He Xianyu was so surprised that he even grabbed two small Jiang Yin sat behind Lu Jius back and pretended to put a book to

Because Jiang Yin thinks that not to mention playing all over the world and being invincible in the capital, he is still a strong player.
Jiang Yin, who is fifteen or sixteen years old, can’t play straight balls, but he is excellent. He likes Lu Jiu, so he wants to follow him every day.
She sticks to her like brown candy He does whatever she does He wants to intervene in everything about her Lu Jiu Xi Wen Jiang Yin Ai Wu Jiang Yin forced herself and Lu Jiu to listen to Mr. Jing Xue’s lecture on the History of the Six Dynasties Even though he always read books as a bedtime As a result of hypnosis, because he dozed off too loudly in class, he was thrown out of the Beijing Academy by the teacher Lu Jiuxi Jing Jiang Yin loves to make trouble Jiang Yin secretly dragged his brothers and friends to make up for himself. In front of Lu Jiu, he pretended to be a teenager Jiu lowered his eyes to read, but Long Chengfei was proud of Jiang Yin. The six palaces were pink and colorless.
Lu Jiu’s face was dark.
There were three thousand beauties in the harem.
Jiang Yin shook his head. The iron pestle was ground into embroidery needles.
Knowing where the mistake was, Jiang Yin’s friends who were hiding aside all turned their heads and covered their faces in vain to make up the whole night’s lesson for this stupid guy. I can’t hide a few things in my heart.
Lu Jiu avoids him, and he is anxious in his heart. When he is anxious, he turns over the wall of Lu’s house and asks her angrily why she doesn’t like her. The wind still said that I only like heroes, I don’t like dudes Jiang Yin blurted out in anger, then when I become a hero, you have to like me.
It’s just a joke. It really made the young man Xianyi and his horse fight on the battlefield many years later, he licked it In the blood, the world overthrew the tyrant and established a new dynasty. In the centuries-old history books, the world thought that Emperor Xuanwu set up an uprising to benefit the common people. Only Emperor Xuanwu knew that he didn’t think so much.
He just thought that he had become the emperor, so it should be He is a hero, right? He only hopes that Lu Jiu likes him like he likes her. A word of introduction Search Keyword Protagonist Lu Jiujiang Yin supporting role Other chapters She is just my sister Jiaxi The rainy season in the thirty-sixth year is longer than usual A few days ago, I departed from the Fengming Mansion in the capital to Yizhou to meet the lady of this mansion and returned to Beijing. When I arrived in Gyeonggi at noon, it happened that there was a misty drizzle on the blue dome. The maidservant Fenglian respectfully presented a box of beautifully decorated pastries to the chief Ma’am, you haven’t eaten early in the morning, and when you enter the mansion, you still have to meet the eldest princess and your wife.
I am afraid that you will be hungry, please use some cakes to cushion it.
Bring it here. A cold voice came from the chief seat. Wrapped in a brocade handkerchief, he handed over a small and exquisite mung bean cake in the box respectfully. A long, white catkin gently took over the hand, which was born with extremely beautiful fingers. The slender and straight fingertips were stained with Danko because The complexion is too fair, and there is still a little light pink on the joints of the five fingers. After handing over the pastry, Fenglian couldn’t help but follow the He raised his head with one hand and took a sneak peek at a fashionable two-piece skirt. He wore a crane crown red narrow-sleeved gown.
Underneath was a soft and elegant moon-white long skirt. The slightly fluffy double bun had nothing but a pearl grate inlaid on it.
For other decorations, she is tasting the small piece of mung bean cake with smoke from distant mountains.
Her eyebrows are smooth and drooping. Her cheeks are thin and sandalwood-colored. Eyelashes are light and drooping, like the long and thick wings of a jackdaw. The newly brought back master of the Hou’s mansion has a beautiful complexion, and the simple lowered eyebrows and narrowed eyes make Feng Lian look amazing. The mung bean cake handed over has rose cores embedded in it, and it tastes sweet. Lu Jiu always likes it, but today he only took two bites and put it down.
In the first fifteen years of her life, Lu Jiu was the third daughter of the concubine of Xuanping Hou’s mansion in the capital. At that time, her mother Liu Auntie and Xuanping Hou’s main wife Wei were pregnant at the same time. Because of the discord between wives and concubines, Liu planned to frame Wei.
Unexpectedly, the fetus in the womb was caught by Wei Shi.
At that time, although Xuan Ping Hou hated Liu Shi, he thought that she had not yet given birth, so he did not deal with it until Liu Shi gave birth. Taking the daughter she gave birth to to the Zhuangzi in Yizhou’s hometown, thinking about it, it happened that Wei’s daughter was also a daughter.
The female Lu Jiu followed the Liu family to the Zhuangzi in Yizhou, while the fake one was raised in the Hou’s mansion wrapped in silk and satin until more than two months ago, when a nanny who participated in the baby girl swapping made a drunken slip of the tongue.
Only then did the truth of the matter surface.
The mother-in-law involved was sent to the government. Aunt Liu feared the crime and took poison. After the turmoil, people from the Xuanping Hou Mansion came to Yizhou to welcome Lu Jiu back to Beijing. The next good marriage partner is Jiang Wei, the concubine of the Prince of the Eastern Palace.
Jiang Wei’s biological mother is Lu Liangdi.
Lu Liangdi is also Xuanpinghou’s sister.
Will decree to marry Jiang Wei Although he is a concubine, he is also a well-known gentle and gentle son in the capital, and he comes from a royal family full of poems and books.
Taken together, this is indeed a good marriage. There is not much mother-daughter relationship with her.
Liu Shi died. Lu Jiu was not sad, so when people from the Xuanping Hou Mansion came to Yizhou to welcome her, she was very happy.
Since she was a child, she has always had a strong personality. In the wild, but she never dared to slack off.
After fifteen years, she has to do her best in poetry, etiquette, red needlework, and needlework, but these talents can only be put to greater use in the capital to help her find a bright future.
So in her opinion The sudden change of identity is simply that God is opening the back door for her to enter Beijing to become a daughter-in-law to marry the grandson of the emperor