He walked through mountains of magazines Layers of newspapers Mound finally found the culprit lying on the ground wriggling in a hidden gully so he

Publishing House Xian Huan Culture Book Number Publication Date Release Date Pricing Yuan Price Yuan It’s the big star who just jumped to his company, and the one he has to serve 24 hours a day. As the motorcycle superstar’s poor new assistant, Tong Xin not only has to endure Qi Feifan’s fussiness and pickiness. To deal with his indifferent and perverted dual personality in private, can he ask for a raise? Excerpt Mr. Qi Welcome to Xingying Entertainment I hope to have the opportunity to serve you in the future Childlike smiles and non-smiling faces Stiff and desperately repeating silently Can’t offend the company Artists can’t Qi Feifei, an artist who offended the company, looked at Tongxin’s expression and appraised the sincerity in his words. After a while, he suddenly smiled evilly, so no matter what I ask, you will agree.
Luo, within the scope of my duties, I will do my best to cooperate with Tongxin, as if seeing Qi Feifei’s fox tail curl Extremely high, unknowingly prepared, if I want you to go to bed with me, go to bed scared, go to bed, childlike innocence opens his mouth wide, breaths out on his chest, his cheeks are flushed, Chapter 1 The refreshing sunlight shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows on the delicate and delicate double bed, what a pity the bed I was not refreshed at all, so I stretched out a hand from the quilt, which immediately caused a severe headache and back pain. I endured the discomfort all over my body and groaned twice with childish innocence. Confused, it’s all because of Park Shangjie, a heartless man who disregarded their three-year relationship and said they broke up, and even jumped to a hostile agency company. He obviously wanted to get rid of everything. Anyway, he’s just a little-known assistant. He is still a homosexual who has seen the light and died. How can he break the law against homosexuality? The more he thought about it, the more childish he was, he beat the mattress hard and shouted, Park Sang-jeol, you are going to hell. It’s strange how soft and hot the mattress is.
Could it be that he turned his head tremblingly? Impressively, I saw a man with his upper body naked leaning against the back of the bed, puffing out his clouds and smiling lazily at him. He suddenly felt as if he had been struck by lightning, his head thumped, and after a few seconds, he suddenly thought of something, and he quickly lifted the quilt to check again.
I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic last night.
Although the man’s words were soft, they were like an atomic bomb that fell on the child’s head and blew him to pieces.
He wished he could be scattered with the wind.
You, you, your child’s innocence were trembling and speechless. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the man again.
Smile, I’m not a woman who wants you to be responsible Childlike jump out of bed and put on your own clothes Tell you that nothing happened last night From now on you go your way and I cross my bridge We owe nothing to anyone After who finished speaking, he rushed out and looked at the door that was slammed shut. The man shook the key in his hand. It’s a pity. I wanted to give you a ride.
Damn it, I provoked someone. Stranger fucked, so it must be because of Tai Sui this year, right? Childlike rubbing her temples while feeling helpless How did you drink last night? Half of the people disappeared.
Everyone went to renew the booth and didn’t keep up with the rare boss’s treat. Relieved him, he quickly picked up the phone and put on a professional smile. Hello, I am childlike, I am Qi Feifei. A deep and magnetic voice came from the end of the phone. What the other party said made him stare wide-eyed as if he had received a call from a ghost, and he was speechless.
Didn’t I say I’d be responsible for you? How could there be my mobile phone number? The man seemed to take out something and read it word by word. Xingying Yineng’s management assistant Tong Xin made a phone call.
Tong Xin reached out and touched his pocket and said angrily that you stole my wallet. What are you afraid of? The shameless man laughed a few times.
Later, I will see the pervert who is taking advantage of others.
I must have been unlucky in the past to be entangled in the lingering psychopathy. As soon as Qianjin’s head wailed in a low voice, as soon as he walked to the entrance of the company building, he saw tens of thousands of people crowded together, forcing the security personnel to run out to maintain order, fearing that the glass would be broken.
The banner says you are the best, I love you, which big man is coming, why is it so exaggerated, childish innocence frowning, Park Shangjie didn’t have such appeal when he was here before, right? Overwhelmed with words, I officially joined our agency from today Oh my god, I didn’t expect the boss to be able to scoop up the superstar Park Shangjie.
As long as it’s in our Xingying, it’s hard not to say it. Wahaha, it’s a familiar name! By the way, it’s Park Shangjie. In the past, the artist who cursed him every day to die early, he always called him a cunning bastard. When he releases a film, he releases a film.
When a new play is released, he happens to have a new play. As long as there is a new play, he can only be used as a stepping stone.
Before his own world I always circle around Park Sang-jae and never pay attention to other artists. Even if the name wasn’t on the lips of Park Sang-jae, I’d still be a duck to Ting Lei. I hated him because Park Sang-jae hated him. Now that Park Sang-jae has rebelled, I don’t like him. The reason why I hate him Humph Pu Shangjie How dare you abandon me I will help him to beat you down Vivi that is very popular Are you from Mars or from the mountains now except for the ones in the stomach and the coffin No one does not know Ye Yucaiwei began to count the great achievements