Hearing this Han Feng smiled and shook his head and said Xueyue Silver Wolf King what are you worried about Iron Ridge Black Bull King

Chapter 1 Traveling is risky, it’s night.
In the middle of the small remote courtyard is an altar. A middle-aged man in a yellow Taoist robe holds a peach wood sword, money sword, three Qingling soul lock chains, and an incense burner. The dog’s blood and a whisk used by Taoists were placed on the altar in a special order.
He then picked up thirty-six array flags with mysterious runes, which happened to coincide with the thirty-six men in the Taoist Tiangang. Walking along the inner wall of the small courtyard, every few steps, a formation flag was planted.
After walking around the ground, all the thirty-six formation flags planted on the ground flashed a yellow light and disappeared strangely. Done These middle-aged men in Taoist robes meditated on the futons in front of the altar, as if they were waiting for something. I don’t know how long it had passed. A black cloud floated from the sky.
Suddenly, the black cloud turned into a figure and saw the courtyard meditating.
The man smiled strangely and rushed down towards the small courtyard hahaha Your Excellency the Ghost King is here, I am not far away to welcome you! The middle-aged man smiled and stood up from the futon, stepped on the dragon’s footsteps, pinched the secret formula with his hands, and yelled out the soul-destroyer Suddenly, the yellow light in the small courtyard soared into the sky and turned into countless swords, lights and swords, whirling in the air and rushing towards the ghost king who had just landed on the ground. The water of the halberd dance cannot be poured in, but the formation formed by the sword is endless.
If you defend for a long time, you will lose. The ghost king takes a step back when he is attacked. The black energy on his body has also decreased by one point.
The battle situation seems to be unfavorable to the ghost king, but the black energy on the ghost king’s body can be turned into a black cloud. The black energy consumed by the sword, light and sword shadow is only a drop in the bucket, and there is no major damage.
The middle-aged man is secretly anxious, and the cold sweat on his forehead The middle-aged man gritted his teeth, took the black dog’s blood and splashed it on the ghost king in the formation, and then inserted the mahogany sword and money sword into the back of the ghost king, only to hear a scream, and the ghost king’s entire back began to emit a lot of black air. All the attacks from the big formation fell on the ghost king during the half-second pause of the ghost king. The ghost king was seriously injured and fell to the ground. The middle-aged man tied the ghost king with a soul chain full of runes.
Ghost King, aren’t you awesome? Get up and keep fighting! Daoist, I’ll let you wipe the cold sweat off his forehead with one hand Lin Fei said in a ruffian way. That’s right, Lin Fei is a member of the transmigration army.
Three days ago, he was in full bloom. He has transmigrated to such a handsome uncle, and he is still a capable Taoist priest. Lin Fei thought this is a consolation prize.
After merging the soul of the handsome uncle, he cried without image. It was miserable. Everyone who heard it thought that Lin Fei was ruined by a few big men.
The handsome uncle Lin Fei crossed is also called Lin Fei The person who forced him was the mysterious Feng Shui master whose name was not seen in the Mr. Zombie movie, and he became an uncle from a young guy, which already made Lin Fei very sad.
I am speechless, but unfortunately there is something that makes Lin Fei even more speechless. Three days ago, that is, when Lin Fei just transmigrated to Mr. Feng Shui, he saw a body full of scars and was hanging in one breath.
Lin Fei felt sad, I don’t know something Is it inappropriate to say that there is a time traveler who is worse than me, Lin Fei? Because not long before Lin Fei crossed over, Mr. Feng Shui found out that there was a mountain with very strange Feng Shui when he went out to see Feng Shui.
Feng Shui of Ancient Tombs knew that these ancient tombs are usually very dangerous, so he called up eight good friends to explore the ancient tombs and worked together to kill several thousand-year-old zombies guarding the tombs.
When they came to the main tomb, they found only two ancient books and A piece of jade pendant was placed on the stone table in the middle of the tomb, and there was a large pile of treasures on the ground next to it. Mr. Feng Shui suggested that he put away these treasures and ancient books and divide them up after they go out, because the initiator is Mr. Feng Shui. Didn’t say much, the greedy comrade found that there was no coffin of the tomb owner in the main tomb, so he guessed that there were still good things hidden in the coffin and continued to search. When Mr.
Feng Shui collected the things and was about to rush over to join the crowd, he heard a sound Screams followed by a burst of fighting sounds.
At this time, Mr. Feng Shui suddenly felt a sense of uneasiness, and he knew that something big happened.
He suddenly thought that the dead friends are not dead.
A colleague burned more paper money, and when Mr.
Feng Shui ran to the exit of the ancient tomb, an unrivaled black line wrapped him up, and when he broke through the black line, he was already seriously injured. The thief is so daring to steal.
I stole into Ben Wang’s house and I’m going to kill you. After hearing this, Mr.
Feng Shui hurriedly used a secret method and ran faster. After returning home, the oil was exhausted and the lamp was on the verge of belching, and then he was caught by the visitor Lin Fei replaced Lin Fei for three days.
Apart from recovering from his injuries, Lin Fei read the two ancient books. Fortunately, Lin Fei, who is in the antique business, has some knowledge of ancient characters and can barely recognize the ancient characters on them.
There are ghosts? One of the ancient books is the autobiography of the ghost king, which tells about some deeds of the ghost king during his lifetime. The other book records some spells, many of which are unknown to Lin Fei, and some alchemy techniques.
Although Lin Fei is a bit greedy But these are of no use to him for the time being, so he can only rely on the fused Mr. Feng Shui. Well, after the fusion, his own memory finally set up the soul-destroying formation that can best restrain ghosts tonight, preparing to assassinate the ghost king. He actually wanted to go back head-on.
But the strength does not allow it. He has just merged with Mr.
Feng Shui’s memory. There must be an adaptation process. Even if he adapts to a mage, it is impossible to just beat the ghost king.