He resists all temptations and hides him in your Sacred Heart and protects him when he dedicates his life to souls but seems to feel

Chapter 1 Arriving in the forest, I saw a middle-aged man in purple clothes with a big beard and slightly long hair tied up in a small bundle, looking at his surroundings vigilantly.
His body was covered with a layer of red tailed beast chakra.
The four red tails behind him are shaking slowly, as if waiting for something.
The middle-aged man is the four-tailed Jinchuriki.
Seeing the red dragon rushing towards him, his eyes are slightly fixed, and he uses his chakra coat to rush forward.
Lao Zi is also about to turn on the melting chakra mode in a hurry. The whole body is surrounded by high-temperature lava, and everything it touches will melt. It directly hits the red dragon’s giant claws and the giant dragon without any damage. Surprised, Lao Zi quickly avoided This is after a roar of dragons, a red dragon with a length of several tens of meters flew out of both sides without saying a word and rushed over. The trees where the red dragon passed were all burned. If you look carefully, you can vaguely see a human figure in the dragon head. On the other side is the four-tailed Renzhuli Laozi Laozi saw the red dragon rushing towards him, and spit out dozens of magma balls from his mouth, rushing towards the red dragon.
Seeing the magma ball, Lao Zi saw the red dragon rushing towards him, quickly forming a seal on the molten granite, and a huge stone wall rose instantly.
There was a loud noise, and a huge smoke and dust filled the air.
The red dragon instantly broke through the granite.
The surroundings directly turned into magma, but the red dragon grew wings and flew directly out of the magma. Hai Laozi laughed secretly and burst into the magma sea. In an instant, the volcano erupted.
A huge magma column was about to engulf the red dragon, and the red dragon seemed to sense the threat and began to release itself. At this time, two red fireballs appeared in the sky, the two forces collided, and a huge mushroom cloud was directly raised, and the center of the explosion directly leveled the surrounding mountains. At this time, Lao Zi was also pushed out by the impact of the explosion.
What the hell is the power of this monster? So strong Sun Wukong, have you seen this giant beast? At this moment, I only heard a strange call. This giant beast looks a bit weird. You have to be careful. The ninjutsu moves he uses are not very chakra-like.
Let me play if necessary.
It’s fine, um, if there’s danger, I won’t hold on to it, but you don’t want to make trouble for me after this. Lao Zi looked at the fire dragon in front and said, then you just wait to be beaten.
There is no other way.
The two of them hadn’t finished communicating with Chilong and rushed out from the smoke and dust of the explosion. Seeing this, Lao Zi also faced the front and started to fight.
Don’t dare to directly attack it, and constantly use the four-tailed chakra to sweep away the surrounding trees and boulders like fireballs, but the red dragon simply raised its giant claws and grabbed all the rocks and trees in the past. At the same time, the red dragon suddenly opened its mouth, and a burst of dragon’s breath shot out, falling on Lao Zi’s side.
The blast wave blasted the latter tens of meters away, and the damn thing is not over yet. I can’t stop here because of this matter. Come on, Sun Wukong lent me a little strength, at this time Lao Zi also accepted the four Tail’s director, Lao Zi, still maintains a humanoid state, and at the same time, accompanied by the obvious gushing of tailed beast chakra, and even the state of growing bones The whole person becomes more violent, and the power of the tailed beast jade released is also stronger. At this time, Lao Zi has gradually lost control of his body, but in this case, the ninja’s consciousness has been deprived. The situation of complete body phenomenon is because Lao Zi is not perfect like Kirabi and Naruto behind, and Jinchuriki cannot fully control the tailed beast chakra, such as the state of Kirabi and Kisame Kisame in the battle.
In the beast state, Lao Zi condenses the tailed beast jade with all his strength and a huge black ball rushes towards Chilong.
After releasing it, he directly uses the increased speed to rush towards Chilong.
At this time, Lao Zi, who is in the state of a half-tailed beast, can no longer control himself. The tailed beast has turned into a full-tailed beast.
Laozi finally came out.
The strange snake with long wings on the opposite side, you should play with me more. At this time, the red with four tails The horn of the crown on the forehead of the hairy ape has a diamond ring like Monkey King, directly feigns a frontal attack, then instantly rolls up the red dragon with its own tail and throws it out.
The red dragon directly crashes into the mountain, and then the four tails directly hit it and launch the strongest tailed beast with all its strength. Yu suddenly the dragon said something, remember I am the king of the fire dragon clan, the fire dragon king Ignilu, after speaking, the fire dragon king rushed over and sprayed out the dragon’s breath that was as hot as magma