He walked up and down the room excitedly chanting Ziqiu’s good name okay okay I don’t know how many times I walked back and forth

Chapter 1 When I first arrived in the Cangnan Continent, the southern capital of Anguo, it was late at night, and the sky was not calm. The dark clouds rolled, and gusts of wind rolled unscrupulously from the sky to the ground. In the gaps in the thick clouds, there were electric snakes with chirping screams.
From time to time, a white light illuminates the edge of a black cloud, as if it is gathering extremely violent energy, waiting for the shocking blow at any time. Suddenly, a little golden light emerges from the gap in the center of the dark cloud and goes straight to the ground. The golden light is accurate. It is said that a golden awn is tiny and extremely fast, and it is amazingly fast. In the blink of an eye, the golden awn pierced the night sky and fell in the row upon row of private houses in the southern capital of Anguo. There was no movement, there was wind, and the thick and huge cloud layer dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye, revealing black. The curtain-like night sky and a huge bright moon bang.
I don’t know how long Ye Kong has been in chaos. He only feels a thunder in the depths of his soul, and he wakes up in an instant. He has been unconscious for too long.
His brain is still not clear Shaking that little girl’s face, then turned into the face of the boss of the gang, be careful, there is danger, Ye Kong suddenly felt a sense of danger, and saw a white ball of light Ye Kong didn’t know what it was, but he did.
You can clearly feel the anger of this ball of light, it is extremely hostile to you, aggressive and desperate, how can the ball of light have emotions? I’m a hooligan, I’m a hooligan, I’m afraid of someone Ye Kong stopped and waited for him to examine himself again, he couldn’t help laughing, it turned out that he himself had also turned into a white ball of light, but he was bigger than the ball of light that pounced on him The light ball on the opposite side is not only small, but also gives people a very weak feeling.
The brightness of the light ball is also very dim.
Damn you, why are you fierce? The little ball of light rushing over was just a bluff, and originally just wanted to drive out the foreign invaders, but now seeing Ye Kong counterattack, its momentum weakened, turned around and ran away, and at the same time, there was a pleading consciousness, Ye Kong couldn’t care about the other party’s pleading consciousness There is only one voice from instinct, you have no him, you can only survive if you kill him Soon, only the big ball of light representing Ye Kong was left in that space, swaying freely in the space.
This is the legendary seizing the house. About an hour later, Ye Kong finally woke up this time.
He has a new body.
And the original owner of this body was also completely wiped out by Ye Kongtun in the light ball war. The little light ball I saw in the process of seizing the house just now was the soul of the original owner of this body, a twelve-year-old boy. He was only twelve years old and committed a crime Ye Kong couldn’t help sighing, although the knife is not bloody, but in fact he has the same meaning as killing a little boy, even though he is a hooligan, he is not a murderer But even if he does it all over again, he will not change his behavior.
After all, he is just a hooligan, not noble enough to sacrifice himself for a strange boy in another world. Ye Kong not only ate up the child’s soul. By the way, I also digested some of the memories left in the child’s soul. The child’s memory was a bit fragmented, but through the fragments of those memories, Ye Kong had some understanding of the world he came to. One of the countries, Anguo, the civilization on this continent is probably equivalent to what ancient China looked like on Earth, but the language is different. Fortunately, Ye Kong has inherited the language from the children’s thoughts. Don’t worry about the language barrier. It’s just that the children don’t understand Ye. In the future, I have to study by myself. To be honest, the information I got is a little bit strange. It is strange that a twelve-year-old child should know a lot of things. On Earth, they are all fourth-grade elementary school students. It’s a child from a bitter family who can’t afford to go to school.
Ye Kong searched the identity information in the child’s memory and found that this is not the case.
The fact is quite the opposite.
What’s the name of General Anguo Zhennan’s name? The kid doesn’t know what his dad’s name is. Ye Kong smiled and continued.
Although the kid doesn’t know his dad’s name, his surname is Ye, but it’s because of this kid.
Also called Ye Kong, the two have the same name and surname, which makes Ye Kong sigh. It seems that he came to this strange place. The deepest thoughts in the depths of consciousness are three very strong thoughts. It is not too much to call them obsessions. In this world, only my mother is the best to me.
When I grow up, I must let her eat well and dress well. She is a filial boy.
In his last life, he was an orphan and never enjoyed the warmth of his family and his mother.
Now that he has another mother, he is somewhat comforted, but soon he can no longer laugh at the child’s obsession.
Brothers don’t like me. Well, it seems that I’m not very popular. Obsession three. I’m not an idiot.
I rely on you.
I’m not an idiot.
Why don’t you even know your father’s name? Forget it in another continent, but how can you snatch the body of an idiot? God, you don’t want to play with people like this. But in an instant, Ye Kong had another idea. Can an idiot’s memory be believed? Who knows if this idiot has read too many fantasy books? It is said that neurotics like to make up stories in their heads, Ye Kong Yixi, but then he denied it because he felt that this place is different from the earth