He reaches out and touches the back of his head is he still angry Today we are on the same shift so bad I thought

Chapter 1: The dragon set also needs an interview. The bone spirit is calling. Tang Seng is running away. The bone spirit is calling.
Tang Seng is calling.
Tang Seng is running away! Follow this ringtone to see what a handsome boy! If I were a bone spirit, I would eat it too. Your aunts will look at the boy with a foolish smile, and they will forcefully see the handsome boy who is sweating profusely looking for his mobile phone, and move back more than three meters. The aunts smiled knowingly and let you grab the spoils with us. The handsome boy squeezed forward while answering the phone. He just finished half of the huge list in his hand, and he was still one step away from being scolded to death by the owner of the list.
He gritted his teeth and went on.
Squeezing to get a reprieve is also very good, Shen Yunfan, where are you now? On the phone, as always, the opening remarks of the Lion’s Roar of the River East are always so old-fashioned.
Can then put on a respectful look and replied to Sister Bai, I have a rest today, hurry back to the company, there is something wrong, Sister Bai has always been in a bad temper, her menopause has been brought forward by more than ten years, and she doesn’t know how to be gentle with this group of unsatisfactory subordinates.
The drizzle-like care is just a scroll word, which means that Miss Bai is in a good mood today. Shen Yunfan was stunned. He hasn’t joined the company for several years.
He almost forgot where the main entrance of the company is.
Could it be that the company is going to open early? Shen Yunfan couldn’t help but feel agitated. It would be better if there was severance pay.
When there are few people, I feel that it is a bit strange to go back to the company. He was abandoned by the company.
What is the urgent matter? This big sister Bai Shanshan is so vague. Just take this trick, but Miss Bai brought her own lightning rod today, and Shen Yunfan just bounced it back. Get back to the company within minutes.
If I haven’t seen you in minutes, see how I can clean it up. After you finished speaking, you hung up the phone with a snap Shen Yunfan blinked and looked at his watch.
I’m going to the minute.
This is forcing him to run a red light.
The checklist kicked in his pocket and hurriedly urged the cashier to check out. What a pity to be in a panic, holding four big bags full of spoils in his hand, Shen Yunfan mercilessly threw the bags on his broken Xiali, which had experienced many winds and rains, and rushed to the company even though he lost his way on the way After going around for a while, I stood outside the company gate at the minute and sighed. I really don’t want to go in. I’m abused here. The first time I saw it, the troubled brother came, and the troubled brother did not escape the catastrophe.
Haotian Entertainment, as one of the three giants in the entertainment industry, always pays attention to the combination of meat and vegetables.
holding a few popular fried chicken A star-studded actor and actress, and a famous song queen must also be equipped with a few fringe people in the entertainment industry like Shen Yunfan. Those who have potential continue to be cultivated.
Those who have no potential should be cultivated to be behind-the-scenes. Being a small agent is almost draining the big ones.
The potential has also drained the potential of all the artists. Although Shen Yunfan scoffs at the head of Haotian Entertainment, he has to say that their boss’s move is really awesome.
The last two weights left are him, Shen Yunfan, and the man in front of him. If it weren’t for his feud with Haotian’s boss, Bai Shanshan would have made him famous, but the man in front of him, although The appearance is not outstanding, but it can be regarded as gentle, elegant, humble and easy-going.
It’s a pity that such a good character is actually a poor acting skill.
Poor singing skills, commonly known as A Dou who can’t be supported. The enthusiasm of the other people is full of enthusiasm. Eldest sister Bai earnestly persuaded Comrade Zhao Adou not to follow Shen Yunfan, a wonder in the entertainment industry, and follow her in the brokerage business. He didn’t look back when he gnawed on the steamed buns, and he just developed a revolutionary friendship with Shen Yunfan, a senior player Erhuo stole information from Zhao Gossip, it seems that the higher-ups have received a big order and are interviewing.
Zhao Man, a gossip lover, has already figured out the matter.
This time, it is also strange.
It is said that the other party does not want big names and only picks those who are not well-known. Sister Bai and a few other big seniors have pulled everything they can.
It is said that they have selected a few before, but they have been returned. Listen, why is it so like a draft? The emperor has to give his ministers some face when he chooses a concubine. Anyway, it’s nothing to be locked up in the palace and not sleep. The crew is more picky than the emperor. I won’t let Shen Yunfan down. According to my observation, today’s show may be a special show for dragons. Xiu might be able to keep the clouds open to see the moon, but thinking about myself, Comrade Zhao Man is a little sad. When he mentions the interview, he is nervous, his acting skills are embarrassing, and he can’t blame him. The two sighed and were impatiently waiting upstairs to catch The human Bai Shanshan cursed and then reluctantly climbed upstairs