He touched the front and said he stretched his hand to the front of Qin Yueqi again without blushing and heartbeat he held Qin Yueqis

Wedge Qin Yueqi is two days away from his birthday this year.
He has no hobbies and usually likes to buy lottery tickets. This time, he unexpectedly won a second prize with a prize of 200,000 RMB. Seeing this windfall, Qin Yueqi decided that it was time for him to enjoy himself.
He immediately mailed 100,000 to his parents. His own house and car had been bought a few years ago, and the monthly salary of 7,000 to 8,000 was enough for him. Take care of other expenses by yourself, the remaining 100,000 should be regarded as a reward for yourself. As an ordinary man, he is quite satisfied with life. The only fly in the ointment is that he has no fixed girlfriend so far. He is obviously good-looking, but a woman. Yuan is not very good.
The people he likes don’t like him.
What he doesn’t like is always chasing him. This may be a very important reason why he is still single. He has worked so hard for so many years for the car and house. He ran around without thinking about himself.
This time he decided to spend tens of thousands to have a good time. Although his heart hurts, it is worth the money, isn’t it? Looking at the piles of good cars around, Qin Yueqi showed a look of helplessness on his face. Nai’s wry smile, no matter how hard he tries, I’m afraid he can’t catch up with anyone here. The cheapest of these cars is around 500,000. It’s like putting his own car inside like a pile of scrap metal. Forget it. What are you doing? Today, he, Qin Yueqi, is here to enjoy, not to express his feelings. The first chapter is unlucky. Sure enough, the enjoyment he got after throwing down thousands of red bills is not the same. Lying in the steaming hot spring, Qin Yueqi is so comfortable that he doesn’t even want to call himself I almost don’t know, this is just the beginning. Every service here can allow ordinary people to live comfortably for a month. Qin Yueqi has selected a few services that he thinks are not bad, even these few are enough. It cost him nearly 10,000 yuan plus the three-day accommodation fee, which added up to as much as 20,000 yuan.
This is indeed a very incredible figure for a small employee. If it weren’t for the unexpected 200,000 yuan I’m afraid Qin Yueqi will never be willing to come here to spend once in his life. In other words, the reputation here is really well-deserved. I heard that more than half of the waiters here are postgraduate graduates. They can’t be ranked here. Naturally, there are no more handsome men and beauties here. The one just now is for himself The delicate little girl who leads the way is also a high-achieving student at a famous university. If Qin Yueqi used to hesitate to say hello to the people here, but now he doesn’t care about anything.
He is here to enjoy himself.
What are you doing with so many scruples? In the past few days, he just wanted to be generous and didn’t have this chance. The girl seemed to have a good impression of Qin Yueqi and kept introducing her to Qin Yueqi. She probably regarded him as some rich boss. Qin Yueqi smiled and said nothing. How can I not know what these little girls are thinking? On the way, I met a few waves of customers one after another.
Just looking at the clothes, I knew it must be a rich boss. Naturally, there are different things, but he even saw two female stars who became popular on TV.
Although he was extremely surprised, he remained calm on the surface. In such a high-end place, it is better not to act too idiot. Under the leadership of the beautiful lady, he completed a series of check-in and registration.
He also tipped the beauty five hundred yuan without hesitation.
The beauty smiled even sweeter and lay down in the hot spring contentedly. The money is really good, Qin Yueqi said with emotion, he is the only one here, he will not worry that someone will hear his emotion, and no one will know that he is just swollen face to fill the fat man. He doesn’t have much money in his pocket, but who cares about it? It’s enough to be comfortable after two days.
Qin Yueqi closed his eyes and enjoyed this rare comfort. Twenty-nine’s nerves were tense, he had never been so relaxed before, and he didn’t know how long it took Qin Yueqi to wake up from the warm pool.
He didn’t know it. Unconsciously fell asleep, he opened his eyes in a daze, his stomach had been protesting with him for a long time, if he didn’t eat something, his stomach would start to swell, so he stood up from the hot spring without thinking He came and took a bath towel beside him and wrapped it around his body.
After doing all this, Qin Yueqi reached out to touch him.
When the beautiful lady just entered the door, the beautiful lady told him that he must keep the hand cards properly, but Qin Yueqi was dumbfounded when he touched him. What kind of cards are there? There is nothing around him, right? What is the situation? Qin Yueqi was stunned. He remembered that when he was in the hot spring, he put him next to him, and he was the only one here. It is impossible to lose the card in his hand.
It really disappeared and disappeared. Damn it. Qin Yueqi looked around and there was no trace of any cards in his hand.
He suddenly felt that someone had poured cold water on his head.
Thinking about where the cards in his hand went, Qin Yueqi seemed to have thought of something, just when he just came here, he bumped into a man, it must be that man took the opportunity to take his hand The card was taken away, and thinking about the man Qin Yueqi bumped into not long ago, he was full of anger. The kid looked very flat, obviously he bumped into himself, but the kid turned around and stared at him fiercely. One glance at Qin Yueqi was extremely angry, he didn’t think much about it, he argued with the man, and the man looked like he didn’t take Qin Yueqi seriously His displeasure seems to be judging Qin Yueqi as a commodity, and he is so displeased that he wants to argue with the man again.