He shouted something bad and hurriedly asked Tian Zhen if General Tian would dare to go out to support Yang Zaixing the last general would

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Seeing that Qin Huang’s classmate has posted three times questioning Dong Zhuo’s military strength in this period. I think it’s definitely more than 200,000, so let’s discuss this. How many troops did Dong Zhuo have during that period? First of all, let me talk about the core idea of ​​the author’s writing, which is that the description of the characters is based on the unofficial history of the novel, and the official history is the main focus on historical events and the general environment.
The combination of history and romance takes the official history as the skeleton and the unofficial history as the flesh and blood. For example, 80% of generals and military power use the historical figures as a reference, because in the official history, there is no description of who is so powerful.
No matter how many people there are, no matter how good the people are, with the same weapons, dozens of small soldiers will still abuse you. Let’s talk about the way the text is written. Some readers think it’s nothing to do. I can only make a compromise between white and not white.
When the characters are in dialogue, I try to use the language of the antique style and the time, and when the narration and the psychological description of the pig’s feet are slightly whiter, let’s get back to the topic and discuss the theme of this chapter at the end of the AD. During the period after Dong Zhuo entered Beijing, how many troops did Dong Zhongying have under his command? According to what I mentioned in my book, Dong Zhuo had more than 200,000 troops.
Please note that this 200,000 is an elastic number.
210,000 is also more than 200,000.
290,000 is also more than 200,000. This is the reason why many novels do not report an accurate number.
With the development of the plot, this number is constantly fluctuating, so the number cannot be written dead. In the eyes of Qin Huang, this number is far away. Can’t satisfy him, since the gap is far away, according to this classmate’s idea, let’s double it at least according to 200,000, so it must be at least 400,000. Next, let’s verify whether Dong Zhuo has so many troops. It is recorded in the Han Dynasty that in the year of AD, that is, during the reign of Emperor Huan, there were 10,000 people in the country. After the Yellow Turban Uprising, small-scale uprisings swarmed in various states and counties, and a large-scale plague swept the country.
Various natural disasters followed one after another during this period. The population dropped by two-thirds to about 30 million. At the end of the Han Dynasty, the thirteen prefectures, Yongliang and Liang prefectures were the two most barren and least populated prefectures.
You can refer to the current Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, and the total population of these two prefectures.
Is it possible to recruit 400,000 troops from this kind of place? As for the 200,000 Xiliang cavalry under Dong Zhuo’s men in the end, what Qin Huang said in the end, it’s even more impossible or even a bit vague. Marginalize the simultaneous existence of cavalry from the end of the Han Dynasty to the Jin Dynasty to unify all the vassal states The number of soldiers will not exceed the whole number, or even half of the 100,000 cavalry. The number of 200,000 cavalry is too scary. How much forage will be eaten in a year, and how many logistics personnel will be needed to support it. I guess that in Chinese history, except for the Mongols In no other period of the established Yuan Dynasty would there be 200,000 cavalry troops. Cao Wei’s troop strength was no more than 300,000 in its heyday, and Liu Bei’s Shu Han was only about 120,000 when Guan Yu occupied Jingzhou.
I’m here to give Dong Zhuo some The military strength is set at more than 200,000. Compared with other princes, it already exists like a giant. Let’s take a step back and assume that Dong Zhuo really has 400,000 to 500,000 troops, is it still necessary to move the capital to Chang’an and close the tiger prison? The city gate crushed the princes every minute, taught them how to be human, and then changed dynasties and proclaimed themselves emperors.
There will be no Three Kingdoms anymore. Then my classmates may ask you again. Didn’t the characters follow the romance? How come the soldiers and horses follow the official history? Let me explain here that Dong Zhuo’s setting of more than 200,000 troops is much more exaggerated than the official history. If according to the official history, the number of troops Dong Zhuo can mobilize during this period is estimated to be no more than 70,000.
Before Dong Zhuo came to Beijing, he was just a local warlord and flexible During the emperor’s reign, the imperial court had absolute control over the military power, and it was far from the point where the princes separatist and supported their own troops.
During this period, Dong Zhuo’s privately cultivated army was estimated to be only 10,000 to 20,000 people. This is already a terrible number.
Plus the annexation The total strength of Ding Yuan’s trilogy is 30,000 to 40,000, plus some troops who have mastered the military talisman and controlled the imperial court can mobilize at best about 60,000 to 70,000 troops. Dong Zhuo’s military strength is set at more than 200,000, which is already quite a high number.
Qin Huang thinks it is less likely to be compared with Cao Cao’s 830,000 troops to conquer the Sun-Liu Alliance. Illiterate peasant women think it’s too fake.
If you are interested, you can discuss it in the book review area. You don’t need to get angry, and you can’t curse because I think the quality of the readers is very good. Finally, I would like to say that Lingyi’s historical knowledge is very profound. I feel ashamed that I am not as good as Zhong Shan.
I am not lazy on Baidu, but after Baidu, I did not find the information I wanted. After all, the search terms are different, and the answers I find are different. I weighed the name Zijinshan more reliable than Zhongshan, so it went smoothly. I picked up a single place name and I can’t waste a lot of time researching it.
Generally, it takes about five minutes to look it up. If I use the effort of a scholar to estimate, I can’t even write 3,000 words a day. Finally, thank you again, it’s so cold.
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