He stood beside the bed with his arms folded his handsome face was expressionless although he was often expressionless but Baoru thought He seemed really

It’s always raining in Wu Cheng, she turned over and listened to the pattering rain outside and couldn’t help sighing. I’m married.
Baoru Mingqing told her on the phone yesterday that her tone was very calm, and she didn’t seem to be at all. After announcing a major event in her life, Baoru was so stunned that she thought Ming Qing was joking with her after hanging up the phone, but she knew that Ming Qing never joked.
Ming Qing, who had been at the same table with her for three years in high school, looked like Ming Qing, who is a bit indifferent and unreasonable, always knows what he is doing. Ming Qing has always been Baoru’s idol, but she never thought that she would get married just like this.
Obviously, there was no sign before.
Baoru sighed again, maybe every time.
Everyone is not necessarily what he looks like, maybe everyone has his own small universe, and maybe one day this small universe will explode.
Baoru thinks that although she is not very accepting of this fact, she does not know when she has been around her. My friends are gradually getting busy, it seems that everyone has a clear life plan and is working hard to live according to the plan. She still exists in such a muddled way, neither knowing what she has done nor what she is going to do. More often, she feels that she is being pushed by the role she is asked to play instead of being pushed by the role herself. It turns out that from the beginning to the end You are the only one who always stays the same, Baoru feels an unknown sadness, is it because of this terrible weather? She knows that she should be happy for Ming and Qing, but deeply feels that she has been abandoned and is lying on the bed again After dawdling for a while, she knew that she had to get up. My parents and my aunt went to the countryside to visit the grave.
This weekend, only her and my family were left.
The family was on duty at night.
She had to buy a meal and take it to the hospital to eat with him on a rainy day. It always makes people drowsy. In the afternoon, she just wanted to sit on the bed and prepare for lessons, but she accidentally fell asleep and slept until dusk. When she woke up, the room was dark and the lights were not turned on. The lesson preparation notes that fell on the floor raked the messy curly hair, went to the bathroom, washed her face, used a black hairpin to pin the disobedient bangs on her forehead behind her ears, then she put on her coat, grabbed the wallet and keys on the coffee table, and hurried in the hallway Putting on the boots, I reluctantly went out on such a wet rainy night. It took me about a minute to walk from home to the military hospital. Holding an umbrella and walking to the gate of the community in the drizzle, Baoru looked down at the newly bought pair on her feet.
Boots still raised her hand to hail a taxi. In the car, she called Jiaxu, what happened? After a while, his cold voice came from the microphone. Cheng Jiaxu, who can say half a word, would never speak A one-word person is like he would never say hello or hello when he answered the phone. Baoru can almost imagine his expression at the moment, that is expressionless.
What is for dinner? Baoru remembered her purpose of making this call, no say whatever you want because you said yesterday After a while, she hates people saying casually to her, because she herself likes to say casually. It must be the most annoying word in the world. There is no sound on the other end of the phone. Baoru thinks he is probably rolling his eyes at her. After a while of silence, the other end Asked what options are there for fried rice, egg fried rice, two servings of egg fried rice, he said without hesitation, hung up the phone, Baoru put the phone back in his pocket, in fact, there was another option, she didn’t finish, the option was Japanese egg pork chop rice, so he deserves it There is no meat to eat, Baoru felt refreshed in his heart, and from the corner of his eye, he saw the taxi driver pursing his lips. Could it be that taxi drivers are so lonely now? She has been living with her aunt since she was in junior high school, and she is her uncle’s nephew. At that time, Baoru was only in the third grade of elementary school, but she already knew how to distinguish between beauty and ugliness, so when she first saw Jia Acura, she couldn’t help but want to get close to her.
On that day, she changed her shoes and ran into the living room of her aunt’s house to see Jiayu sitting on the sofa wearing a light gray shirt and a blue woolen sweater with a collar. She was fair-skinned and had a high nose bridge.
His eyes were cold and charming, and he was so handsome that he didn’t even look like a man.
So real she pestered him all night, he ate with his left hand, she clumsily changed the spoon to his left hand, he glanced at her indifferently, after changing the spoon to his right hand, she also changed the spoon to his right hand with a smile, and he put the spoon across his chest The front arm moved away from the table, and she also put the arm down, but no matter how mischievously she imitated him, he always remained expressionless.