He Zhizhous few words were as cold as a basin of ice water instantly poured her heart into a chill so she thought it was

Chapter 1 Abbott is already the thirteenth man wearing a cuckold at the Boston Engineering Research Institute The greenery forms a series of green, fat, red and thin landscapes.
Having just finished half a day of work, the frustrated Abbott asked He Zhizhou, I want Mia to compensate me for mental damage.
How much do you think is the right price? He Zhizhou looked at Abbott sympathetically and apologized. I have no way to give you an opinion.
Abt complained and ended asking an excessive assumption. If you were me, how would you deal with me? How could it be you? If you don’t give up, you still want to complain.
Stand next to He Zhizhou, trying to cut into the topic.
Carefully ask, how are you and your girlfriend doing? What do these words mean? He has been checking the two sets of data in the laboratory all night, and he is a little tired. Abt sees the brows of the man He Zhizhou. Although there is a faint blue color, it is still difficult to hide the clean and neat white coat. Inside is a suit and shirt. Wearing a silver tie revealing a white shirt collar, he admits that He Zhizhou is indeed a powerful and good-looking man.
Graduated from university with an honorary bachelor’s degree and easily enrolled in the top doctoral programs. Admission is later than them. Contributions are older than them. The research projects they are good at are also attracting more attention from the outside world.
It is reasonable to say that their careers and studies are so strong, and their relationship will basically be blank. However, He Zhizhou has a very beautiful girlfriend.
He Zhizhou answered Abbott’s question with a tone of voice. Emphasized displeasure, we are very good, and our relationship has not changed.
We trust each other.
See how insane it is, what a lucky and capable guy Abbott shrugged and left the engineering school.
At tea time, several victims of cuckolds gathered in the lounge, drinking coffee and chatting. They are all excellent scientific researchers with meticulous logical thinking, excellent IQ, tenacious willpower and indomitable patience, but why are they so elite and they are the high-risk group of cuckolds? Why is Abbott There are still many photos of him and his girlfriend in his mobile phone.
In the photo, the girlfriend is beautiful and sexy, holding Abbott’s hand and smiling brightly at the ski resort. Unfortunately, this woman has become the daughter of a car salesman last week.
After my friend was discovered by Abbott, she decided to plan the wedding in a fair manner. Abbott sadly recalled that she chased me first. She was a lively and cute girl.
An engineering expert began to conclude that ten or eight of them are lively, beautiful and lively.
Young, these charming compliments also have the conditions of a woman who is always in a hurry. She can chase you today, and someone else tomorrow. This is the beautiful Capital Institute of Technology Ph. D.s discussing emotional issues God will laugh when they hear it, but how well they discuss it Zhizhou wanted to go far away, but Abtra came over to listen to them. Within half an hour, they analyzed the following reasons.
First, their working environment caused them to spend less time with their girlfriends and stay away for more time. They can brew love or betray love. He Zhizhou Taking a sip of coffee, I feel like I was accidentally shot. Second, their emotional world is single. They have lived in the male circle since childhood. Most of them have only three or less love experiences.
Many have only talked once. He Zhizhou put down his coffee and was accidentally shot again.
Third, their excellent IQs It only temporarily attracts beautiful women.
Although they are rich in knowledge and professional fields, they are leaders in the industry. Their sense of superiority weakens their initiative towards women.
They assume a sure-fire attitude towards any problem, which leads to a decrease in crisis awareness. The sense of humor won’t please women. Continue to get shot. The fifth male’s self-confidence is shot again. It’s boring.
He Zhizhou stands up. These engineering men’s assumptions are all just talk on paper. On Saturday, He Zhizhou bought a bunch of ingredients and some women’s daily necessities in a Chinese supermarket The reason is simple. Shen Xi wants to come over for a few days. Yes, he and his girlfriend Shen Xi are currently in a long-distance relationship.
He is in Boston, USA, and she is in a domestic city many kilometers away.
He is studying applied and engineering science at Boston College of Engineering. She will stay in the city after graduation.
Dancing, but she told him she didn’t want to dance there anymore, why don’t dance there, don’t dance there, anyway, don’t dance on the street, happy people have the right to be self-willed, park the car in the street parking area of ​​Back Bay, He Zhizhou put two shopping bags When I got into the car, I took out my mobile phone to watch my girlfriend’s social circle, and then praised her one by one. He kind of missed her.
If he releases the longing accumulated in his heart, he actually misses her very much all of a sudden.
A new post came in.
Shen Xi uploaded two pictures of homemade food with the text “Catch a man’s heart first, grab his stomach first.
” It’s a pity that he likes her more than his stomach The next day, He Zhizhou’s biological clock woke up half an hour earlier than usual because Shen Xi was coming, got up, washed, exercised and watered the flowers. While feeding the fish, he called Shen Xi to inquire about her boarding situation, but something seemed wrong, and Shen Xi squeaked on the phone. Squeaky, Brother He, I seem to have forgotten that I’m coming to see you this month. It seems that this happened too. It seems that the fish food that was originally going to be thrown into the fish tank was thrown into the trash can and there is no food.