He reaches into the loose hem of his clothes and strokes her curves inch by inch making her tremble in his hands waiting for her

The copywriting originally said that this article was reserved for heating in winter, but it said that my heart was cold, remembering old things, newcomers, empathy, forgetting, heart like grass and trees, self-defense, protagonist Ji Han, supporting role, Ding Ran, Jin Xiaochuan, Zhou Zhifei, other Ji’s family The Ji family is quite famous in this community. Whenever the aunts who walk in the morning and evening talk about the international situation, the domestic strategy, the husband and wife quarrel, after the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel, they like to take out these things from the Ji family and chew them, otherwise they will not eat well and sleep well.
Three women and two widows are not reincarnations.
Think about it, it’s not easy.
Lao Wang’s salary is not high. Professor Ji didn’t leave anything behind. A woman with two daughters managed to get through with her grandson and enjoy the happiness of her eldest son-in-law. If you say no, it’s gone. The second girl should be a graduate student.
Is there a partner? If you want to say, you need to look good, you have to look good, you have a good figure, right? This family is a drag. Tong Tong’s sentence somewhat implied that the upper beam was not upright and the lower beam was crooked. In addition, the youngest daughter of the Ji family really didn’t have much love for others to gossip. How did the eldest son-in-law, Xiao An, die? In these discussions, it is inevitable to add some speculation and inference.
Born in the morning, Ji Runlin also named his little daughter Han, which means sunshine in the morning. Ji Han has an active personality since she was a child. How, how, she opened her eyes wide, looked at her father, dragged her father’s arm, crawled on his lap, and acted like a baby in his arms, admitting her mistake carelessly, giggling, Professor Ji scratched the bridge of her nose, and held her in his arms Rubbed her face with stubble and said little laba my little laba Ji Han might not be prettier than other little girls but in Ji Runlin’s eyes she was the prettiest at the moment my father looked at her so tenderly and kindly Ji Han is most willing to sit on her father’s lap.
Her father, who teaches in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, has taught her to recite the thousand-character prose since she was not yet sensible.
If 30% understand the things of the ancestors, the social atmosphere will not be corrupted. He always said that it is not the ancestors who are incompetent, but the descendants. Tea likes to walk hand in hand with his wife and likes to play the piano for Wang Yanxi, who is a Peking opera actor.
He will smile and say, Boss Wang, come on for a while.
Ever since her husband passed away, Wang Yanxi seldom brings up their old affairs.
I told my daughter that I used to talk to your dad and I usually get stuck when I say this, the life that is far away is summed up in a word, but the haze is like a rain that hasn’t fallen yet, dragging its long tail. That day can’t go away for a long time life is about to go At the end, Ji Runlin stared at his wife, trying hard not to make his dull eyes look so dim, he said to Wang Yanxi in a weak voice, I can’t get through this hurdle, take good care of yourself and stay with them sisters, she is shallow Smiled lightly, nodded and took her husband’s hand, tears dripped on the back of her hand, Ji Xi rode over to Labaer after class, let’s tell them not to run to the hospital all the time, after finishing, Ji Runlin held his wife instead He wiped away the wet tears with his hands and closed his eyes tiredly.
He didn’t let Wang Yanxi live a good life. Now he can’t even accompany her to grow old.
How difficult it is for him to let go of this world. He thinks she understands Ji Han Standing outside the ward, I could clearly hear my father’s farewell sigh and my mother’s low sobbing in the room. They didn’t bother them. She turned and went downstairs to the hospital gate to wait for my sister and father who rushed over from the university.
Time is running out.
Wang Yan Xi stayed with the hospital all night.
When the morning fog started to rise, she took the rescue notice from the doctor and wrote three words of disapproval on it without sadness or joy. Then she signed her name and used an invasive ventilator to manually compress the heart for electric shock. Her husband is working too hard, she doesn’t want him to suffer again, she doesn’t agree, vaguely, she seems to see someone standing at the door of the art troupe’s rehearsal site, saying I’m looking for Xiao Wang on the big tree-lined road, with a half-smile, calling her Yanxi at home The moment Wang Yanxi hugged her daughter on the balcony and taught her to call Boss Wang, Wang Yanxi realized that writing her name was such a torment. After school, Ji Han saw Ji Xi standing outside the classroom door, her eyes were red and swollen, and when she heard her sister tell her the news of her father’s death, she trembled as if standing alone in the cold winter all night, her legs trembled and she couldn’t move. Ji Xi helped her collect things and sent her home, then returned to the hospital to help her mother deal with Ji Runlin’s affairs Ji Han stood in the middle of the room and looked around her home, everything was the same as before, but it seemed much quieter and deserted She was so angry that she turned on the light and the miserable white light illuminated the whole room.
She walked to her parents’ room and picked up the group photo next to the bed, and it was only for one night that she couldn’t remember what Dad looked like when he was healthy and healthy. Ji Han hugged the photo frame and faced it. The dead silent room was at a loss, and the tears just flowed into the collar drop by drop.
When the mother and sister came back, it was already dark. Ji Han was lying on the table doing homework, except for the slightly red eyes.
She didn’t look much different from usual. Unlike Ji Xi who couldn’t cry when he heard the news of his father’s death, but just showed a calm daze. Ji Han and Wang Yanxi went to the little daughter and called her.