He was so emotional that he couldnt sing well so he was not satisfied but Zhang Pengpeng was very satisfied Gao She heard Jiang Xia

Released from prison, Jiang Xia waved goodbye to the prison guard, wearing a wrinkled coat, walked out of the prison, breathing the air outside, which seemed much fresher than inside the enclosure, and the sun in the sky looked so lovely, too. The enchanting beauty went straight to Jiang Xia and asked Jiang Xia. Jiang Xia looked at the beauty carefully and confirmed that she did not recognize me. I am Jiang Xia. You are my name. You Fangfei is Shanshan’s assistant. She has an event today and can’t come. Let me pick you up, beauty You Fang Fei stretched out her hand and said that Jiang Xia quickly shook hands with her, Shan Shan Gong Shan asked you to come, that’s too much trouble for you, no trouble, it just so happens that Shan Shan is attending an event here, let me pick you up by the way You Fang Fei took her hand back calmly, Jiang Xia hurriedly said, thank you for turning around, let’s go, I’ve already booked a hotel for you, let’s wash up the bad luck first, You Fangfei said, after finishing talking, You Fangfei turned around and walked, and there was an ordinary black car parked not far from the road The sedan Jiang Xia walked behind You Fangfei and looked at the brand of the car curiously. If he remembered correctly, the car should be a famous brand worth over one million RMB. This is the first time Jiang Xia saw this car, full of novelty.
This is the mid-range car in the parallel world.
Jiang Xia is not from this world.
He came from the earth and traveled to the parallel world.
The biggest difference is that others are at least ordinary people.
Only he became a prisoner when he woke up. He was in a prison and a foreign country. In the prison, you said how hard it was, and the key point is still unreasonable. Since I crossed Jiangxia, I stayed and spent two years in prison for the original owner. The good news is that the prison here is not bad, except for doing some work.
It’s really not a big deal. The prisoners are all kinds, but they are all relatively friendly. They are not as weird and violent as in the movies. At least Jiang Xia was not bullied during the two years in this prison. Instead, he has a good relationship with many foreigners who are big and bad. The yellow race in foreign prisons is just him himself. The foreigner is very curious. He calls him a Chinese boy.
It’s not for nothing that he stayed in prison for two years. Jiang Xia carefully sorted out the memory of the original owner and his own.
The advantage of time travel is that the memory is strengthened, whether it is the memory of the original owner or the memory of his previous life.
Even if he has only seen something once, he can remember it very clearly. However, this enhancement is only an enhancement of the original memory. Jiang Xia read the memory again.
The ability has not been strengthened and he is still an ordinary person. Jiang Xia was ordinary like a speck of dust in his previous life.
Relatively speaking, the original owner’s resume is a bit rich. First, the original owner’s father is the deputy director of the TV station and his mother is a university professor.
The family has no shortage of money to educate the original owner since childhood. It’s just an elitist pity that the original owner doesn’t live up to expectations and achieves nothing. Jiang Xia found out that the original owner can learn the same food no matter how long the snacks are. The dance is also mixed with some martial arts basics When he was young, he was in good shape.
Dancing practice can also make his body more resilient. Martial arts training can increase his masculinity, but the reason why he doesn’t study hard is that he is too tired to practice every day.
At the age of fifteen, he was sent to Germany’s high school for two years to study vocal music. This doesn’t need to be practiced every day.
It is reasonable to say that he should study hard, but he still doesn’t study hard. The reason is that he gets up early every day and can’t get up.
He was sent to the United States at the age of seventeen and spent less than three years in the United States. What he learned was acting, and he could be an actor with a little foundation. Even facial paralysis with a good-looking face can be regarded as a job, but he has not studied hard because he was a star before he was 19 years old and sent him to Australia. The original intention was to let him learn photography, which is as simple as knowing how to operate a machine.
I really want to study hard, but unfortunately there are too many photography books to read.
After reading it, he became annoyed and set fire to the books in a fit of anger. He directly lit the teacher’s house and taught him that the teacher certainly didn’t I would like to have a lot of his treasures in the house, and now it is burned down. It is his life. The teacher insists on suing him, even if the original owner’s parents come to Australia to apologize and compensate him.
After being sentenced to prison like this, Jiang Xia had to admire the original owner’s attitude of not being afraid of boiling water after sorting out the original owner’s memory, and also had to admire the original owner’s parents’ tolerance for him.
In the previous life, he had already been beaten by his father It took two years for the original owner to read things that he didn’t study seriously.
Jiang Xia was idle in the prison and also studied them.
I can’t say that he understood them all. At least he has a certain foundation in theory and some training in the prison. Several impromptu performances were also very successful, and even got a certain reduction in sentence, so that the original three-year sentence was reduced to two years and three months.
Now that he is out of prison, he is in his early days.
That’s why You Fangfei just said that Gong Shanjiang Xia is very clear. It can be said that he is the only friend of the original owner. He grew up together and learned dance together.
He gave up Gong Shan and persisted. Later, he learned vocal music together in Germanic country. When the owner came to Australia, Gong Shan started filming and acting.
The original owner didn’t know much about what happened afterwards.
After all, he met Shaojiang Xia in the prison and watched Gong Shan. Shan can still remember sending someone to pick up Jiang Xia, her heart is very warm You Fangfei opened the trunk of the car and signaled Jiang Xia to put the luggage inside Jiang Xia put the luggage away and took another look at the prison where he had been in for two years He came to the Novice Village in this world Urged by You Fangfei, he got into the car.
In his last life, Jiang Xia had never been abroad.
In this life, he has integrated the memory of the original owner.