He suddenly stood up and stared into Aprils eyes like a wolf that saw flesh and blood hahaha it seems that you really know what

Xia Mo is preparing to survive the end of the world and become a big farmer, but he finds that the farm is not simple. Cola-flavored oranges and vines run all over the ground. Fragrant pig, egg tart, tree cake, watermelon, besides that, there are all kinds of strange fruits. What surprised Xia Mo the most was that there was still a World Tree on the farm. Chapter Chapter The Walking Dead Where am I? Xia Mo reluctantly opened his eyes.
Although he could feel that his body was fine, his head was still very dizzy.
Before half propping up, I got up and took a general look around the bed. There was an infusion stand and an electrocardiogram device. This should be the ward. It turned out to be a hospital.
Xia Mo breathed a sigh of relief. Since it is a hospital, at least it proves that he is fine.
Hmm, while thinking about it, suddenly there was a muffled groan from beside him. Xia Mo turned his head and looked a little surprised that there was still a person lying on the hospital bed next to him. He was gradually waking up. It seemed that it was because of the pain that his waking up was very difficult.
Xia Mo hurriedly got out of bed while looking for the pager next to the hospital bed.
Wanting to call the doctor, while approaching the patient, wanting to help him, he groped and found the red beeper, pressed it a few times, but there was no response.
Xia Mo noticed that the beeper was not only broken, but also covered with a layer of dust. It looks like no one has used it for a long time. The screen of the electrocardiogram is also black.
The flowers on the table have withered. Many things look like they have been left for many days.
In the ear, Xia Mo came back to his senses and walked to his bedside, wanting to help him up first, but just as soon as he stretched out his hand, he was stunned Rick, who are you, do you know me? Xia Mo showed a reluctant smile and finally remembered what was the name of the scene in this room. This is clearly the room where Rick woke up in the first season of The Walking Dead.
He passed through and even traveled to the world of the Walking Dead. It seems that the electric shock in his previous life sent him away successfully. Hey friend, do you know me? Can you call a doctor for me? Rick gradually woke up, and his mind didn’t feel like he had just woken up.
Feeling the pain in his abdomen, he yelled at Xia Mo who was in a daze. Xia Mo came back to his senses.
No matter how you decide, you have to find a way to survive.
The zombies in the world of walking dead are not dangerous. Be careful, at least you can live for a while.
After figuring these things out, Xia Mo answered Rick’s question and said, “I’m afraid this hospital is already dead.
” No doctor what Xia Modao Maybe my explanation will be easier to understand if you go to the window and have a look I doubt it, but Xia Mo’s act of kindness in lifting him up at least gave him a little more trust.
Thank you for helping Rick to the edge of the window sill. Rick pushed aside the curtains and looked downstairs, and suddenly his pupils shrank suddenly.
What’s going on? The sight is full of dilapidated, old and damaged vehicles, dark red blood stains everywhere, and many things that look like corpses, everything seems to be The devastated scene after the war was even worse. Rick looked at Xia Mo, his eyes were full of puzzlement. He was just injured.
How did he wake up to this scene? The people in the hospital and the people on the street all disappeared.
Can you tell me what happened? My wife and children, why aren’t they in the hospital? My name is Xia Mo, one of the survivors of the last days. In the last days, Rick was shocked when he heard this word. This is not a good word.
Xia Mo glanced at Rick’s wound and said, “You must have been in a coma for a while, right? During your coma, the flu broke out in the world and spread widely. Most of the people around the world got the flu, and the flu continued to spread and became more serious. Finally, the zombie crisis broke out.
The dead came back to life and attacked the living things frantically.
Zombie, you must be joking with me, right? Rick was very dazed and at a loss. He opened his mouth and wanted to say more, but he stopped. He is a policeman, and his observation skills are not bad.
The scene in front of him is not bad. What Xia Mo said is different, I’m afraid the situation won’t be much better, so why did you appear in the hospital? Xia Mo said that human society has come to a standstill.
All resources have become scarce. I came to the hospital just to try my luck and find something in Xia Mo’s words.
Quite a lot, but Rick just woke up, his mind is still not sober, and he is concerned about his family, but he didn’t realize that I was going to find Lori and Carl. But the first thing he thought of was his family members. Xia Mo didn’t tell him about Loli’s situation at this time. Now that he tells Rick, he probably won’t believe it.
And at this point in time, Rick has probably been cheated on by Xia Mo.
We know that we have to leave the hospital safely. Leaving the hospital safely is not an easy task. You must know that the hospital has always been a densely populated place, especially the illness of this zombie was only regarded as a disease at the beginning, so the hospital is undoubtedly one of the outbreak centers According to the situation outside, the corpses of military vehicles, planes, and many zombies have shown that there have been a sniper battle here, and many zombies have been wiped out, but the scene of desolation is obviously because the zombies have won, which also means that there are still a certain number of zombies in the hospital.
Zombie Xia Mo is not Rick.
He may not have the protagonist’s aura. He wants to stumble like Rick in the original plot.
He went out from the escape corridor of the hospital and didn’t meet any zombies. He wanted to eat farts.
Xia Mo searched around the room for a handful of fruits.
I didn’t find anything that could defend myself with knives, and there was almost nothing in the end.