He said took out a pack of cigarettes I took a puff you don’t mind Haha Feiran smiled and took a puff of cigarette then

After listening to the countdown to Chapter 1 of the main text, Feng Bujue soon entered the game world. He was in an environment very similar to an elevator, but there was no floor button next to the door. On the right-hand wall was a 32-inch touch screen facing the door. The entire wall is a complete mirror surface, which can take the player from head to toe and unconsciously look at his own image in the mirror. At this moment, he has become a super high-resolution three-dimensional character, and the clothes on his body have become black long sleeves.
There is nothing special about the shirt and trousers. The face of the game character is almost the same as his own appearance in reality. The messy hair and facial lines are slightly feminine. With the support of the fourth-generation optical brain technology, players in the game can connect nerves. The five-sense experience is enough to be realistic, but the game screen is still limited to video, and it is impossible for players to load into the environment under the effect of real-life shooting. Just one option and even set up such a login space, is this company implying that there will be more games in the future? Feng Bujue thought about it in his heart and clicked on the only game project on the screen, Thriller Paradise, the words displayed on the screen It came out and the system voice reiterated it again, and then three icons appeared on the screen, one is to confirm the login and the other is to cancel, and there is a very eye-catching link option next to it, related disclaimer mental illness? It’s better to have a look. He chose the third screen, and a dense text popped up immediately.
Just glance at the scroll bar on the right, and you will know that this disclaimer is extremely lengthy.
Most people see similar agreements or explanations when they play games. Turn it off or just glance at it and click to agree, but Feng Bujue is not an ordinary person, he is 24 years old, a reasoner, and his hobby is to shamelessly call himself an artist or a great writer when people ask him about his occupation, but these are not the point, let me talk about it first His abnormalities, first of all, his original intention of playing this game is to cure diseases, of course, this disease is definitely not Internet addiction, but a real disease. About two months ago, Feng Bujue suddenly discovered that he had some kind of abnormality.
After about three days, I finally confirmed that I had lost my fear.
No matter how scary the sounds and images were, they couldn’t stimulate him. He watched horror movies and horror day and night, and tried to use his imagination to scare himself. It didn’t work at all as if a certain door was closing in his head.
He clearly knew what was scary and knew exactly where the scary things in horror movies were, but he just didn’t feel scared, so he went to the nearby hospital or not. Just went there and found a big problem. The MRI showed that there was a vague shadow in his brain near the amygdala. The possibility of a tumor could not be ruled out. Later, Feng Bujue went to three or four top hospitals in the country, but none of them could diagnose it. The treatment methods proposed are various. After countless tests, it has been tested by a famous doctor. After the first consultation, Feng Bujue basically understood that this disease is probably going to be included in the history books. As a patient, there are two things to consider.
First, which doctor should give the right to name the disease.
Second, whether to donate the brain to medicine after death.
The experiment can also be considered as a contribution to the scientific field.
Two months have passed, but the shadow in the brain has not changed.
It has not deteriorated, nor has it shrunk or disappeared. Other aspects of the body are completely normal and even healthy.
After thinking about it, he simply rejected it. He was discharged from the hospital immediately after treatment.
Since the loss of fear is the only symptom, and no one can tell whether he will die or how long it will take to die, then he will be left to his fate. The word is to break through the traditional game mode and let you experience an unprecedented game experience in the horror of despair and astonishment. Then he checked the setting instructions of this game and watched a well-made promotional video that claimed to scare children.
Pay attention I came to the link to buy a new game cabin and get an internal beta account, so although it seems unbelievable, Feng Bujue’s purpose of entering this game is not only to play, but also to be scared. He is also a dead horse and a living horse doctor. This kind of immersive horror baptism can stimulate myself to find the feeling of fear. Of course, just having this kind of weird mental abnormality can only show that Feng Bujue is a patient. Said that he is not an ordinary person, not only because of his brain tumor. He was different before this disease