He pressed her against the wall with his arms stretched out on both sides of her body locked her in a small world in his

A luxury cruise liner stands on the sea and is driving automatically. On the plate armor, a handsome man squints his eyes and sighs softly.
He lies on the deck and sunbathes.
His whole body is naked and his face outline is as flawless as an ancient Greek sculpture, with long curved eyelashes. Below is a pair of deep and charming eyes, tall and handsome nose bridge, sexy thin lips pursed into a line, showing the man’s tenderness, on the lower abdomen is a firm eight-pack abs, slender limbs, like the hand of God, and wheat-colored skin It shows that he is in good health and is the one that every woman dreams of spending the night with.
It’s so boring.
Another sigh escapes from his beautiful thin lips. Looking at the sky, the sky is clear and the sky is cloudless. The skin of the body is very cool, the weather is really comfortable, it’s just that the man who is alone at the moment regrets that he didn’t bring a female companion to the sea, and there is never a lack of female companions by his side. When I came to this part of the Pacific Ocean, I didn’t have a single woman by my side. There was only him in the world, and he was the only one, so boring. God, please give me a woman to pass the time.
Saved a naked woman.
There is only him in the world. A person is really boring God please give me a woman to pass the time He raised his hand and said hello to God He played a joke on God without seriousness The reason why Simu sneaked out to sea alone in a luxury cruise ship in his busy schedule It’s because grandpa said he wanted to arrange a blind date for him. After five years, grandpa finally couldn’t hold back and wanted to make a comeback to find a woman for him to marry.
The old man of their family is very authoritative. As long as he speaks, he will never discount his words and deeds. I remember that the vigorous engagement five years ago caught him off guard. Grandpa fell in love with a wealthy lady from a certain family. Xiao Hua, who will soon get bored, gave up the whole beautiful forest, so he didn’t want to get married, but he couldn’t refuse the engagement arrangement of grandpa.
In the end, he still got engaged to that woman.
After the engagement, the woman eloped with another man.
The wedding couldn’t go smoothly. He became an abandoned husband and was ridiculed by others, it doesn’t matter as long as he doesn’t need to get married, he simply behaved dissolutely and lingered in the flowers all day long, and he never believed in love again because of being hurt by women. Suspected of saving a naked woman and being hurt by a woman, he no longer believed in love and became a prodigal son in love. He changed women so quickly that he suspected that women were regarded as playthings. Now at the age of 28, he still hasn’t played enough.
He wants to be single and live a carefree life, so he will never follow his grandfather’s temper to get engaged again.
He wants to refuse marriage to the end, so he sneaks out of the house and goes to the sea to relax, and then think of a way to refuse beautifully. Let’s get married, but it’s really good to go to sea alone Bored, if you call those cronies, you are afraid of being betrayed by them.
Just when he was sighing for boredom, he suddenly heard a sound of falling water, and quickly opened his eyes and stood up to look at the woman.
He saw a woman’s long hair floating on the sea. Curly yellowish hair haha ​​Did God hear his request, did a woman really fall from the sky? I don’t know if she died or not. He murmured that if she didn’t die, she could play with him in the sea for a while. It’s strange that this woman suddenly fell from the sky.
Could it be a plane crash? Don’t care about her. He didn’t think too much. He stretched his muscles and then jumped into the sea like a spirit fish. Before saving the woman, he had to see her appearance first.
He had already decided. If the woman is ugly, not good-looking, and not in good shape, he caresses her body.
Before saving the woman, he must first look at her appearance. He has decided that if the woman is ugly, not good-looking, and not in good shape, he will Anyway, it’s not like Si Yumu couldn’t do this kind of cruel behavior.
It took a long time for Si Yumu to finally rescue the woman on the deck. After a vague glance, he knew that this woman was not bad, but now he looked closely and was surprised by her beauty. This woman is really beautiful, just like himself. She is also naked, so he can look at her figure without hindrance.
Her body is beautiful and uneven, and her face is exquisite and flawless.
Her facial features are very three-dimensional.
At this moment, her eyes are closed tightly, and her face looks a little pale because of drowning. Si Yumu quickly lifted her up. Look at her eyeballs to see if she is dead. He even stretched out his hand to check her breath. Fortunately, she is still alive. He let out a light breath.
This woman should be alive or not, otherwise he would have wasted all his efforts to save her. A dead man is coming up, is he going to rape a corpse? Woman, you are lucky to meet me. Instinctively, he stroked her body. Her skin is very smooth, and the excellent touch is the type he likes. He stroked her. Instinctively, he caressed her body, her skin is very smooth and has an excellent touch, which is the type he likes.
It’s a pity that if this beauty is not drowning, he can eat her right away and flirt with her.
Sensual tease her passion and then possess her, no woman can refuse him Simu, he is a female killer, but this woman is drowning, her breathing is very weak, if you don’t save her, she will die, so Simu had to act immediately to save her She he tried to ignore her beauty and temptation pinching her chin