He wanted to appreciate the desperate expression of this person before he died so that he could relieve his hatred and then he could relieve

In an accident, Lin Yu got a super-fast reaction and started the double-knife style chapter in the world’s most popular online game Supreme Lingwu Quickly tapping the various keys on the keyboard to make a clicking sound, as Lin Yu operated the game characters, one player after another fell in front of him and turned into white lights.
The alliance system player Lone Wolf was kicked out of the alliance The elite member of the guild system, Lone Wolf, has been expelled from the guild for violating the rules of the guild. Seeing the message on the computer screen, Lin Yu still has no expression on his face.
He is just manipulating the character to find the next target.
Crazy, even the alliance kills the Lingfeng fan level The alliance didn’t see Lin Yu tap the keyboard and ask your gang leader to go to the player Lone Wolf Sword level online game Supreme Lingwu internal test’s first sword list Famous in the game, that is unknown to everyone.
As these players turned into white light, there was a lot of movement on the world speakers.
Just because of you, you dare to climb up to Ji’s house. With the sound of this world speaker, the whole game caused quite a stir. Whether you are in the dungeon or at this moment, you have put down the keyboard and mouse in your hands and waited for the follow-up of the matter to be unknown.
The truth-eaters started talking about how the first shot of the national service was torn apart from the first sword of the national service? Aren’t they an alliance? What’s going on with the Ji family? Could it be that the messy god is talking about the Ji family in Kyoto? Haha, you don’t know yet, do you? Lone Wolf’s game girlfriend is Ji Xueyin, the daughter of the Ji family in Kyoto.
They were thinking about it, but Ji Xueyin’s father found out. It is said that it was the secret of the messy God’s report. Now Ji Xueyin is locked up by his father, and only then will the Lone Wolf God appear. Crazy killing the alliance to vent their anger Tsk tsk This daughter of the Ji family is really true He is a civilian player, right? In reality, he is a dick, a world speaker, and Lin Yu immediately replied, “Wait, hey, I’m on Taihu Xiandao, so I can come over and blow me up.
A few minutes later, a player holding a long gun fell on the computer screen. In front of Lin Yu, it turned into a white shiny piece of equipment that exploded all over the world. The lone wolf continued to scream.
At this time, in a luxury villa in Kyoto, a young man angrily smashed the luxury version of the mechanical keyboard in front of him. Twisted He never thought that a game would make him so angry World trumpet messy lone wolf Don’t let me find out your identity in reality Without this game you are a dog in front of me But the messy words of the first shot in the national server immediately let Players all over the server are disgusted to be rich, it’s not that your dad shoots well without your dad, you are nothing Lone Wolf God, go kill him a few more times on this matter, I’m on the side of Lone Wolf God But just when the public opinion was all one-sided, Lin Yu chose to retreat. He manipulated the character and came here, clicked the delete character system announcement, the player Lone Wolf deleted the character, and then quit the Lingwu world.
Seeing the computer screen gradually darken, Lin Yu couldn’t help it Sighing, the game he was playing was called Supreme Lingwu, and the beta version was also a virtual world he and Ji Xueyin knew. When the curtains were opened and the sunlight shone into the room, what he could see was a young, yellow and malnourished face.
It’s hard to imagine that this scrawny young man is the number one sword in the national uniform. At this time, his face has no expression at this time, but there are tears in the corners of his eyes, and Lin Yu just stares at the computer screen blankly. He once naively thought that he had encountered pure feelings. Because the other party simply likes this game just like him, but all of this is fragile in the face of reality, like a bubble Just an hour ago, Lin Yu received a strange call, I don’t know what method you used to deceive Xueyin and let her Have real feelings for someone in a virtual world but now you stay away from her or your sister Lin Nuo will die in a car accident next week Don’t challenge the majesty of my Ji family The phone call is Ji Xueyin’s father Lin Yu never I thought about the result today, when the game world is involved in the real world, everything is different.
My sister Lin Nuo is everything to him, and no one can hurt her.
This is the promise Lin Yu made to Lin Nuo after the death of his parents, even at this price If you give up Ji Xueyin, Lin Yu doesn’t hesitate to hate, just hate me alone, I’m sorry Xueyin, Lin Yu’s heart is pierced, but he has no choice but to know the name of his younger sister easily In a mansion within the second ring road, a middle-aged man knocked on the door a few times and said that the kid you mentioned has given up on you, and a look of shock appeared on a beautiful face in the room, it’s impossible for me and He made an appointment to meet at the beginning of next month, and he will never give up easily. My Ji Xueyin tightly hugged her slender body on her knees and curled up into a ball.
She couldn’t accept this kind of ending, which was definitely not what she wanted.
The middle-aged man’s face appeared on her face.
A trace of mockery, he said in a disdainful tone, I gave him two million to let him give up on you, and he chose two million without hesitation.
She pursed her lips and shouted at her father with all her strength. I don’t allow you to say that. Even if you are my father, I don’t believe he would give up on me for two million. Our daughter’s two million is just a drizzle in our eyes, but in the eyes of these low-class people, it’s money that they can’t earn in their lifetime.