He Sen didnt get in the car took a taxi on the side of the road and left her hand was a little nervous and

Xu Mu’s voice on the phone was too noisy, she thought about it and cut it off, hum, the male god directly went to Baidu Encyclopedia, this is how the male god or supreme is in the eyes of the girl, the man who can’t be reached, or the man in his own heart Classmates, friends, or acquaintances who are like Prince Charming are collectively referred to as male gods.
Since they are all unattainable men, why do Xiao Xiao think about it? Ye Song thinks that Xu Mu must be delusional because of his lust. It would be so presumed that I hung up her phone just now, and soon that sent a text message. I saw him in the elevator today. He was inside, and I was out for a moment. The possibility of a relationship between a man and a woman and a momentary heartbeat is very small.
She concluded.
Because Xu Mu didn’t take his medicine when he went out today, he thought so.
His men slapped a few words and went back to the other side, guessing that she was hit by her. She didn’t come back in a short time.
She happily put down her phone and prepared to kick Seiya and call it Going to sleep, the doorbell suddenly thought, Could it be that Xu Mu came here? She paused for a moment, stepped on her slippers, and went to open the door.
Layers of oil paint and his tall figure embedded in the door frame looks like a thickly colored oil painting.
Ye Song has never seen this person before, and quickly ruled out that it is definitely not STO Express. The moment she thought about it, the man had already opened the mouth. You are Ye Song. She frowned and nodded.
It’s not because of anything else, but his tone is like he owes him millions, and his face is even darker when he hears that she is Ye Song. She subconsciously takes a step back and clings to the door, thinking that if he takes a step further, she will It’s good to close the door right away, I’m not going around in circles, look, Ye Song is not a chaste woman, but she’s too open, roll up her trousers in front of her, revealing her strong calves, let her see you crazy, she turned pale with anger Pulling the door to be closed, he blocked half of his body with his arm, and had already entered Ye Song was the first time he saw such a dog-like hooligan yelling at the inside, he immediately spread his hooves and ran over happily squatting At her feet, if you come hard, I’ll let the dog bite you Where did you come from? What are you going to do? I’m not just a casual person, Miss Ye. If you think too much, I won’t be able to come to a consensus.
Seeing him pawing his hooves twice happily, Ya was about to pounce on him, but she abruptly stopped him, sobbed displeasedly, turned around on the spot, and stared anxiously at the visitor, Zi Jingyan, who looked away from Samoyed coldly. She said that Ye Song had to be careful not to let it out to bite people everywhere when she raised a dog. She thumped in her heart and smiled on her face.
My dog ​​has never bitten people and is very obedient, right? Then what is this? Zi Jingyan pointed at his calf Ye Song Only then did I see that there are two small holes in the tooth marks on the top. When I was a child, my neighbors said she was smart.
At this moment, she turned her head slightly and looked at Seya, Seya lowered her head and paws slowly scratching the floor, this gesture is undoubtedly admitting her fault haha ​​My family is in the period of hair growth, must have seen it You were so excited that you accidentally bit you, and you thought it was not good to say that. Sorry, I didn’t mean that.
What did you mean? Ye Song first got the idea of ​​getting a dog because he saw a lot of photos posted by dog ​​lovers on the Internet.
How cute they are, except they can’t speak, they can understand everything, and they can save the owner’s life in an emergency, so she swore she would have a dog, and it’s even more cute Shi Seya was still biting her trousers so little that she couldn’t let go, so she had no choice but to buy it and take it home. Now Ye Song is sitting on a plastic chair in the hospital corridor, flicking the chain on her mobile phone and looking in front of her from time to time.
The closed door has been in for so long, why hasn’t it come out? Does it take so long to get an injection? Thinking that there are still two, three, four, five injections in the back? Does it mean that every time I have to accompany him to get an injection? The master, who doesn’t seem to be easy to get along with, is thinking about how to get rid of the closed door. Besides Zi Jingyan, there is a doctor in a white coat looking at her with a smile, Comrade Ye Song, have you heard about your deeds? The doctor smiled too flamboyantly, Ye Song couldn’t accept it, and the comrade silently looked down at his toes, and it was no wonder that Zi Jingyan, who was like a tortoise at the moment, was surprised by her.
Don’t be afraid to come to the needle on time Ye Song welcomes you to come to play next time, thank you for being polite, she cracked the first smile tonight when she faced such a vicious person Zuo followed him as if nothing had happened. After leaving the hospital, Zi Jingyan’s car stopped nearby. He walked in front with a straight posture, with one hand in his pocket and the other hanging by his side. On the way to fall, I didn’t realize that the person in front suddenly stopped and bumped into it.
The mobile phone fell to pieces. This is the reason why this brand of mobile phone is so good that every time it falls, it will be torn apart.
A cover was under Zi Jingyan’s feet and he wanted to reach out, but he bent down to pick it up first.
She stood up and thanked me.
Only then did I realize that he is really tall.
It should be about the same. Her height is a head short in front of him. It’s a bad feeling to be looked down upon Zi Jingyan glanced at the shelled banana attached to the back of her phone, smiled and gave it to Ye Song, pursing the corners of his mouth and holding his breath in his heart, not feeling happy don’t you