Hehehe Bai Ze drank the whole time The altars Rijing wine is already drunk and cant tell the difference between east west north east west

There is a saying in the heavens that the cycle of vicissitudes of life means that when the vicissitudes of life become mulberry fields or the mulberry fields become vicissitudes of life, a cycle of reincarnation will occur in the heavenly world Bai Ze wakes up and finds that the gods have become children Jade Emperor Bai Ze, open a kindergarten, Bai Ze Zesha is Tianzun FuliContent TagsSpiritual gods and monstersHeaven’s favored sonSweet textThe main character Bai ZeFuliSupporting roleJade EmperorLi JingNezha and other sweetChapter 1Tianzun TianjieThere is a saying that the vicissitudes of the sea turn into mulberry fields or There will be a big change between the sea and the world. The Cangze Mountain on the coast of the East China Sea is filled with clouds and mist all the year round. The verdant pines and cypresses are full of vitality. It is said that this is the habitat of the ancient god and beast Baize.
The auspicious light covers hundreds of miles. Students rushing for exams and even hawkers will come here to worship, hoping to get some auspiciousness. Another year is a new year.
Winter is about to pass.
Spring has not yet arrived. The New Year has ushered in the mortal world.
Good dream Bai Ze woke up from a deep sleep and felt his ears were cool. He stretched out his paws and wanted to scratch them, but found that the paws were so light that he couldn’t use his strength. He opened his misty eyes and wanted to see the sky, but there was a row of cyan sea shrimps in front of him.
Swimming across the shallow water lines in front of him, a sea prawn has entered the cave, it seems that we have to clean it up, etc.
Why did the sea shrimp appear? It must be that the cave is flooded. Bai Ze woke up and found out. My whole body was soaked in the water, all the fur on my body was soaked, and I opened my mouth wide in surprise. The sea water gurgled into his mouth, and the bitter and salty Bai Ze quickly spit it out, got up and floated to the water surface, stepping on the clouds with four legs, Bai Ze stood firmly on the water surface and shook Flick the water beads on your body and look around. The mountains have been submerged by the sea, and only one mountain is left with a pestle in the sea, forming a three-foot-square isolated island. A stone is clearly engraved with the word Cangze. Drying the fur with magic power, Baize sticks out. One paw fished out a large shrimp in the sea and threw it into the air. The shrimp became a human figure.
It was the shrimp soldier from the Dragon Palace of the East China Sea. Shocked by the majesty of the ancient beast, the shrimp soldier trembled and immediately knelt on the surface of the sea.
Here is a high mountain, why did it suddenly become the sea? Bai Ze is the only beast that can speak human words in the shape of a beast.
The words spoken in the shape of a beast carry an everlasting desolation and enlightenment to God. This place has become After many years in the sea, the shrimp soldiers recognized it as Bai Ze, and he was a little relieved.
The location is today when the tide is high, I just poured into the water, opened my eyes and closed my eyes, it’s already a vicissitudes of life, Bai Ze felt a little emotional, but his face was full of hairs, and he couldn’t see the expression. He asked what time it is now, and the Chinese New Year is about to come Rolling his eyes, he asked how many years have passed.
What to do for the New Year? It’s time to eat some fried shrimp.
Frighteningly white, snow-white lion body and horned shrimp soldier took a peek at it tremblingly.
The mighty and wise ancient beast in legends is actually a big fur ball with horns, a bit like a cat and a bit like a fox, with a round head.
You are not wise at all, let’s go, Bai Ze kicked his ears with his hind paws to indicate that the shrimp soldiers could leave What’s more, it’s the Chinese New Year, so I have to go ask the Jade Emperor for some New Year’s rewards. Pass the thirty-three layers of floating clouds and see the ninety-nine heavens, the outer sky, the nine heavens, the palace, the ten thousand hectares, the flying eaves, the treasure house, the splendor, and the crane dancing. The flowing water under the Baiyu Bridge is no wonder that Bai Ze slept so much that he forgot the time.
The world of gods is always the same. He has slept for thousands of years, and the Heavenly Court is still the same.
Oh, long time no see, Lord Bai Ze.
Just after passing the Nantian Gate, I met two people, one tall and one short. An acquaintance, a tall fairy with crimson skin, a pair of eyes as big as a copper bell, and began to greet him from a long distance away, this person is called clairvoyant, born with supernatural powers, and has a thousand miles of vision, nothing can escape his eyes. Pu Shan is a brother born from the same root as Shunfeng, who can listen to everything, and nothing can escape his ears. Bai Ze nodded at them and didn’t want to talk to these two, but the two brothers who are naturally talkative don’t plan to let him go. I ran over and clairvoyant said with a smile, I saw Cangze Mountain being flooded, so I looked towards the East China Sea and saw that your hair was soaked just now, ah, the voice of the wind is more simple and honest, but the words are not simple and honest at all. A hundred years ago I heard the water flowing.
The voice was just trying to remind you, Bai Ze stared at Shunfeng expressionlessly with a furry face, flicked his tail and left, ignoring them. There is a cat nest in the cave where we live. If you have no place to sleep, go to me first. Clairvoyant raised his eyebrows and invited Bai Ze to his cat’s den, Bai Ze couldn’t bear it, raised his paw, slapped his cheap clairvoyant with flying ears, and quickly drove the cloud to chase his brother. The fur ball disappeared and turned into a slender man in fairy robes, snow clothes, wide sleeves, and flowing clouds. His face was unparalleled with the gentleness unique to auspicious beasts, and he glanced at the back of the two brothers who were leaving.
Bai Ze sighed and walked towards Lingxiao Temple.
Go across the Baiyu Bridge, step on the Lingshi steps, and look up to see the magnificent Lingxiao Palace. The Jade Emperor handles fairy affairs here every day, meets with immortal ministers, and occasionally holds a banquet. There is always fairy music around the bridge, which is very elegant, but today seems a bit too much. Be quiet, go to the Lingxiao Palace, and go to the Jade Stairs full of immortals and soldiers to serve as immortal officials, but now it is empty without a single immortal