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The author is in a black robe in the wind.
The gods and demons are buried with the gods in the tomb. There are countless cemeteries. As the cemetery, the owner of each cemetery gave him a fortune. After gaining the heaven-defying inheritance space, he was persecuted and reborn on the body of a prince of the Yuan Dynasty, Lin Yan. On the Xuanhuang Continent, where the sect dominated, Lin Yan established the emperor’s lineage, swept the world with the power of the dynasty, and built a small secular dynasty into harmony with the world. The top sects are on an equal footing, and eventually all sects are trampled under their feet. All sects are heretics and those who do not surrender are all exterminated. Chapter 1 Prince Lin Yanxuanhuang Continent South Tianyu Dayuan Dynasty On a certain wide avenue outside the imperial city A luxurious carriage is galloping, and three snow-white purebred tigers and lions are pulling the cart. It is majestic, mighty, and domineering. There are ten armored knights at the front and back of the carriage to escort the entire team.
The whole team is full of vigor.
Iron armor, silver guns, fresh clothes, and angry horses are rampant and domineering. The people in the carriage are big. Even though Lin Yan, the seventh prince of the Yuan Dynasty, was the most disliked son of the Emperor Dayuan, he was also a prince. The scene of a prince traveling must be grand enough, because even if it is only a prince, he is Lin Yan, who is wearing a white long gown in the carriage of the imperial family, showing the majesty of the emperor.
Yan held a volume of poems and books in his hand, the gods watched silently for a long time, Lin Yan put down the volume in his hands, stretched his waist, let out a long breath, and there are five months until the imperial examination.
The emperor promised me that as long as If I can win the first prize, I will release my queen from the cold palace.
I haven’t seen my queen for eight years. How are you doing? Lin Yan’s eyes flashed with nostalgia.
Three roars of beasts suddenly pierced the sky.
Standing at the same place, the nameless iron-clad knight also shot his gun in an instant, and immediately stared coldly at about 30 or so black-clothed men who were not far in front of them, looking murderously at them, Lin Yan, who was escorting and protecting the prince’s carriage, frowned.
Suddenly wrinkled up, there was an assassin, just when he was about to lift the curtain of the carriage to see the situation outside, there was a sudden surge of pain in his mind, and the severe pain of his soul being torn apart made him suddenly let out a heart-piercing pain. Huh, Lin Yan’s painful cries startled the knights outside the carriage. Your Highness, are you okay? He asked an armored knight who seemed to be the team leader loudly to Lin Yan, but he didn’t get the slightest response from inside the carriage.
Among the black-clothed crowd, a man in black holding a long sword asked the only man in white in the crowd if Master Li had succeeded.
Knowing that the rumors are true, this guy is really a waste. He just got hit by my soul shock and went to see his ancestors.
Asking me to deal with this waste is a waste of a precious opportunity. Your master is really generous. What kind of person is Master Li? Killing this trash is naturally only a matter of effort, but this time the mission must be foolproof, so I asked Master Li to do it.
Now that the mission is completed, you can leave the face in the mask of the man in black on your own. Pang Man made an apologetic smile, and his tone was extremely flattering. Master Li nodded and disappeared among the black-clothed crowd. Then the man in black who spoke pointed to the carriage and said to the men in black that he would kill any of them without leaving the carriage. Seeing that Lin Yan was silent, the leader of the knights wanted to get into the carriage to find out about Lin Yan’s situation, but before he even stepped into the carriage, a man in black came over with a sword and killed him. The battle continued with two knights carrying guns and fighting with the man in black.
Lin Yan in the carriage was killed by Master Li’s soul impact. His soul was broken, but Lin Yan closed his eyes not long after.
Actually opened his eyes again, these eyes are full of unparalleled domineering and murderous aura, completely different from the previous Lin Yan, who is still alive, Lin Yan is a little confused, talking to himself, and his tone is a little uncertain.
It is very clear that there is only a success rate of less than one percent. Unexpectedly, I survived Xing Wudao. The day I go back, I will definitely tear you into pieces. This body is wrong. Lin Yan closed his eyes again and immersed himself in consciousness.
At this time, Lin Yan is no longer the seventh prince of the Great Yuan Dynasty, but the third palace master Chu Xiaoyao of the Seven Killing Palace in the Central Tianyu. Before Chu Xiaoyao, he was with a group of people. The strong man explored a stunning tomb and finally won the inheritance of that tomb, but was besieged and killed by several powerful enemies, and was finally killed by his friend Xing Wudao behind his back