He waved his hands and smiled and said to him big brother the real decisive battle starts from now on little brother you just hit

Superstar nanny system Yang Yi squinted half lying in the green shade under the tree, looking at the phone screen, Deron Williams made a sharp change of direction, flew towards the basket and dunked successfully, let out a roar, and Yang Yi felt refreshed all over his body. The person who dunked just now was him.
Generally, Yang Yi is an avid fan.
When he was young, he often played basketball, but as he grew up, his weight increased geometrically.
Now he is so fat that he can hardly walk. He can only play in the series of games. Feel it, but now he is already a hardcore player in the series. His first-hand game play is at its peak, especially his one-handed three-pointer, which is simply a sharpshooter. Deron is Yang Yi’s favorite star. He has a strong sense of rhythm and various changes.
It often makes defensive players puzzled and passed. It is the most suitable for him to crush matchups.
The most important thing is that Deron’s body is about the same as him.
Although Yang Yi can be worth three Deron Yang Yiwang Outside the shade of the tree is a wild field. In the United States, such fields are spread all over the country.
Yang looked at the most watched figure on the field, Trevorsy Yang, a bad friend since he was a child. He is tall and strong like a bull. All kinds of envy and envy hate his figure, especially the dark and shiny tendons. The superstar nanny system has found the host and is probing the information of the host.
Binding is in progress. The binding is completed. The host determines whether to open the system.
Yang Yi was taken aback by a sound that sounded in his mind without any warning.
Yang Yi shook his phone and shook his head.
He suspected that he had suffered from heatstroke and had hallucinations.
He would suffer from heatstroke even sitting under a tree to enjoy the shade. It’s a dog. Has the host turned on the system? The electronically synthesized sound rang in my mind again, I, Yang Yi, was furious, who the hell is the host? Has the system been turned on? No basketball experience, no physical fitness, no speed, strength, coordination, explosive power, sensitivity, overall score, overall evaluation, a beautiful picture came into Yang Yi’s mind Drenched in a lot of cold sweat, Yang Yi was stunned. It was the first time he had experienced such a supernatural event at such a young age, and he was also stunned for a while. The purpose of research and development is to help lazy people exercise their bodies, maintain their health and mental pleasure, experience the road to star growth One second later, the superstar nanny system is ecstatic. This is a sign of becoming a football star.
Doesn’t it mean that he will become a billionaire, marry Bai Fumei, become the darling of the times, and step on the pinnacle of life, but what happened to Xiao Dingding? Haha Thinking of this, Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing wildly, his drake-like voice resounded across the court, frightening his friend Trevorsy, who was about to dunk, shaking his hands.
A dunk that was 100% sure was dunked, and Trey was so angry, fat man, what are you laughing at? Trey was so angry that he looked displeased. Yang Yi patted Trey’s shoulder in a serious manner and said with a smile, Trey felt something was wrong when he heard it Maybe he got heat stroke and the sun is still shining. Trey stood next to Yang Yi. He used to be as strong as a bull. Now he looks very slender. He is tall, heavy, his wingspan is completely crushed. Compared with Yang Yi, he looks like an ordinary person sometimes.
He also thinks that Yang Yi is not so fat, maybe this buddy will score and play, but it is a pity that one fat ruins everything, and he is not an ordinary fat kilogram! My god, Shaquille O’Neal is not as talented as Yang Yi in terms of weight, so Yang Yi has been so far. I’m still single and my girlfriend doesn’t know which kindergarten I’m in? What’s the matter? Trey looked aggrieved, didn’t I just see you talking nonsense, thought you had a heatstroke, fat man disdain, buddy will be a person who will stand at the top in the future, no common sense like you, an ordinary person, the system task completes an amateur basketball game Gift bag rewards When Yang heard that there was a big gift bag reward in the task released by the system, he couldn’t help feeling bloody, but when he thought of completing an amateur game, he glanced at his figure and recalled how many years he hadn’t played.
Isn’t it funny? It’s a miracle if you can stay for a minute on the field.
He tentatively asked the system if the game is halftime or full time. If you can’t stand it, the system is sorry. The authority is insufficient. Please upgrade the authority.
How can I upgrade the authority? The system is sorry Insufficient privileges, please upgrade your privileges, what the hell are you playing with me? Asking to upgrade your privileges is because you didn’t tell me how to upgrade.
It’s a fucking dog.
Yang Yiyi’s face is full of resentment. He detects that the host has insulted the system. Well buddy, don’t compete with an inhumane system, let’s think about how to get the big gift package. Treworthy’s face is very exciting. He saw the fat man’s face change sharply in less than a second.
Red, white, joy and anger flashed one by one. It’s like a face-changing king. At this time, the fat man suddenly stood up and patted his ass. Dao Trey, why don’t we go up and play a game? Can sit and never stand after the weight reaches 1 kg