Her gaze Glancing at the meat tickets on the big basket on the backs of the two bald men it wasn’t this day last month

It is rumored that Tiangong will be held for a hundred years, and the Pantao Festival will be held as scheduled. It is rumored that the gate of ghosts will change, and the scale of ghosts and night walks may be far greater than previous years.
Showed up, Enen Xiaoyu, why did you let go? Su Can escaped from Dong Xiaoyu’s clutches, rubbed his ears, Dong Xiaoyu put his hands down and asked calmly, did you insist on pulling me to play this game? Did you just ignore it? I, Su Can, saw that this was going to blow up and quickly explained that these rumored missions are all series of missions. The first step is the rumored key.
I have never heard of what it is, and these broken missions have a time limit.
If the mission fails, you will be directly downgraded and punished. As for me Why do you know mission punishment? That’s a pretty sad story. Dong Xiaoyu raised his hand to interrupt. I don’t want to know that story is all nonsense.
We’ve been standing here for half an hour. I want to know where we’re going next, Su Can learns. Dong Xiaoyu raised his hand and asked with a smile, monkey or deer, do you choose monkey? Received a system notification that he had accepted the task.
The disruptive hozen was on his way, bored. Su Can wanted to chat casually, but Dong Xiaoyu was still sulking and ignored him at all. Su Can He was very good at chatting, so he continued on his own. Have you heard the rumor about the birth of Sunco? The birth of Sunco was because of a joke or a joke that appeared on the player forum. In just three months, Sencor established the Thought Sensor, and its slogan was “Sleeping the body, thinking forever”. In the press conference, they said that they would use thinking games as a starting point to create high-quality and original action games, adventure games, role-playing games, simulation games, shooting games, strategy games, card games, and not only thinking games. The old players rejoiced and attracted the attention of new players.
Later, some games with high ratings in history were introduced. After these games were presented as thinking games, some of them were successful and some were beyond recognition.
The popularity gradually increased, and then the film and television works with the above labels were introduced to play an important role in them.
Going from the plot to playing the characters in it, changing the plot, and then creating the characters, creating the plot, creating a strong response, and the topic is getting higher and higher, and then introducing animation and manga literature works with the above tags, and then not limited to the tags, introducing suitable games, film and television literature works.
Although I can’t find any related videos now, it is said that the first generation of thinking sensors can’t adjust the five senses of pain, touch, taste, vision, etc. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I don’t know, Xiaoyu, have you paid attention to the 3rd anniversary celebration of the thinking sensor? The thinking sensor didn’t appear as expected. The third generation of Senko still focuses on the game.
I’ve roughly finished reading it. Third Anniversary Thinking games during the celebration. Simulation games are almost banned by some light and shadow worlds.
Card games, except for the early games, are running well. There are few new games.
The reason is that the elements of cards began to appear in other games. This is a new game, while other types of games can be said to be full of flowers because of their confrontation and social life. It’s the third anniversary of Chan’s playing now. That card game “Three Realms Records” appeared. Every card has its own story.
The most conspicuous place is that there are basic missions refreshed after the level is upgraded, mission requirements, mission locations, and mission rewards are all given accurately, and there are gossip and incomplete clues, just a few words. The three types of randomly refreshed mission mission location mission triggers and mission rewards The most frustrating thing about giving a job is that you can only see the rewards in just a few words, but you don’t know other information. You can only guess blindly and blindly. Quality Cards of five qualities can be found in the card book in the game, but in the unlit state, there are knowledge tasks accepted by certain dropped items in the game. This kind of special task task rewards that are independent of the knowledge record are mostly some Rare objects, including cards, will be transformed into cards under certain conditions.
Card collection.
Each player’s card collection will be independent and unique. It is said that subsequent players can learn card making abilities and can also use some Non-rare items are transformed into cards and included in the card collection.
Uncle Dang Long live.
The level-related basic task rewards are naturally basic quality cards, but there are occupational basic task rewards. Although it seems like a nonsense, the priority of occupational bases At present, these basic missions are very short and the mission difficulty is not high Bright eyes and full moon hanging in the sky Masked creature Human warrior quality Basic identity title Golden toad attribute bonus Strength sensitivity feature Bounty When defeating an enemy target, you will definitely get a monetary reward Chance to get mana jade skill January Tower skill 2 Prey skill activation cost Mana activation interval 10 minutes Description Lives because of you, dies because of you Warm reminder that when the bounty creature completes the final blow, it triggers Golden Toad