Helping her but she fell in love with my good skin Cheng Jingjing was speechless Ye Buchen laughed hahaha its a woman he fell in

No, it was his mother who ran for his life with the ball, and he was the ball in his mother’s stomach His mother called him Xiaobai, his full name should be Ye Xiaobai, it can’t be Ye Xiaobai in his mother’s womb, he can You can feel the light and darkness, and you can hear the voices outside Xiaobai heard someone call his mother’s name Jun Qiangwei Qiangwei Qiangwei, this name is very good, he likes it very much, as the name suggests, his mother should be a super big boss, just at the beginning of last month, he was in the womb It was the first time in my life that I rolled over and kicked my legs at random.
It was really just a random stretch. It actually made a few young ladies scream.
These superficial little flirts are so cute. Their hands are light and soft, making him feel sleepy. From that day on, as long as he is in a good mood, he can make the ladies giggle every day with these cute and gentle girls.
The young lady playing the game of stretching ya is his first memory. Qiangwei said that these young ladies are all her dowry maids.
Give it to him, but he is not sure whether to choose one of them or marry them all. In case of the latter, Ye Xiaobai felt the difficulty of being a filial son in the womb.
A wife with three babies and two dogs can’t hold back Qiangwei, who is so confident that her son is number one in the world. If the latter is true, he will definitely persuade his mother that a couple is the happiest marriage model.
To him, he will only marry the one he loves the most. It is impossible for every woman to be happy with the rain and dew.
The ten fingers stretch out, and there are lengths and shorts.
Besides, if women are troubled, there will be no peace in the house. Ye Xiaobai hasn’t yet. Thinking about how to persuade Qiangwei when he grows up, he only intends to marry a wife, but his mother took him to the temple day and night to escape. Counting the time, Qiangwei has already fled for three days and three nights.
The little sisters who touched his girl every day disappeared after saying a few words to her mother two days ago, and his legendary father, the swordsmith Ye Buchen, has not shown up until now. Ye Buchen knew it from the name If it doesn’t work, then it won’t work, what to do, if it doesn’t work, it won’t work, then it won’t work, so why don’t you abandon your wife and children? You must give a bad review. If he dares not show up, he will post a picture and add a bad review.
If you want to recognize him as a son, you must first go to the crematorium to chase his wife and then evaluate him. Of course, the most important thing is to see Qiangwei’s opinion. If his mother’s old love is hard to let go, Ye Xiaobai doesn’t mind forgiving his father. Once in his thoughts, he felt Qiangwei tightening the bandage around his waist so that he was completely strangled. Unable to move, Jun Qiangwei tied her stomach and took out a bottle of stamina supplement from the ring, drank it quickly and continued to flee towards the temple. When she left Ye’s house, her dowry maids were wearing her fine clothes and led them in all directions.
Those two thieves of hers have passed for two whole days, and none of the maidservants used the sound transmission stone to repay her peace, Jun Qiangwei’s heart seemed to fall into the Bingjiao has no time to grieve, every breath is given to her by their lives, she uses her spiritual power to gallop towards the temple, mother and child connect heart Xiaobai can feel that the spiritual power in the mother’s body is running low, he really wants to do something for Qiangwei Still in the womb, there is nothing he can do. The only thing he can do is to keep quiet and not let Qiangwei get distracted by the fetal movement on the way to escape.
Soon Xiaobai feels Qiangwei’s heartbeat is getting faster and faster, even with his heartbeat. Get up now, Jun Qiangwei has been injured in many places and has lost a lot of blood. Even drinking bottle after bottle of supplements can’t restore her physical strength in a short period of time.
In front of the strong man in the blue realm, he is also like the ant king. Rose has no way to retreat. One foot is already standing on the edge of the cliff, and there is no way out. There is a strong enemy in front of her. The man and woman opposite her insist on killing her besides winning the treasure. That’s it.
Die? Not reconciled to the man’s voice, arrogant and indifferent, hand over the nine-turn Linglong lock, and leave your body behind. Submitting is impossible, I’d rather die than die, and have someone do my best to use up the remaining spiritual power to protect my stomach Jun Qiangwei jumped off the cliff hundreds of meters behind him Xiaobai felt that he was falling faster and faster with the mighty power The faster the crashing sound, his mother kept her belly up and landed on her back to minimize the damage to him.
Even so, Ye Xiaobai was in pain from the huge earthquake. A lot of fermented corruption accumulated at the bottom of the cliff.
Years and years, layer by layer, when falling from a height of hundreds of feet, the impact force of the acceleration of gravity is too great. Jun Qiangwei’s tendons and veins have been broken and she has lost her vitality. If it weren’t for these rotten objects as a buffer, even the corpse would be torn apart and the bottom of the cliff would be pitch black. Xiaobai can’t feel the light, but he can feel that his mother’s heartbeat has stopped suddenly.
He has lost the nutrient supply from his mother’s body and is expected to die soon.
The pain in his body and the despair of waiting for death make Ye Xiaobai angry and unwilling.
I haven’t smelled the fragrance of flowers, I haven’t felt the wind, rain, and dew. I haven’t let the ladies hug each other. I haven’t seen how his father chases his wife at the crematorium. I haven’t touched the mighty long hair.
Succeed Ye Xiaobai’s sea of ​​consciousness is suddenly flooded with a lot of information, but he can understand everything in a breath If you don’t activate it, his mother will be immortal. Just now, Xiaobai’s sea of ​​consciousness showed the sign-in system and the information of the Holy Light Glazed Body system.