He Shaochuans great friendship Then he followed Peng Feifei to the detention room like a marionette He Shaochuan sat in the corner and saw the

Author Sun Haoyuan’s best-selling work Human Flesh Search Sequel Suspense Famous Li Ximin Naduo Zhuang Qin Kuaidao Remy recommends to take you to face the murderous intent behind the network City management captain dies in a small forest engineer violent corpse Last bus electrician director and his wife are killed one after another Sales manager female manager dies at home Every leftover scene What is the mystery of Mencius under the net? A Taoist human flesh arrest order was discovered on the Internet.
The corrupt bureau chief is beautiful and lustful. The end of the human flesh search crisis and the shocking truth hidden behind this crime. Human flesh search has become a habit. Everyone will face the murderous intent behind the Internet.
Chapter 1 The death of the urban management captain under the blue sky The bright sun happily shines on the earth, and the gentle north wind drifts slowly across the face. The cool, itchy little birds in the bushes dance gracefully in the air, and chirp with love words on the branches.
In good weather, people will always think of some beautiful things. Some people think about dating the girl they love. Some people dream that the stock price will rise sharply overnight. Pile of banknotes come pouring in and let themselves fall into the ocean of banknotes.
People who want to find a good job are appreciated by leaders and promoted quickly. In short, in such a good weather, if you don’t want to do something beautiful, you will be sorry for the grace of the Creator. If you don’t do something beautiful, you will be sorry for your identity. Li Tianliang He thinks that he is at least one person, and he should think of something beautiful and do something beautiful, so he thought about it like this. After thinking about it, he was refreshed and his movements became quicker, as if he had beaten two catties of chicken blood, but he was still a cock blood He yelled at the top of his voice as if the brothers were starting work, and a group of little cocks stood up in unison, stood at attention and lined up in a row, staring at the big cock with firm eyes, and the big cock looked at the little cock majestically and then said The little roosters followed Li Tianliang energetically, boarded the energetic car, and rushed towards Huohe Middle School energetically. This task can only be successful and not fail. Li Tianliang is fully sure that he can control the situation and make a quick decision. He looks proudly. Outside the window, the sidewalk is already full of wolves and hogs, and the sidewalk is in chaos. A few peddlers panicked and formed a mess. Some pushed up their carts and fled quickly. From time to time, a pack of cigarettes or a few packets of biscuits fell from the car, and some picked up their poles and dangled. Drilling apples, ducks and pears into the alley, rolled them all over the ground, and screaming, looking forward to how many hands will come out to put away all kinds of small commodities spread all over the floor.
Li Tianliang smiled slightly, he likes this kind of I feel like he likes being called a paramilitary organization. There are comments on the Internet saying that Li Tianliang is a paramilitary organization secretly developed by our country.
They usually manage cities and practice guerrilla tactics. During warfare, they can be incorporated into the official army.
An excellent reserve army that can endure and fight, the Pentagon secretly reported that China’s urban management team is an army with A terrible paramilitary organization that can fight around the clock with just a piece of broken bread or a pickup truck. Ever since I saw this comment, Li Tianliang has often dreamed that he was wearing a military uniform and driving to the front in a van. Security and stability of the international situation, he was daydreaming daydreams like this, his subordinate Dalin suddenly said that the woman in Team Li is still there, Huohe Middle School is in front of it, and there is a small cart parked under the shade of a tree with all kinds of things on it. Small goods, don’t startle the snake, Li Tianliang quickly deploys the battle plan, this operation is to wipe out everything, absolutely don’t let her run away, Dalin Xiaohu, you first get out of the car and slowly touch her, wait for A Biao in the south of her, Su Jun, you two are in the east, Dahuang and I control the west In front of us, several people were ordered to get out of the car.
After ten minutes, Li Tianliang had already set up the encirclement circle. He ordered the three groups of people to rush forward together. Before this time, the woman had already pushed the car in a panic and ran so fast that Li Tianliang and others were dumbfounded.
That’s why he made a careful arrangement this time, but he seemed to have wasted his efforts.
The woman seemed to be asleep and didn’t respond at all.
Li Tianliang felt very humiliated when he missed the shot and staggered a lot.
He thought that the woman should at least run a few steps to create some atmosphere.
When he reached the stall, Li Tianliang realized that the woman was not there and her son was guarding the stall. There was a burst of ridicule from the bottom of my heart, this stupid son, oh, he is really a nerd.
This nerd doesn’t know that the sky is about to collapse. He is holding a political textbook and studying hard, only listening to him chanting.
The essence is to liberate productive forces, develop productive forces, eliminate exploitation and achieve common prosperity. Without spiritual civilization, the socialist system will have no attractiveness and vitality. If it deviates from spiritual civilization and material civilization, it will lose its direction and meaning. Li Tianliang thinks that common prosperity is a relatively illusory thing. It is necessary to speak in meetings, if it is true. Fool And this guy is obviously a fool He knocked on the grocery cart The boy immediately stood up He was wearing a pair of thick glasses Hair was fluffy and disheveled Clothes were washed a little white His eyes were a little dazed at first as if he was still immersed in a book But only for a moment, his eyes were full of light. He put down the book and asked with a smile, uncle, what do you want? Li Tianliang did not answer his question. Look at his stall, which is full of cigarettes, snacks, biscuits, and an ice cream box. There was a high school politics textbook on the box. The textbook had been torn apart. There was a phone booth near the stall. A man and a woman were smiling and looking at him.
He nodded calmly at the two.