is no boy Apparently speaking, she was running towards the direction where Luo Kai was lying. The girl yelled and chased Luo Kai, her eyes widened, and she saw a twelve or twelve-year-old boy holding a blue light that shone dazzlingly in the sun. The glass bottle is running in front and behind, a girl of about the same age is chasing the boy, with an unreasonable look on her face and also expressing her superiority, Luo Kai doesn’t like men very much.
It is Luo Kai’s point of view that he has always insisted on showing himself superior to women in front of him, and he thinks that men should accept this concept from childhood.
It is too late like this boy, so he suddenly had a childlike innocence and wanted to teach that boy a lesson. When running past not far in front of him, he picked up a small stone in the sand, flicked his finger, and shot the small stone towards the boy’s leg. Of course, he would not use too much force.
If he With sufficient strength, a 70-kilogram man can be just like the boy. The small stone hit the boy’s leg, and the boy rushed forward without taking a step forward.
He threw it towards Luo Kai and rolled straight over. Luo Kai slightly stretched out his feet and pressed the bottle under his heels. At this moment, the small dispute on the beach turned from words to actions.
The girl caught up and threw herself on the boy. The two scolded and wrestled with each other, but suddenly everything fell silent again. The two children who had been fighting in a ball suddenly stopped together and looked at each other in a very strange way. The girl’s bathing suit was torn, and some parts were half-exposed, her breasts, which had begun to develop and swell, the boy’s eyes gradually moved to the flushed nipples. Got up and chased after them, and in a blink of an eye, the two of them were submerged in the blue waves. They didn’t remember why they had an argument just now. This small accident made Luo Kai look very engrossed.
The two children were naturally scuffling childishly. Half-adults discovered that the other person’s body is different from their own, and they stopped feeling the wonderful difference between males and females, and then the feeling was so wonderful that they explored it all their lives, and naturally they would never remember it again. Why did they quarrel? Luo Kai can also think that what caused their quarrel must be the bottle. The sea water brought a bottle to the beach.
It seems that neither of them will regret this quarrel, because this quarrel is the first time for them to have such a close contact with the body of the opposite sex, and they have that wonderful feeling. Luo Kai even feels that the surroundings are full of sweet and romantic atmosphere because of this little thing. He wished he wasn’t alone at this moment but that there was a lovely opposite sex lying beside him and cuddling with him and he closed his eyes Who would he choose if this happened? If an angel was there, of course it would be an angel But now it’s Dinah or Kayaluo sighed and thought to himself, it seems that he is not a person with a single-mindedness. At this time, it is difficult for him to decide who to choose to lie beside him, even though his eyes are closed, even though he is so careful.
There was no sound at all when walking on the slippery beach, but Luo Kai could still feel that someone was approaching him and that person stopped beside him.
Luo Kai even knew that person stopped beside him by his sixth sense. The person in question is a woman. Luo Kai knows that his body that has been exercised is enough to attract the admiration of the opposite sex, but it is not very comfortable to be stared at at such a close distance, so he slowly opened his eyes.
It was a pair of extremely graceful calf lines stained with fine sand grains and light brown, which proved that his sixth sense did not deceive him, and then he saw the same beautiful and strong thighs with the same skin color at the end of those thighs in aqua blue Under the cover of the black swimsuit is an extremely seductive bulge. As soon as Luo Kai’s eyes touched that part, he couldn’t help but feel a little heartbeat. He felt that it would be very impolite to stare at that part, so he hurriedly moved his gaze up to that part. It is visually giving people a soft and confusing waist