Heartache Although I hate this man I loved him after all but Lin Xue has a stubborn temperament so even though she felt distressed she

Lin Xuan, who just came to the first day of college, was inexplicably fused with a magical system after being hit on the head by his roommate with a computer, and he was able to redeem the superpowers of American comic superheroes. The classic Wolverine has invincible self-healing ability. In the future, he can make a fortune by selling kidneys.
He is also proficient in fighting skills and nirvana all over the world.
It takes only a few minutes to transform into a martial arts master. Mystique can transform into the most powerful spy. She is none other than Iron Man, whose technology changes the world’s military industry and dominates the world.
The steel battle suit is invincible, and the Hulk, the Hulk, Professor Magneto, the Phoenix Girl.
Anyone with superpowers is enough to make the world tremble Sol’s super power is the rhythm of becoming a god.
Well, my ideal is to conquer the stars and the sea. Chapter 1 Enrollment at Binhai University Today is the day when freshmen report.
There are welcome signs everywhere on the campus.
In the freshman reception area, you can see youthful and energetic fresh faces everywhere on campus, and our protagonist Lin Xuan is among them. However, Lin Xuan’s face is not full of vitality at this time, but instead looks tired. He is holding a heavy woven travel bag in one hand. Pulling a slightly worn-out suitcase, he walked heavily towards the boys’ dormitory, but at this moment, Lin Xuan’s face was not full of vigor, but instead looked tired. He was holding a heavy woven travel bag in one hand and slightly worn-out luggage in the other He walked heavily towards the boys’ dormitory building, finally arrived at the dormitory building, Lin Xuan heaved a sigh of relief, he sat on the train all night last night and didn’t close his eyes all night, although he came to report early today, because he needs to apply Tuition reduction and exemption cannot pay all kinds of fees immediately, so the staff at the toll office stood aside for a whole morning until after 12 o’clock when most of the new students had completed the admission procedures, and the staff at the toll office gave him and a few of them the same application for tuition The impoverished students who have been exempted from the exemption have gone through the admission procedures, so Lin Xuan is tired and hungry at this time, wishing he could lie on the bed and rest for a while, but fortunately, his dormitory is on the first floor.
There is a dormitory building that doesn’t even have a four-person dormitory. I’m really convinced. As soon as I walked to the door of the dormitory, Lin Xuan heard a burst of dissatisfied complaints from inside. It sounded like he was on the phone, right? It’s uncomfortable to think about sleeping with other people. In a few days, I’ll rent a house outside.
Being rich is self-willed. Hearing the words of the people in the house, Lin Xuan casually slandered, then pushed open the bedroom door and walked in.
This is a room The walls of the very spacious dormitory are white and bright, and because it is a newly built building, everything is new. It is many times better than the dilapidated dormitory he had when he was in high school.
This made him feel refreshed and even less tired.
Quite a few, there are only two people in the dormitory right now, one of them is a tall, sunny and handsome boy who is packing his closet, the other has dyed brown hair, wears brand-name sportswear, and has small eyes. The boy with eagle eyes and hooked nose was half lying on his bed and talking on the phone. Seeing Lin Xuan walk in, the boy standing in front of the closet smiled and greeted Lin Xuan, while the boy on the phone frowned slightly. He looked up and down Lin Xuan with frivolous brows, but saw that he was dressed in rustic clothes and was carrying a woven travel bag and an old suitcase in his hands.
He looked like a migrant worker entering the city, and he couldn’t help showing contempt in his eyes. Lin Xuan is a sensitive person, that boy. The contempt in his eyes was naturally noticed by him. Although he has always told himself not to care about other people’s opinions, he has been very strong since he was a child. He still doesn’t like the colored eyes of others.
His gaze swept around the room and Lin Xuan’s gaze fell on There are six beds in this room, five of which are already made up, only the one that is still vacant, obviously it is his bed, and if you look carefully, there is a name sticker on the side of the bed. Lin Xuan’s name is exactly Lin Xuan put the luggage on the side of the bed, Lin Xuan raised his feet and looked at his bed.
Although the bed is new, there is still a layer of dust on it.
Dude, there are towels to use casually, it seems to be able to see Lin Xuan’s thoughts The boy who was packing up suddenly handed over a wet towel and said thank you, took the towel, Lin Xuan came to the end of the bed, took off his shoes, and was about to step up the ladder, but at this moment, the boy who was on the phone pointed at Lin Xuan and scolded, hey, you Don’t step on this, are your feet clean? Hearing that boy’s words, Lin Xuan frowned. The contemptuous look in his eyes just now made him very uncomfortable. Now, the obvious contemptuous words made him even more upset. I don’t step on this.
How can I get up? Lin Xuan’s voice Coldly retorted, isn’t there a stool? You step on the stool and don’t step on it. The boy looked at Lin Xuan contemptuously and said, Lin Xuan was very speechless and said in secret that this person is really top-notch, but even though he is unhappy, he is too lazy to argue with this kind of person.
Walked to the side, moved a stool, stepped on it, climbed onto the bed, quickly wiped the bed clean, then jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed the towel and returned it to the tall boy, then opened his luggage bag, took out the goose feather mattress and prepared to spread it Get on the bed, hey, wait a minute, the small-eyed boy suddenly started yelling again, at this time, he had already hung up the phone, standing by the bed, looking like a leader monitoring his subordinates, pointing at the mattress in Lin Xuan’s hand and shouting, “You Why are there feathers on it? Lin Xuan was startled.
This kind of quilt is very common in the north.
The goose feather inside is very good for moisture resistance and warmth. This is what his mother specially made for him, but because the feathers are hard, they often fall There are feathers coming out of it. This is a goose feather mattress.
Lin Xuan thinks that this kind of goose feather mattress is often used in the north, especially in the northern towns and rural areas.