Hei Xin hadn’t arrived at the place halfway the phone rang picked it up and saw it was from a group or an acquaintance why

There is a super small store opened in the community. The products here have never had any false promotional badges. The strongest supermarket system. As a fresh graduate, Shen Yi is very distressed. It’s true that he graduated, but looking for a job has replaced his hard work. It has become the top priority, but as a graduate, he is still studying biotechnology, which is basically a dead end for Shen Yi in society. However, he finally found a job, and Shen Yi was furious because of his boss’s making things difficult. I resigned from my job and now it’s so good. I had no choice but to set up a shop half a month ago and start a small business. It is said that people in Zhejiang and Fujian like to open supermarkets, and many of them are big and powerful.
Shen Yi also hopes that one day he can be like others without asking for much wealth, at least he can cover himself, but they open a supermarket, so Shen Yi can say that the shop is actually only 8,000 yuan.
The size is about the size of a sentry box in a guard room. Otherwise, you can’t get it for 8,000 yuan. The only advantage may be that Shen Yi lives in this community. However, within half a month, Shen Yi realized that he had sold three bags of salt, five barrels of instant noodles, six packs of spicy sticks, and four bottles of mineral water. Not being able to earn it made Shen Yi feel a little bit regretful.
Just knowing how difficult it is to be envious of others, he knew how difficult it was when he started.
Shen Yi, who has done a lot of work, was completely shattered by reality.
His previous dream of becoming bigger in one year, stronger in two years and stronger in three years, the chain has all turned into a full meal.
Don’t starve to death. Sell out the things left by the previous family and transfer the canteen out. He thought it was good before.
He always thought that it would be easy to do business in the community, but he forgot that these days, everyone likes to be tall, unless necessary, and everyone goes to the supermarket, especially Shen Yi’s community, which is barely considered high-end. It’s because the children in the community have been told by their parents that they can’t buy things from the canteen.
The origin is unknown, it’s unsafe and hygienic.
Well, the few packs of spicy strips that were sold were bought by children secretly.
Let Shen Yi completely feel ashamed of the supermarket industry.
Of course, although his small store is not even a supermarket, the space is too small.
People can’t even enter the door when they buy something.
What others want, Shen Yi took it out and handed it to others. At this moment, Shen Yi was sitting there bored and playing with his mobile phone. After putting down his mobile phone, he looked at the rising sun and couldn’t help but said depressedly, God, when will my business improve? Letting out an unyielding cry, Shen Yi could only sigh in a low voice and continue playing with his mobile phone. Originally, Shen Yi planned to earn money to replace this broken mobile phone. Now, I’m afraid it will continue like this. This mobile phone is not exchanged but sold.
There is no way to eat in the canteen except for instant noodles, which are spicy sticks and the quantity is limited. If you have no money, you can’t sell things. If you don’t sell mobile phones, what do you eat? Just these three boxes of instant noodles in just half a month. After time, Shen Yi ate half of it, but at this moment, a voice sounded in his mind, establishing connection, binding host, binding, binding completed, testing machine, hello, no response, fusion completed, Shen Yi was taken aback.
I don’t understand how these things appeared in his mind, but what made him even more frightened was a voice suddenly came from his mind, host, hello, I am the strongest supermarket system, and I will serve you from now on.
What the hell? Shen Yi exclaimed the system The voice came again, I am not a ghost, I am the strongest supermarket system, aiming to build the strongest, largest and most terrifying supermarket system for the host, so that the host’s business will be louder and the products will be glorious and glorious to the world, Shen Yi listened to the voice of the system and asked doubtfully Are you saying that you are a system that helps me do business? You can put it this way. Shen Yi tentatively asked, how can you help me? It is difficult for ordinary commodities to stand out from the crowd in thousands of supermarkets, small shops, etc. The system aims to make the host’s store bigger and stronger.
To achieve the goal, the system will temporarily provide the host with product enhancements and upgrades.
The aim is to allow the host to sell the same product at different prices. The most outstanding effect, Shen Yi, has finally figured it out. The emotional system can help me make my products better.
However, after selling them, Shen Yi is delighted. I have always felt that the business of my store is not good because of the scale, but the competitiveness of the products and core value. Now that there is a system, wouldn’t it be all right? Solved, Shen Yi hurriedly asked the system, can you provide me with unique products now? The system explained to Shen Yi that the current host store belongs to the lowest-level opened daily chemical products.
In the future, the system will provide a random enhancement day every three days. Chemical products are limited to ten pieces at a time, and other products are gradually released later. Shen Yi figured out his feelings. Even with the system, what he sells is still the same, but the system will randomly strengthen the daily chemical products in his small shop. It’s just one piece, and it’s ten pieces every three days, which made Shen Yi a little depressed. He thought the system would provide some shocking products, but it was still these for a long time, but Shen Yi quickly asked if the enhanced products have any effect on the system. The answer made Shen Yi even more depressed. Now there is a chance to strengthen the product. Please check it again after you strengthen it. After hearing the answer from the system, Shen Yi thought about it, isn’t it something that can be strengthened once? Toothpaste A few toothbrushes A few pieces of soap Three bottles of shower gel Two bottles of shampoo Towels