He promised her that he would stay with her for three days How dare she go to see grandpa he likes you very much he whispered

When you keep chasing a story, you finally realize that you have also become the protagonist in the story. When love comes, everything is beyond your control. Whether it is as uncle Chen Jinnan or niece Lin Xintong, it is doomed to be hurt. When everything has already happened, are you still waiting for me? Article Type Original Romance Modern Modern Love Works Style Drama The southeast corner of the resort is surrounded by good green vegetation. Looking around, the white building is hidden in the green trees, like a fairyland.
The south gate of the school faces the beach. This gate is not the main gate, because there is no way in front. The symbolic gate is right. When the sea is at sea, sometimes when the tide is high, the sea water will not cross the gravel road in front of the gate, approaching the school gate, as if trying to break into the school gate, but because it is relatively quiet here, there are reefs on both sides of the small beach, and it is difficult for outsiders to enter the campus, so this school gate is basic. It is open after dinner.
There will be two or three students who will come here for a walk, but it is strictly forbidden to go to the sea.
Usually, there is only one guard, Li Bo, who is responsible for cleaning the beach and taking care of some security affairs. There is a hidden one on the east side of the beach. There is a big smooth rock lying there quietly, like an elephant lying there stretching its nose into the sea to drink water, so the students call this stone the Crouching Elephant Stone.
The back of the elephant is as smooth as a rock. The thing is that this place is very hidden, sitting here is hard for anyone to find unless someone knows this place and specially recruited Tongtong.
Now he is lying on this rock and looking up at the stars in the sky. The sky in May is blue and the wind is warm. Treasure land is her most secret corner, whenever she wants to be alone, she will come here, just like now with her eyes wide open, thinking, but she doesn’t know that she has flown to the sky, even though she is wearing a school uniform in the spring night, she still let her There is a little chill on the stone. The temperature from the sun during the day has receded, but she still doesn’t want to move. She is in the third year of high school and is about to take the third test. During the evening self-study, teachers from various subjects will come to answer questions. The head teacher, Mrs. Ma, enters When the class room sees her empty seat, they will definitely shake their heads and sigh again.
Shaking the Mediterranean head, tap the second knuckle of the middle finger on the table, and ask her old partner Cong Xiaowen with his eyes, and then Cong Xiaowen will wink her two helplessly. Gu’s small eyes said in a low voice that Lin Xintong has a stomach ache every time she thinks about this child, she wants to blow her brains out, she is so stupid that even if she tells a lie, she won’t come up with a new trick, it will always be her stomach ache. She is homesick and misses her mother. She has lived in school for three years and she is still not used to the life without a mother. The key is that when all the girls in the dormitory despise her when she wakes up crying at her mother in her dreams, she still doesn’t feel any shame.
The night breeze is cooler.
The blowing made her feel a little uncomfortable. The college entrance examination is due in less than a month. She must not catch a cold. She must not feel unwell before the college entrance examination. Otherwise, first of all, I am sorry for my mother and I am sorry for the suffering of this year.
I remember someone said that the college entrance examination is a beheading. Art test is late professional test One school, one school, one major, one subject, one subject. It’s like using a sharp knife to torture people’s mind.
She doesn’t want to repeat it.
So she must leave this year and never repeat the three volunteers she applied for. All the schools in this city sat up and patted their buttocks. She jumped off the stone habitually, flashing through her mind what might happen when she met the dean with big breasts in the corridor, but she didn’t want to jump.
In the arms of a man, Tong Tong was dazed for a while before realizing that he was going to scream, but before the pronunciation of this sound was finished, his mouth was covered. The man put his face in front of her and said goodbye in a low voice. Tongtong looked at him with a panicked face and kept the same posture. He was speechless.
There was a faint smell of alcohol mixed with the aroma of tobacco and a scent that Tongtong couldn’t distinguish. This man is very tall.
After he caught it, he was held in his arms like a little doll, her feet couldn’t touch her body, and she shivered slightly because of fear, curled up in the man’s wide arms, a little pitiful Tongtong looked up.
Seeing that he was facing the man, the pair of star eyes were sharp and cold in the quietness, and the sharp-edged face showed no expression. Tong Tong faintly smelled a dangerous breath from the man. The man frowned slightly and looked at him. Although the little one in her arms was terrified, she didn’t say a word and didn’t struggle. It was just a pair of big terrified and angry eyes staring at him closely on her stubborn little face, which wasn’t half the size of a palm, which made him a little funny.
After confirming that she would not yell again, he gently put her down, helped her stand up, let go of his hands, pulled the corners of his mouth up, so that his expression was no longer so cold and skipping class, he snorted in a low voice, Tongtong stared at him vigorously But she didn’t dare to be presumptuous and asked for leave.
She was sure that this person was not a teacher of this school, and this person gave people a very oppressive feeling. He didn’t have the temperament of a teacher at all.
It’s not safe to be here alone at night.
The person said in a low voice, Tongtong He took two steps back vigilantly, with his hands resting behind his back restlessly, as if he was afraid that he would catch her again, then he slightly bowed, said thank you, then turned and ran away Tongtong ran into the school gate in one breath and saw it in front of the main teaching building. It’s a black and tall car, she knows it’s called a Hummer because Cong Xiaowen once pointed to such a car when shopping with her one day and said that the person she is going to marry in the future must drive a Hummer to pick her up. Seeing the man who caught her just now, she knew it must be his carriage, and the man’s sharp eyes flashed in front of her eyes, and the mocking tone when she said she was skipping class, when she got angry, she turned around and kicked the wheels of the carriage, and called the police. Sitong found two ear-piercing screams, and Tongtong grinned in relief.