He took out a big jade bottle He said gently children if you can do it get up as long as you take the topgrade

Source 80 e-books uploaded to Xiuzhen Hall. Word count In the eyes of everyone, Li Fei, who had no future, was buried deep in the mountainside by accident. He survived a catastrophe and was forced to embark on the path of cultivation.
During the journey full of infinite dangers but full of passion, Li Fei became the supreme alchemist.
Rebelling against the overlord of the world and carrying beauty across the nine heavens, of course, the thrill and excitement of being chased by countless masters is indispensable The square-shaped face with sword-shaped brows, thin lips and brows exudes a sense of righteousness.
The slightly thin, flat-headed guy leaps lightly across the threshold full of vicissitudes and begins his daily ten-mile morning run.
He is Li Fei and Li Fei is here The cultural relics management office has been working for three years, and it is still three. No personnel, no house, no car, no deposit.
The cultural relics management office is his home. I dare not say anything else about the cultural relics management office. Fei is fascinated when he sees it. Apart from making too little money, it is really a good job.
Due to the need of learning, Li Fei not only likes to read domestic documents, but also often searches for original documents from all over the world.
Li Fei was holding an ancient book and was fascinated by it. The voice of deputy director Tian Qing came, Li Zi came to my office, Li Fei hurriedly put down the book, walked into Tian Qing’s office, stood aside, waiting for Tian Qing’s further instructions, Tian Qing took a sip of tea and put it on the boss chair With a happy face, he said that there is a task. Recently, some people have reported that there are tomb robbers digging ancient tombs near the east side of Tanggula Mountain.
We are going to organize a rescue excavation.
You should contact the local cultural relics management office and write a report.
Li Fei Then he exited Tian Qing’s office, closed the door, and returned to his desk to prepare the report and confirm relevant information. Three days later, a small team under Tian Qing’s charge was established. The senior cultural relics and archeology expert Jia Chongzhi and Li Fei’s driver Zhao Ming has a total of four people.
Early the next morning, the four-person team drove a truck and set off. The journey was bumpy and hard, not to mention that they encountered a lot of troubles along the way.
The tires were punctured twice, but everyone was concerned about these before departure. The difficulty has been anticipated and Zhao Ming will take care of it.
During a break, Li Fei sees Mr. Jia chatting happily with Tian Qing.
He took the opportunity to ask Mr. Jia, do you think this time it might be an ancient tomb of the Yuan Dynasty? Because of this place It is extremely remote. Historically, there were many activities in this area during the Yuan Dynasty, so Li Fei took it for granted that Xiao Li’s idea has some truth, but it is hard to say that this place should not be of any importance if you don’t go to the scene to see it. The Mausoleum of Characters Mr. Jia said with a smile that after dealing with the car failure, the group continued on the road.
At noon, the group finally arrived in Gemu County.
The local Lao He received everyone.
After further understanding the situation, he decided to take a rest for an afternoon and prepare some necessary items. The next day, I went to the site to investigate again.
I had nothing to say all night. Everyone got up early to tidy up and set off officially.
Today’s team has grown again, except for the original four-person team.
After meeting two people, Lao He and a young man, Song He, two hours later, the group arrived at a small village called Wangyue.
There are only a dozen or so households in this village.
There is nothing special about it, even the name of the village does not match the name of the village. It is just ancient. According to legend, it’s just such a name.
At the entrance of the village, the two village guides have been waiting for a long time, leading four strong yaks. The road behind depends on them to carry tools and supplies. They briefly introduced the two guides. They turned out to be brothers. The two elder brothers are called Xiangshan and the younger brother is called Xianghe. This time they discovered that someone was digging an ancient tomb. It was the two of them who discovered it. Under the command of Li Fei, they began to carry the luggage and tools, and then tied them all to the back of the yaks. But with the two brothers leading the way, there were no major twists and turns. Everyone arrived at the destination smoothly.
After some preliminary checks, everyone’s faces were not very good. After running around, it was past noon. Everyone was tired and hungry, and they were ready to solve the problem of food and clothing before thinking Next move after lunch Tian Qing was the first to break the silence and asked Mr. Jia what do you think? How likely is it that there is an ancient tomb here? After eating, I stood up and said a nonsensical word. This mountain is very strange, as if the peak has been cut off for no reason.
Everyone was a little stunned at first, but soon realized that because the mountain has no peaks, the terrain here is not good. That is to say, the possibility of not having an ancient tomb is relatively high. As soon as the topic was opened, everyone started to talk about it. They all felt that Mr.
Jia’s statement made sense.
Even if you run for nothing, you won’t be in a good mood. At the critical moment, Tian Qing calmly clapped his hands and said, everyone, don’t be discouraged.
Since you’re here, you should check it out carefully.
Maybe you’ll get something else.
Besides, tomb robbers are not stupid and can dig here. After Tian Qing said this, everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized again, because powerful tomb robbers are no worse than professional archaeologists, they will not be aimless, and then everyone started to act as young people Li Fei and Song. Hefen has come to the most important work, enter the cave and explore first. The two are fully armed with oxygen meters, helmets, gas masks, headlights, flashlights, walkie-talkies, ventilation hoses, rescue ropes, cameras, small shovels, etc. Just when Li Fei and Song He were about to enter the robbery cave. The sky suddenly darkened.
I don’t know when it started.
Dark clouds swept over the previous clear sky. The low dark clouds weighed on everyone’s hearts, making people depressed and irritable.
In order to find out the situation as soon as possible, with everyone’s blessings