He raised his eyes and was meeting with Ping Tians eyes in midair seeing Ping Tian The stern eyes that Shi conveyed to him contained

What is the watery moon canopy ox? What is the ox? What is the ox demon? What is the devil? What is the evil king? The era has deduced a myth and legend that belongs to him.
Chapter 1: Reborn as a cow and running for his life, where is this? Looking at the strange environment in front of him, Niu Mo’s mind can’t turn around for a while.
I don’t know how high the sky is.
The land is vast and boundless, the vegetation is luxuriant, and as far as the eye can see, there are towering ancient trees and weeds that are tens of meters high and hundreds of meters high.
Countless birds and beasts are flying and running above the sky and fields. A group of several-meter-high giant cows in front of the bird, and the kangaroo-sized rabbit in the field next to it, Niu Mo’s heart was filled with shock. This is definitely not the earth.
Even the legendary Bai Ji, which is said to be rampant with giant beasts, is also the dominant dinosaur family. It is impossible to compete with these giant beasts in terms of size. It is impossible for so many types of wild giant beasts to emerge. Didn’t I get hit by that bitch and drenched in the rain on the street? Why did I suddenly appear here? I was hit, but why did Mao appear here? What the hell is this place? This is not a hellish place, is it? When the environment was connected, a trace of panic rose in his heart.
At this moment, a huge and complex memory fragment suddenly flooded into his mind, making his mind a mess.
Two completely different memories were in his mind. Alternately flashing back and forth, one is his original human memory and the other is a newly intruded memory belonging to a cow, so that he can hardly tell who he is.
After a while, Niu Mo’s eyes regained their clarity.
But he was full of disbelief, wishing he had gone crazy and sorted out the two memories in his mind. He finally figured out what was going on with his situation, but he would rather he didn’t figure it out at all or that everything he knew was wrong.
Is it fake because he found out that he actually time-traveled or soul-timed? This is not the most ridiculous thing. The most ridiculous thing is that he actually time-traveled into a cow. Nima, other people who time-travel are all playboys, noble sons from aristocratic families and so on.
The wealthy bastards and the like should be a little angry, at least they have no worries about food and clothing. How come he is so miserable that he can’t even get a personal one? He was directly entrusted to become a beast. This is also a time traveler.
Why is the treatment so bad? If you want to live as a cow, Niu Mo has the urge to scold your mother, even if my surname is Niu, you can’t really turn me into a cow. Is there any way to live in the future? I’ll be a fool, otherwise how could it be Niu Mo is so angry when he thinks about the reason why he crossed. If it weren’t for the newly equipped two forelegs, which are not as flexible as the arms in his previous life, he would have lifted it up and beat his brain hard. I can only blame myself for being insane, otherwise I wouldn’t have fallen to where I am today. It turns out that Niu Mo is just an ordinary man among the hundreds of millions of men in China in the new era. In fact, the so-called men are talented.
It is the most fundamental attribute. It is precisely because of Si’s attributes that he can’t make a fuss even if he wants to show off, so he can only be sullen. Because of the characteristics of Mensao and Si’s identity, Niu Mo has never been noticed by girls for more than 20 years. Years of singles have yet to find a girlfriend. Although life is a bit sad, Niu Mo has always lived an optimistic life. He always believes that there is always true love in the world, and there will be spring in Silk Man, and he has been working hard for it. Maybe it is him.
His devotion finally moved the Goddess that God had been chasing after all of a sudden, she showed a smile to him and agreed to try to be friends with him, which made Niu Mo almost happy and crazy. Since then, she has been ten times better to Goddess, he would rather travel half the city to go Buying a cup of milk tea that Goddess likes to drink would rather save money for a few months just to buy a decent gift for Goddess just to make Goddess smile. Even though tired and hard, Niumo enjoys it.
I hope that my heart and efforts can completely capture Goddess. He hugged the goddess into his home until the day he crossed over. It was raining heavily on that day. Niu Mo went out in the torrential rain without saying a word to deliver an umbrella to the goddess who was out with his best friend. Seeing the shadows of the goddess’ girlfriends, she was only in a BMW trembling in the rain, and found the goddess who was having some kind of intimate exercise with a bald and rich middle-aged man. Until that moment, Niu Mo finally realized the crushing silk man It doesn’t have to be tall, rich and handsome, but it can also be short and rich. The man may have spring, but that will have to wait for others to finish the spring first. Niu Mo throws away his umbrella and walks back in the rain with a smile.
The result may be that God thinks he is more beautiful than him. The ugly laughter of crying is really unbearable, so he was rewarded with a purple thunderbolt, which made him travel directly to this world. The remaining memory is that the cow he possessed was a semi-large bison that was dozens of years old. Maybe it’s because the world is different.
The lifespan of the cow here is much longer than that on the earth. If it dies, it can often live for hundreds of years. The bison in the herd is nothing more than a boy, because his parents were killed by a group of wolves when he was still young, and without the protection of his parents, he has since become a second-class citizen in the herd eating grass They can only eat what other cows have eaten and drink water. They can only sleep after other cows have drunk.
They cannot sleep in the innermost part of the herd like other calves. They can only sleep in the outermost part of the herd.
Once attacked by a beast