He walked out with help although he was wearing a padded jacket and looked not thin but his hair was dull and there were some

He had to work hard to assist the prince for his own survival, but when he finally helped Chu Zhao ascend the ninety-five supreme position, he quietly left the deep palace and gave up the easy-to-get position of power and official.
The person stumbled and stumbled in the deep palace and had a bad beginning. After a long time, he finally understood what true love is. The eunuch has something to say about Minesweeper reminding the prince that before falling in love with Shou, there will be a princess and a concubine, there will be an heir, please stop this article If you want to eat with people, the palace does not expressly prohibit the servants from eating with the maids, but most of the maids will not mix with the servants, because most of the maids come from good families and work in the palace for a few years.
They can be released by their parents. With the saved money, she married a good wife, but most of the servants were homeless. Their ancestors could only live in Anle Temple and other places for the elderly, but Tong was different from other court ladies.
She fell in love with a servant, but that servant was not ordinary. That person is a majestic and mighty one standing on the top of the harem, a powerful eunuch who overturned his hands, Fu Shuanglin, the former head of the imperial court, I heard that he served His Majesty since he was a child, and then followed His Majesty to go to the feudal lands. Emperor Yuanshou’s blue eyes.
He once served as the former emperor’s vice-president.
Counting, he has served the emperors of two dynasties and won His Majesty’s favor.
He is very popular in the palace. Even in the previous dynasties, he also dominated the court. It must not be a simple thing to stand in the deep palace for many years, not to mention which one of the famous power officials in history is not extraordinary in means, cold-hearted and cold-hearted, like this kind of person, the court ladies would avoid him early, fearing that it would be too late.
Tong just likes him, just met him How did I know that the famous generation of power officials was so young, gentle and kind? She had just entered the palace not long ago and worked as an errand for a day at the Salary Department, but she lost her tooth card. The tooth card is checked by every palace and yamen. She was so frightened that her face was pale and blue and purple, she was crying alone at the foot of the palace wall until her hands and feet were numb and she didn’t dare to go back to work Slightly frowning her eyelashes and looking down at her, although she comes from a small family, she is also pampered, full of grievances, how can she bear to see someone ask her, her gentle attitude, I can’t help but confide in her, the servant smiled, the corners of his brows and eyes were like frost She smiled, but it was like the spring breeze warming the cold ice, she was full of panic and frightened, but she was stunned by his light smile, and the servant laughed and said, “What’s the big deal? I’m crying like this. It’s just a card for temporary visits on errands, isn’t it?” The identity card with the name Gongshi is also worthy of your crying.
On the other hand, he took out a tooth card from his sleeve and handed it to her, saying, “take mine away, remember it, don’t lose it again.
” She held the tooth card tightly. Staring blankly at the servant and asking what about you? But he was a little bit reluctant to give it back to him. After all, it was like a drowning man catching driftwood.
How could he easily let go? Detong of this thing was very young at the time, explaining it like a boulder in his heart, he happily clenched the tooth card, thanked him, and hurried back to the palace.
After the crisis was over, she suddenly remembered that someone had helped her so much, but she forgot to ask for his name.
What’s the name? Then she quietly asked a fellow villager she was familiar with, and he only met after the servants entered the palace.
He was surprised, saying that the gates in the palace are strictly guarded. Someone gave you his tooth card.
At least you will eat the board. If you are serious, you will be sent to the laundry room to do hard labor.
How can it be so easy? Let alone a young or older old man with a good grade. Look at the chief eunuch in our palace. The royal guards don’t care how embarrassing you are in front of His Majesty. Tong was taken aback, but she didn’t know the name of the servant. She was worried for a long time. The woman was very suspicious. She saw it with her own eyes a few times because it violated the palace rules. The maid who was punished wondered more and more whether the little servant had already been punished because of her kindness for a while. Because of this lesson, she was always cautious and seemed to be in the eyes of the superiors, but she got a transfer order that day and was able to be transferred to Qianhua Palace. Being a court lady like her, the little court ladies are envious. Although companions are like companions to tigers, this majesty is quiet and majestic, but he is not harsh and violent. It is not difficult to be lenient and strict. I really entered Qianhua Palace and found out the palace rules here. Compared with the outside, it is more strict than the outside.
In Qianhua Palace, every door has to be checked for identity and errand tooth cards. It is more difficult to enter and exit than the outside. Only one treatment is naturally much better than the outside.
Sometimes there are rewards for food and clothing. There are many people in the other palace with smiles on their faces, their feet are brisk, their hands and feet are quick, and only one of them is not talkative.
She just came here because she was curious, so she had to ask her sisters about things, but those sisters were extremely careful not to talk about things other than the rules.
It’s something about His Majesty’s side.
It doesn’t let the wind out.
Her mouth is tightly shut. She feels a little admiration and a little fear in her heart. This day, she was tidying up the chores in the royal study when she suddenly heard someone walk in. When she looked up, she saw that it was actually someone. The servant who gave her the tooth card was overjoyed and exclaimed that this little eunuch is you.
You are also serving in this palace. Startled, a little confused, thinking that she no longer remembers her, she was a little disappointed, but even more pleasantly surprised, he was fine, reminded him, Daoya, the waiter just remembered, a little puzzled, and said, “It’s you, you didn’t work here, did you?”