He was completely blinded by this slap Yuan Shao turned around again his right cheek did not escape the catastrophe Cao Cao slammed left and

Why is it so desolate and ancient Chenggao County? On the streets full of fallen leaves, a handsome young man looks at the ancient scene around him.
He still can’t let go of what happened to him. Qinye is not a person of this era at all, but an ordinary person from modern times. As a young man, he only remembered that when he was climbing a mountain, the sky suddenly fell apart.
When he woke up, he found that he had time traveled to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Now it is the second year of Chuping, which is also the year of AD.
The era when the king is the strongest, traveling through time and space At the beginning, Qin Ye was so excited that he also dreamed that one day he would be able to travel through the golden fingers, recruit talents, beautiful women throw themselves into his arms, run wild and domineering, aspire to be the supreme emperor, and these moments all appeared in his mind But he soon discovered that it was completely different from what he had imagined. He was just an innocent passer-by, not to mention recruiting beautiful women, and now he was still hungry. Suddenly, the people on the street became chaotic and fled in all directions.
Just run, could it be that the ancient city management came, but it wasn’t the city management, but a group of soldiers. Chenggao County is famous because Hulaoguan is located in the territory, and now it is Dong Zhuo’s territory. These are all soldiers of Dong Zhuo’s army, Qin Ye, too. I know that Hua Xiong, the general under Dong Zhuo’s command, is now fighting against the allied forces of the feudal lords at Hulao Pass. Soldiers and horses appeared and immediately surrounded more than a hundred people including Qin Ye.
As a refugee, he became a member of Dong Zhuo’s army and was captured.
Three days later, Hulao Pass was 30 miles away from Hulao Pass.
Hulao Pass was in front of the allied army camp of the princes on the bank of Chenggao River. Hulao Pass was the gateway to the east of Luoyang and an important pass because King Mu of Zhou was here. This pass is named after the tiger. This pass is connected to Songyue Mountain in the south and is close to the Yellow River in the north.
The mountains are staggered and dangerous.
There is one man who is in charge of the pass. Ten thousand men cannot open it. It is a place that military strategists of all dynasties must contend for. After the Tang Dynasty, it was called Sishui Pass and Hulao Pass in Sishui County. The mountain where Hulao Pass is located stretches for more than 100 miles.
There are two customs clearance points. Shi led 3,000 iron cavalry out of the customs and came to the front of the coalition army of the princes to challenge. As the army lined up, Qin Ye was driven off by the Xiliang cavalry who brought him. He lined up with more than 1,000 other people and lined up at the forefront of Qin Ye’s current position. The identity is a cannon fodder soldier who charges forward or resists the enemy’s sharpest attack or the garbage soldier with the highest death rate in the rear. There is no armor or wooden armor at all. It is just a wooden shield and no bamboo hat. The defense is strong and a rusty broken knife is him. They are all armed, and the Xiliang iron cavalry brought by Hua Xiong is very elite.
The cannon fodder soldiers like Qin Ye can attack and retreat, but come and go without a trace, but Qin Ye and the others are very sad.
At this time, Hua Xiong had already beheaded Yu She, Pan Feng, and the two princes in succession. The generals, with their heroic spirit, soared into the sky and swept across the world. Dong Zhuojun’s cheers, thunderous cheers, and cheers resounded through the sky.
The coalition of princes was out of breath. They all looked at Hua Xiong, who had beheaded his own general, with fearful eyes. Hua Xiong provoked Pan Feng’s head and laughed loudly.
This was the most glorious moment of his life, but only Qin Ye knew that Hua Xiong was at the most glorious moment of his life.
But it is also the last moment of life.
On the other hand, the atmosphere in the tent of the allied forces of the princes is very depressing. The faces of the 18 princes are very ugly, especially Han Fu who has just died.
Wen Chou is not here, if there is one person here, why fear that Hua Xiong will eventually be willing to kill Hua Xiong and present his head under the tent, then a red-faced man walks out, nine feet five feet long and a long beard, the sound is like a giant bell, history is staged here, Yuan Shu wants to come Hearing that Guan Yu is just a horse archer, he was furious and wanted to drive Guan Yu away, but the hero Cao Cao saw it differently.
Since he made big words, he must have courage to try to teach horses. It is not too late.
Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu One point of view said in a deep voice, We will form an alliance of eighteen princes, powerful in the world, lead an army of half a million good generals, more than a thousand soldiers, and fight with one archer, they will be ridiculed by Hua Xiong.
Cao Cao’s vision is completely different. He valued ability and laughed. At the beginning, what he said was bad.
This person has a good appearance. Hua Xiong knows that he is an archer.
They are all indifferent, but Cao Cao asked him to take out a cup of hot wine for Guan Yu Zhuangxing.
Zhang Fei said, your second brother will surely win if we go here, and our brothers are famous all over the world. Xiliang cavalry in front of the cannon fodder, Qin Ye is in a daze. All of a sudden, there was a drumbeat, a loud shock, and shouts, and the movement was as loud as the sky, the ground, the mountains, and the mountains.
Qin Ye came back to his senses, and saw that the waves of the coalition forces on the opposite side were breaking apart, and a member of the coalition army was riding out on horseback. The red-faced giant man is really majestic and unstoppable, while the demoralized coalition soldiers cheered and their morale soared.
This is the power of Emperor Guan.
Qin Ye suddenly felt overwhelmed. He knew that Hua Xiong was going to die. Once Hua Xiong died, the Xiliang iron cavalry would definitely retreat.
Then the role of bringing these cannon fodder together has been reflected