He tries to shake off Dumbs hand but how can his kung fu compare with Dumbs Ah Dui sighed to offset the trace of vindictiveness

The humans in the Tianjin Empire are almost all Caucasian. They are tall and blond, while the Sunset Empire and the Huasheng Empire are all yellow. They have black hair and black eyes. They belong to the Suoyu Federation, the only federal state on the mainland.
It’s more complicated. There are both Caucasians, yellow races, and strong black races.
Many foreign races also live in the federation.
In terms of overall strength, the Soviet Federation, which is composed of six ethnic groups, is the most powerful, while the other three countries have almost the same amount. In addition to humans, there are also some rare races on the mainland, such as the kind-hearted elves, the bad-tempered dwarves, the winged humans who can sing and dance, the rare half-orcs who only live in dense forests, and the last. The mysterious dark demons and the legendary dragons, these races, which are rare compared to humans, are scattered among various countries. They have lived peacefully with humans for thousands of years, but due to their different living habits, alien races generally live in sparsely populated valleys or forests.
There is very little contact with humans.
Although the Holy See occupies only a small area on the mainland, the Holy See has the supreme status on the mainland. Except for a very small number of atheists, almost all humans are loyal believers of the Holy See. They are the most respected professions. The one with the highest authority in the Holy See is the Pope. Under the Pope, there are four priests in red to assist the Pope in handling the affairs of the Holy See.
They are also called cardinals. Under the priests in red are twelve priests in white.
When more than half of the priests in red and white believe that the pope has made any major mistakes, the pope can be impeached, but since the promotion of the pope is very strict, there has been no impeachment of the pope since the birth of the Holy See. Ordinary sacrifices and preparatory sacrifices are also called monks or goddesses. Priests in the Holy See are not forbidden to marry and marry, but the object of marriage must be the most loyal believers in the Holy See. There is another reason why priests are respected, that is, because they are all It is the light magician who wants to be promoted to the position of white-clothed priest, and the monks must have a level above that of light magician, and the magician on the mainland has never reached the three-digit level. The power of the red-clothed priest is even more profound.
It was once said that if the four priests in red and the twelve priests in white of the Holy See attack at the same time, the power of their light magic can be equivalent to the sum of all the armed forces of any country. The promotion of the pope is generally selected by the priests in red. After a very strict procedure, the old Pope will hold a succession ceremony after the selection of the new Pope, and pass on the most supreme special ability of the Holy See to the next Pope. The Pope took action.
The Holy See generally handles external affairs.
The court executes the sacrifice supervision.
The chief judge of the court has the same rights as the red priest. The judges under the chief judge are also called the executioners of the Holy See. They are the most gods Crazy believers have never had a better deal with heretics than All the members of the court, who are different from the orthodox clergy, have no worries. The judge is completely controlled by the judge.
The judge is directly responsible to the Pope. There is a unified currency on the continent, which is the coin engraved with the emblem of the Holy See customized by the Holy See. The conversion method in decimal system is one diamond coin, ten amethyst coins, one hundred gold coins, one thousand silver coins and ten thousand copper coins.
Its own common language, while some big cities and aristocrats in various countries generally use the Holy See language.
Our story begins with Nino, a small city in the northernmost Birno province of the Tianjing Empire on the north side of the mainland. Nino City is located in Tian The northernmost town in Birno Province of the Golden Empire belongs to the extreme north of the entire Tianyuan Continent. The days are short and the nights are long and the weather is cold all year round. Most of the people here live by fishing in the ice sea next to the town. Floating icebergs, the rich seals and sea lion fur are loved by the nobles. The dark clouds in the sky are slowly floating, and it seems that there will be another snowstorm.
In a dark alley in Nino City, a few people in ragged cotton jackets are surrounded.
Together, a middle-aged man with a scar on his forehead was glaring at a black-haired, black-eyed little girl who was only twelve or thirteen years old and dressed thinly.
The parts above the nose cannot be seen clearly, the whole body is trembling, a pair of bright big eyes look at the middle-aged man in fear through the black hair, slapped the middle-aged man, knocked the little girl down to the ground, and cursed, you are a dead girl, you are so stupid You won’t be able to complete such a simple task, if it wasn’t for Dumb to pull you back, you would still accompany that old lady, wouldn’t you? I was so blind at the time, how could I take you in, a piece of trash, knowing that you can’t do anything without eating, and you can’t be a middle-aged person all day long A boy who was a little taller than the girl stepped forward and helped the little girl’s trembling body up, carefully wiped off the blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, and said blankly to the middle-aged man, Uncle Li, please forgive the girl once more.
I’ll fetch a few more fish later and come back Uncle Li snorted, looking at the boy with the same black hair and dark eyes and a dumbfounded expression, his voice eased a bit and he said, Dumb, every time you plead for her, just bring back those few fish.
Can fish be eaten by everyone? No one here can get something for nothing.
Girl, today I will let you go again for the sake of dumbness. There will be another time, heh heh, let’s go and talk and take a few other young children outside After walking to the entrance of the alley, Uncle Li turned around and said to Dumb with a pleasant face, don’t forget what you said just now, you better lead a few big fish, you know?